Fortune UP5 step to shed 300 million yen lottery handmade amulet

Season of jumbo lottery came the end of this year.1, etc. 200 million yen, it’s a 300 million yen Together with each 50 million yen around award is the same as last year, at 132 lines, and two per unit, number of winners of one such doubled winning probability as compared to last year.2 and the like are also available 66 lines, so that the billionaire is born even 198 people The combined number of 2, etc. and 1, etc..

In order to seize the dream of becoming a millionaire such, is a priest of the Shingon sect, “you make was issued in January this year! Kimio Kobayashi-san, who is also supervised by your defense of magic “(alpha Police published), I was taught how to make a talisman to be up a fortune.

[Shall be prepared in advance]
Brush pen or felt-tip pen, new (writing brush, ink stone, ink if still good).If paper (washi still good.Size may be a favorite, but the vertical 15cm × 6cm horizontal about easy-to-use).

[Step 1] preparation
The time zone to make amulets, early morning or late at night is the best.time the heart of the people who write the calm is good.Also, bathing sure to have cleaned the room, cleanse the mind and body before creating a talisman.And wearing a freshly-washed underwear new or.Clothes Better When you select a white thing.

[Step 2] meditation
Once you prepare a pen and paper, to meditate and sit in front of the desk.During meditation, you can envision in mind the strong desire of their own.

“Let’s imagine strongly, such as lifestyle rich and where your wallet is in Pampanga in the bill, a figure that lottery hits” (Kobayashi)

[I cut the Step 3 lottery]
First exhaling towards the north, to suck the air facing the east.After repeating this three times, to sound bites and tick 36 Kaiha.Then, cut a lot in order to put a force on the lower abdomen, and pay illness.

[Step 4] Shosha
The sit up straight, and write up the amulet at once wholeheartedly.There is no need to worry about the stroke order, but “that rather than trying to write neatly, and write by concentrating the feeling is important” (Kobayashi)

[Step 5 USAGE
The amulet that was completed, so that you can touch the person, it does not get dirty, seems a good idea to put in a card case of a suitable size and envelope to no one as much as possible.

“It is best amulet to leave wearing, but a good place to carry the card in a bag if it is difficult” (Kobayashi)

Effect of the amulet is followed for one year.Making it anew if the desire has not been achieved, the flow in the river or buried in the soil by burning with gratitude if the desire is to achieve.

That we have made a “talisman, and make an effort in order to improve the fortune further is important.Be so good experience at one time and ride to stay in luxury hotels, the green car of the Shinkansen, the rich atmosphere also leads to the fortune-up.Is more likely to realize a dream by remembrance and as you know the mood of the rich, it is commonplace “(Kobayashi)

※ 24 the November 2011 Seven women