“What’s going facing victims Fuji TV” to Feature “Netouyo” Fuji

The 12th, that the “Netouyo” (that of the user that the activity right wing on the net) is featured scheduled to be broadcast in the Fuji TV in the “New Weekly Fuji TV criticism” was found, and become a hot topic on the Internet bulletin board are.

Is written “why motion relationship … Haigai of TV and” Netouyo “sentiment would happen now,” said the program introduction site of Fuji TV, the negative of Netouyo to repeat the criticism of South Korea and China on the Net It is likely to feature surfaces are emphasized.

For this topic, the net bulletin board
“Own Fuji TV or fuel injection”
“Fuji TV program you just bring in the direction I not bad as a conclusion”
“Earn audience rating and fished Netouyo”
“What’s going facing victims themselves”
“I to He ‘says Netouyo to program description will really too stupid Fuji TV”
“Comments of the Korean drama criticism but it should have come a lot, Korea Drama praise comment I had picked up do not addressed it.”
And, I’m showing signs of Fuji TV criticism color.

Or “Stop it perfusion push the envelope”, it’s Fuji TV that is often criticized by Netouyo, but I wonder if this is a “fight back” program is?

Fuji drama series high audience rating nor the voice of criticism on the net
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