Over which we talk with pha-san, which aims to neat in Japan!

Testimonials apex only to Nakagawa’s editor-in-chief of the magazine “Future circuit”, in bitter house, I had a talk with Mr. pha.

The pha-san, I had to exchange on the net, but to see you it was the first time.

So, by people full of friendly atmosphere, we were able to talk about various things candidly without having to tension.I think at that time, and you want to introduce in this blog about the interview content part.

1, college life of each
Background 2, Geek House inaugurated
3, Yamashita and Qing era So-shoku
4, neat and monetize
5, now, why in Tokyo
6, work with Nomad

Blog, and Mars to introduce the contents of 3,4!

3, Yamashita and Qing era So-shoku

And say what it means MG ‘s “So-shoku” It is his skills Nari Tteyuu create your own work using the Nari talent.I have some people to grasp to as “Do not do I need to do entrepreneurial me it”, but it is also not only a part.I’m think you can produce your own work of ¥ 30,000 per month, it’s why not enter a “So-shoku”.The Tteyuu when you have a job I left the university, I’m was conscious and like I receive a salary only from there into the large companies really.It was obvious it is the Tteyuu spend I get paid very from one company.But, there is a feeling that is not it? Not it.

I’m available I can to create a work of about 30,000 yen a month, really.Not aware of everyone so much to its potential.Tutor, even though I’m good at affiliate.And I think those who have shed a little more light on that sort of thing is why not say.That way I’ll Tteyuu become Scribbles.It is a feeling that, increase the people you do not know so everyone Whether we will go, but go.

If I can visualize my ability to have ‘s an really blog, you can also use sales tool.Although I think it is good even or “will teach English,” “Well, I’ll do consulting” or.After, Toka, “will the introduction of man”.Or would not be okay even “I’ll do events” when dawned on me live in a shared house.

The thought that it allows its intended Tteyuu “apprentice Era”.I’ve been able to see what kind of a person is of Tteyuu whether you are what kind of work in the “Exposure society”.However, but it is not have to be the skills again in order to make the work.So, since I can or anything unpaid Initially, Toka going to learn to those who have the technology.Such action proactive I’ll come to need.

I will have some degree of such Toka waving the work Toka or taught to people who can programming in pha geek House.I think those who went to promote the sort of thing is more kana good.

And I was wondering whether I’m not even in neat separately.However, a person or Toka began to ruin and there is no way to make money really.I sometimes How Tteyuu or a person who does not also a place to live without a job.So, although I’m a melancholy and hope to Toka the skills, I wonder if must be a legitimate sermon.The Naa or should I say that unpleasant ‘s skills required to also do a neat.

Even saying neat, that you’re doing the same with the MG’s “So-shoku”.And not about regular job, but I’m creating a way to make money that bits and pieces.Yari easy if there is the Internet it.I also but they get to live in such a feeling after all.So, I want to recommend the sort of thing to people who can not adapt to the company though, and some thought that I wonder to do for go tell how do.

I’m certain be easier to work with at the one MG 1.It protects you, and because I wish they were moved to the street is the instruction to that way of “doing this.”.Although I have a slave in the state in a sense.Money the average a month to incoming.But a certain number, do not you have Made up as it does not go to the company とか “Do troublesome”, and a loner basis.Stressful Within the company, Toka.I I think infrastructure that can live in such a person is or not it is being able to.It is the image of it is was about equal to the disconnection from the society to say that it does not enter the company and you were a long time ago, such as subsumed by the new infrastructure.

You think pha I have changed at all net is possible, and I’m a story, such information-based version like a Kyohei Sakaguchi’s “urban hunter-gatherer life”, but it is that it is Tteyuu earn money without Fureawa with people at all I.

For example, if you wanted Toka affiliate, you do not have to Dari signed a contract to meet with people.By attaching the ad doing blog, money, and incoming access get together.It looks like atmosphere has been eh even fish go into the midst of nature of the Internet.Fish has entered when I went to with a trap and into the woods, I like such an impressive.I have someone on the other side of the net, but it Tteyuu can even if you do not negotiate directly actually.And to that kind of feel comparatively at net shop.

Go company also would not want to, because the unpleasant things that fetch work to do business at freelance, and I hope if Ikere live without negotiating with people.I think where it can Naa’s great thing about the net.

MG matching I’m easier to be very.After, how to secure the credit also Is not it have been developed quite.Or has been registered in the real name Minna.The Toka are either follow the Toka whether to follow the kind of person, and Toka or have any speech activities after.Is that to live without money, I think it became as facilitated by matching has become easier to be.

So, I think I’m there are people who think like I “life end If you do not belong to the company,” though, and why not do I went to show more and more of ~Tsuiu “I’m there a way besides various” by shoud’m so.

Do you’m not had Toka Yamashita Kiyoshi old.Recently, I saw a story Tteyuu huh Yamashita Kiyoshi rather Nomad ‘s, but in the street certainly.I’m was in me somewhere such a person from a long time ago.It Although I’m being shown as gone somewhere.It would be me I’m good to revive the sort of thing a little more softening.

I’m think I had much to generations of pha on, To small things.I think I want you to interview someone this, but I want to know that people who have that kind of life in people in their 20s, 30s, much 40s Tteyuu whether they live in what I feel.