Nikkei is a hot topic and a “forged” the epidemic of the net

The 11th, and the “Spring and Autumn” was published in the one side of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun morning edition, has become a hot topic around the net bulletin board.

Became a problem article beginning,

“Hey tariff of such, hey tariff of such, yes, TPP”.Pun such Da has been around in the Internet.
The original story of the comedian that was popular a few years ago.Shout followed by a “Oppa~tsupiー” Repeat “Hey relationship of such”, it’s there.
(Hereinafter omitted)

And, part written.”Pun has been around the net” in this article is “Do’re really popular”, the question I have erupted.

It “was cold read” are you In popular in “Where the net bulletin board?Example the word “‘s Inter Nets” Where “” is appropriate as this is also such as “not much, criticism was rushed to article.

In the past, sometimes the Asahi Shimbun, was reported to be “popular” the word (throw-out in the middle of the responsibility as Abe former Prime Minister) that are not known at all to the “Abe”.

However, reports Asahi Shimbun has become a hot topic as the term to buy the antipathy of Internet users, (be fake articles) “Asahiru” On the contrary has been made.

For articles Nikkei this, Internet users has shown a reaction similar to when to “Abe” of turmoil, who will question the “buzzword of the net that made the media” is that it is not smaller now revealed.

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