11, 15, “baptism of Away” North Korea expression Zach JAPAN encounter

■ 85 year nightmare of Kim Il-Sung stadium occurs again?

November 15, Zach Japan will fight in the Kim Il Sung stadium of “artificial turf”, got into North Korea, Pyongyang (Pyongyang) first time in 22 years.Despite have been carried out in sheep Tsunoshima (Yangakudo) stadium of “natural lawn” two games home games so far, it is changed to “artificial turf” suddenly.North Korea side is in the description stinking lie “growth (of sheep Tsunoshima stadium) of the lawn is poor due to the influence of the weather, the state is not good” and for.

“Unpleasant memory was revived Su,” said speak with a sigh is, veteran reporter S of soccer magazine.

Speaking of “Kim Il Sung Stadium, in 1985, the stadium Japan representative fought in Mexico W Cup Asian qualifying.It ended in a goalless draw at that time, but the blow to his head in response to a malicious foul (now Yokohama F · Marinos Director), Kazushi Kimura player, was a fierce game enough to faint ”

Attendance of Kim Il Sung Stadium on the day 80,000 people.Among them, the Japanese side only 18 people, such as mass media and with the exception of the team officials.S reporters continue to shake off the nightmare.

Noise and crunchy enters suddenly the speaker at the time of the singing of the national anthem of “Japan,” Kimigayo “I can not hear at all.It is over, all at once North Korea supporters of 80,000 people kill! ” Kill! Was a “call”

…… It is too scary.

Not just “it.Water has not been sown in artificial turf, conditions such as burns definitely if sliding.Was also 112m rather than 105m vertical is the regulation of FIFA also field further.It was the North that there is confidence in the stamina “baptism Away”.The same thing is I may happen to be, but …… “(S reporter)

No, even in North Korea, should talk different now 26 years ago is truly opponent much.But, (Byun Jin’iru) editor-in-chief to worry about this situation is familiar with North Korea, “Korea Report” HenShin’ichi.

“That is the North Korea is not thought of as a so.People are in general mobilization slogan towards 100 years of Kim Il Sung’s birth next year, called “Open Daimon of powerful nation”.This is a campaign that become superpower in all aspects not just the military, and cultural and sports.But I have to live the game last year, was thrashed 7-0 in Portugal in South Africa W Cup.Apartments of the nation is Marutsubure.That’s why, it must be avoided only to suffer a crushing defeat against Japan in the 11-15 ”

Apparently, Dear Leader seems to come to crush Zach Japan over the prestige of the nation Seriously.

■ become terrible situation Japan representative if you win by a wide margin?

“I will if North Korea, and to lower the air pressure of the ball.And catering water to artificial turf.You can speed the ball is dropped if so, to seal the fast maneuvering is a characteristic of Zach Japan.But North Korea would not Sumasa in “baptism of Away” such technical “(S reporter)

When you say?

29 “August, North Korea representative visited Japan, but can be checked carefully equivalent at customs, or is issued from the out port of the garbage-only stadium after the game, they have handed down leak it was anger shaking You.Of course, Husband is revenge “(S reporter)

Either that, An eye for an eye.

“More specifically, foreign tourists alike, you will be Zach Japan are taken up all communication equipment such as personal computers and mobile phones at customs” is, it’s Miyatsuka Toshio Yamanashi Gakuin University professor of North Korea in noisy circumstances.Canned state is only to be expected at the hotel, there is no mobile phone is painful.

“It is impossible to return home can not re-issue of passport from it, if you lose your passport, then, because there is no Japanese Embassy in North Korea” (Miyatsuka Professor)
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