Your partner in love with girls Valley Kimura Saori? 2 shot photo of a Chinese coach

Chinese Coach 袁霊 rhino who are Saori Kimura players of Japan Women’s Valley and are holding a hots faintly.To match the appearance of Kimura players during the match, the Chinese state-run news agency, Chugoku Shimbun was taken and distributed photos Yuan coach like Komu enters.

This report is overheating in China.In China, players representing Japan Kimura players, named “universal Pretty”.On the other hand, in the China version of Twitter, Yuan coach not true speculation of “numerous.I have tweeted everyone and “I want you to concentrate on the game.

After this news flows on the Internet, I was taken up in a big way even in the conventional medium such as a newspaper in China.Coverage overheating help also Yuan coach is unmarried only in coaches, to get rid of love untold story of the past of the Yuan coach until it is introduced, the Chinese women’s volleyball officials puzzled, you are furious.(Editors: Suzuki YoshiJun)