“Enemy of everyone, Taiwan Friends of Minna Korea”, applause to the remarks of Acer founder – Taiwan

November 9, 2011, saying “the enemy of everyone, Korean friends of everyone Taiwan” in a public forum that the United States Google, Eric Schmidt, Chairman founder of Taiwan Acer, 施振 Sakae (Stan Sea), who is Hotai during attended then, it was applause.Ring and ball network told 10 date coverage of Taiwan Nownews.

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Afternoon the 9th, Schmitt Chairman and finished the visit Korea, arrived in Taiwan to attend a public forum that magazine was sponsored by.I gave speeches on the theme of “Exploring the endless possibilities of innovation”.Xu Xudong of the Far Eastern Group and 施氏 Ryo-gakunishiki (Xu Shudon) Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom (Liu Shuejin) chairman was also rushed to the forum.

There are great partners Acer and HTC Corporation, such as the Asus “Taiwan Schmidt Chairman.Data center which opened in Changhua outcome engineering department of the United States and the engineers of Taiwan’s efforts both.It said Google and so on, “I hope that Taiwan and the legend of the world also becomes a part of, he emphasized the good relations with Taiwan.

Taiwan and South Korea of ​​the standpoint of the supply chain of the same Google.The company I wonder if thinking how to divide both?The president responded that “differences in Taiwan and South Korea is not large enough imagination” and to this question.Then, 施氏 scissors mouth “enemy of everyone, Korean friends of everyone Taiwan” and the humor, applause erupted from the audience was during.(Translation and editing / NN)