Desertion Chinese soldiers 4 people, veterans “and lose the cops!”

Early morning November 9, 2011, four people in their 20s Chinese military and soldiers teenager, to escape in a group and taking out the 795 rounds and bullets (Type 95 self 动步 showin) Itcho automatic rifles Type 95 in Jilin Province in northeastern China incident occurred.
The police warned the precious metal stores and financial institutions “could have attempted a robbery and is there” as.

Then, at around 4 pm the same day, police discovered four deserters in the national highway of Liaoning province in the south.It was reported the results of a furious firefight, has been detained one person and injured three people were shot dead.

According to the article, four people had belonged to Liberation Army 65,331 troops stationed in Jilin Province.In armor of troops belonging to the Shenyang Military Region No. 16 population, the same forces that are configured armored infantry company tanks and squadrons, and artillery from Squadron.The name of the four, age, class, Hometown has been published in the following manner.

23-year-old 杨帆, CANCEL, Liaoning nationality.18-year-old Lin 鹏汉, column soldiers, Liaoning nationality.18-year-old Lee 鑫鑫, column soldiers, Hunan nationals.19-year-old rock 张新, column soldiers, 鄢龙 Koseki

It’s of course, but the details are not official news, articles and comments of the Internet because apparently has been removed, the motive is unclear.It seems anaerobic even fled terribly in the army, but four people were “breakout would have belonged to the anti-tank corps or artillery Comments veterans that worked on Liberation Army 65,331 troops in the past.

Be escaped with a weapon, shows that political control of the forces (thought education) is not a strict.That said it did not hold a candle to the police officers in the shootout is that it “expresses vividly that daily training is insufficient.A photograph of Hayashi 鹏汉 in four, the left would be photos of enlistment before probably.Is placed by attaching a link Chinese articles, but also may be removed in Chinese.

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Former military personnel, but the content that is disappointed that four people lost a policeman in the firefight, but national conditions is said to be different, glimpse of disregard for human life is visible here.In the national highway of Liaoning province, some bodies of three people and look to within the red frame lower right.There is also the possibility of shared-taxi in China car, but details are unknown.

November 11, 2011: According to the article Lingering Garden network has been published, it became the subject of home 楊帆 and medium mechanic is the group leader of four people of eviction.The problem is twisting, the family was violently conflict with local government.Steal a gun 楊班 length and determination trying to “revenge”.3 other people that were act together “to help the team leader” for.

The escaped from troops of Jilin Province, four people went to Liaoning Fushun new 賓県 KurenaiNoboru Township there is a home of 楊班 length.Firefight with Liaoning special police who were vigilance had occurred, it was Fushun Shingen prefecture about 100 kilometers short of the home of 楊班 length.It was not killed in a gunfight is also information 楊班 length (杨帆 23-year-old, CANCEL) and.

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