Between ideal and reality “the number of children you want”, “severe economic” also hope many two or more people.

Japan 1.39 (estimates of the number of children one woman give birth to life) is (2010), the declining birthrate proceeds total fertility rate.In order explore in such a situation, whether you think of how many children will want the true feelings of the mother, questionnaire survey on childbirth and child-rearing of “2nd pregnancy, childbirth and childcare support community site” Happy Mama .com ” I was carried out “.The survey which was conducted on 830 people of the same site members.First, How many people ideal “Children get right to the point?When asked with “,” three people “It’s the highest number was (54%).”2 people” (32%) This is followed by, below, “four people” (6%), “as much as possible, as many people” (6%), “one person” (1%), “more than five” it is the result of (1%).Many people seem to think two or three people would be an ideal choice.Next, the question “number of children of the current”.Then, 59% more than half is “one”, “two” (30%), “three” (5%) This was followed by.While 2-3 people, ideal suggests that people who have children of two or more people actually stays in just under 40%, there is a gap in between ideal and reality.And children and ask, “the second person or want” to the one person below, “I want absolutely” (45%), and “if I want” (31%).The “because were themselves brothers purchased” (71%), “social property is likely attached to the body” (62%), “playmate because possible to the child” answer, such as (61 percent) up to the top as the reason was.In addition, when asked the reason for the people who have given up the second person, “and because severe economic” top (75%).Below, “because there is no sex life”, “Because it is anxiety age basis, the physical strength” (42%), “because there is no confidence that can grow two people” (36%), (25%), “husband wants and because I do not think “it is followed by (19%).