In Seoul in an editorial “high radiation dose” Dong-A Ilbo commotion is call “self-restraint”

Like Japan, “high radiation dose was measured” as, commotion has spread even in Seoul, South Korea.that was to report to the government the value that local residents were measured independently is discovered in the wake of even the same as Japan.It was announced that Seoul mayor visited the site, to perform a health survey for local residents, but the rumors and even a flurry “radioactivity cause thinning hair” and, confusion has spread.

In the wake of the accident discovered Fukushima first nuclear power plant, people to measure the radiation dose of the neighborhood on a voluntary basis in Korea is increasing in the notification of local residents.Meanwhile, November 1, 2011, residents of (Nou~on) Nowon-gu of Seoul northern notify the fire department as has detected a 3.0 micro sievert per hour at home around.Where Nuclear Safety Institute of Technology (KINS) has been investigated in detail, I have detected the same 1.8 micro sievert per hour 1.4 micro sievert maximum, from a single point from two places road cesium 137.Average air dose in Seoul in 0.14 micro sievert, the value that has been detected this time, more than 10 times the.The Japanese Ministry of Education shows the same 1.0 micro sievert as a measure of the decontamination of school schoolyard, both of which exceeded this.

Cause of the high dose has not been identified at present, the possibility that when the paved roads in 2000, radioactive material is mixed into the raw material for asphalt have been pointed out.But Seoul officials removed the asphalt in the surrounding area between 4 to 6.voice to question the correspondence remains the cause is not known are also out.

The assertion that the BokuHajimeAtsushi (Park U~onsun) Seoul mayor visited the local, to perform a health survey for neighborhood residents in the 6th.In addition, it was decided to measure the radiation dose for all of the city roads paved in 2000.

Rumors and “because of the radioactivity thinning hair” is also in Seoul, has emphasized that “the dose is not at a level that have an affect on the human body,” said, but in how the anxiety of local residents will not disappear, in November from residents According to where the Chosun Ilbo reported on the 8th,

Men in the neighborhood who are in the “before, probably thinning hair Minna.That is because of the radioactivity ”
Everyone, residents we do ‘s was allowed to emigrate to force in areas where the numerical value “radioactivity has become 2.0 or higher.Voice higher value than it is, such as “I seem to have left the place of us even that is up.

In how the voice of anxiety does not fit, is taken up this fuss “Dong” is entitled “not to become overly anxious” in an editorial in the November 10,

Strengthen the “safety, but there is a need to hypersensitive reaction to restraint.It is called to be in a state of zero levels of radioactivity with no harm to the health of the people is impossible, and such as “just a waste of tax.