Hosshan.The face and etc. have passed through the mouth from the nose “Hanahebiotoko” more than, the snake was alive.

Hosshan comedian.And feats of banquet arts of Japan (?One of the), there is a gay passed through the mouth from the nose Udon.Is easy to imagine, that in China “through a snake on the nose” the risk was up to much than such a gay man hardship that would in coughing and pain through which the solids in the nose, and fail.

According to the Metro and British newspaper Daily Mail, The man Liu Fei’s 53-year-old who lives in Sichuan cotton positive.It is a professional that is showing off tricks using the snake 30 years, but “gobbled a snake accidentally, and fell into a serious state” (from Metro paper) experience also I hear there sometimes.Precisely because such was also struggling, with many gay dealing freely snake, it was supposed to until amaze people by now.

“Liu Fei pushing snake in his nose” video that Mr. Liu, showed off at his home in Mianyang is it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8F-zs8letc).When you start thrusting vigorously into the hole in the nose from the snake head, which gave him stop the movement Grasp the tail and neck of the snake of one animal, very quickly Hattifatteners …… from the mouth.Look even if you thin, the movement dealing with snake quite a thickness To put the hole in the nose is a natural and too quickly, it’s show “Doyakao” while holding the body of the snake also’m convinced.

Tricks of his can not stop to this, to the hole in the nose of the left and right separately snake of two animals further.You can wiggle and body Hattifatteners snake of two dogs jumping out from the mouth and nose, what are accustomed to this, you are or entangle the body of each other, but quiet indeed and without showing the gesture, such as attacking him.While there is also a brave feeling face of Liu to not care, spread to the left and right tail and head to loosen the snake of each of picked a quarrel, show the “Doyakao” Again, such a thing as also missing between somewhere The laughter that I see also.

After this, it is removed at the practiced hand of a snake from a few animals in the bag, last Faye, who also show technique to derive the snake was placed in a mouthful.To his skill anyone not even want to think to try to imitate, it seems to have attention overseas media also have a surprise.The tension the body over a long time that Mr. Liu ’30, which is also, precisely because now freely handle the snake also it.Although it is just to be sure, but I would like not to imitate never to see this.