The change without constitution of the Mizuho group!

Fear of rocking the boat and hiding constitution of Mizuho group seems not seen any change regime be renewed apparently.


For information about new this system of Mizuho group, I will be (May 23) is a press release today officially.

But it’s way problem is that, of the announcement.Mizuho group side, are going to, do a presentation at the Bank of Japan Press Club.

First of all rare unreleased recently, namely the Bank of Japan press club,’s a press club participation is not observed in the Press Club non-members.However the Bank of Japan Press Club’s reluctant to release even the unavoidable part also would some.That conference field of this press club is set to internal Bank of Japan in the first place, is a security problem would occur definitely if you have decided to release.There is also that facility of the Bank of Japan in addition, capacity is he abnormally small.

I, he requested a conference in the Bank of Japan press club other than to Mizuho group partly because such, but had been dismissed too easily.

It would be nice to see Mizuho Group, and stuck to the conference held at the Bank of Japan press club being conscious to be honest.And, and it is an aim, it would be roughly as follows.

The first place conference this time, it is real intention in an interview a negative, it’s that want to avoid it if you can help it, no doubt for the Mizuho group.But I just can not go from also why, to open reluctantly press conference, but that, want to minimize the risk for.So, I was thinking to open the conference was limited to members of the press club which can be called the “relatives” in a certain sense, and that I should Nigoso for your tea time being.

This is not a selfish my imagination.The thing to point out active duty clerk of Mizuho Financial Group (number) is a large selection of mouth.

This bank, there is no manner of speaking and only a thoroughly rotten.