That’s “defeat Chinese imperialism”?It’s inspiring, China Are you afraid so much Japanese – bulletin board China

November 7, 2011, about what it was to be protest as “imperialism” from various countries, including Japan, China, discussed “evidence that the ability of China was observed, Munegaippai in inspiring,” said column was published the bulletin board of the ring-and-ball network to “ring and ball-ku, Inc.”.Following its contents.

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Last year, the demonstration of 1000 people scale venue of Yokohama APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, Japanese shouted “defeat Chinese imperialism”.In the past I used to protest China is trying to occupy the Senkaku Islands.Philippines media criticism “China same imperialism, ancient Romans and is it called the sea” “Our Mediterranean” and.”Where is the era America · EU · China empire” and “three or conquer the world” book Paraguay Canna, who served as a campaign adviser of President Obama in, Alongside it’s “imperialist” nation China and the United States was designated.

We’ve been screaming “overthrow the United States imperialism” and “overthrow the Japanese imperialism” much.It’s became the turn that we called “imperialism” in the now.Can not stop crying so much inspiring.Be protest from others happy and this much is.well-being and sense of pride that homeland has become the head of the household comes bubbling up.Like a man who had shed tears of joy at Tiananmen before 62 years ago.No, It’s a joy above the founding.Chinese rising finally, because I was standing on the head of the foreign people!

Chairman Mao was dismissed “imperialism paper tiger”‘s once.But apart from whether imperialism, our country is not a paper tiger never.Of “very few”, “advanced nation” was defined as would be to colonial rule the majority of people of the world imperialism Lenin to respected Chairman Mao.To be more accurate, it’s sometimes referred to as “capitalism dying (dying)”.Now, let’s reasons why our country is not imperialism here.

1, there is our country is not a capitalist state, a socialist state
2, do not intend to invade foreign
3, versus domestic tyranny, outside Thailand’s typical of imperialism expansionist, but it’s different because you’re talking about the leaders of our country is “different”
4, did not receive equal treatment with nationals of the imperialist nations such as Japan and the United States and Germany
5, is very friendly to the world, such as the grant aid.Jealousy against Cuba and North Korea is a friendly country with the exception of the Gaddafi empire in particular are by far
6, also proffer the right cheek When smacked the left cheek.It is not Yarikaesa never even beaten

The weak but utter words “defeat imperialism”.Sense of superiority that what Oh! Japan and the world ‘s are scared of China.China to take a big leap to like crazy, brake has become not work anymore as the high-speed train that was buried that.George Soros of prominent investors are saying.”We become accustomed to say that it is the victim of imperialism, China does not realize that their own is about to enter the foot to imperialism”.(Translation and editing / NN)