[Entertainment vitamin ♪] “Nyan forgive”.Not just flirts Chara! Berryz Kobo “Hyakusen” is also active in the talk show.

I came to the eyes well in variety show idol group, the Tsugunaga Momoko child and “Hyakusen” of Berryz Kobo.It is she flirts character is selling, but I was raised Mori show me a narrative that does not seem to be idle in talk show.I was surprised also that she would like to prepare for the appeal in advance, it showed a commitment such as entertainer.

Popularity (Naga momoko pour) Tsugunaga Momoko When did skyrocketing, TV “Mecha × 2 ~Tsu are cool! Was broadcast in September in “active in the” Battle Athletes of AKB48 other than full “was sparked.When she let out a performance such as “Nyan! Forgive” in flirts character, you can be kicked fly from Kato Kouji of referee role it had expired, the curb until he received a raw deal, such as dragged grabbed the Kubinekko.Its impact is a hot topic as “interesting I” Hyakusen “” strong, her name recognition is also the rose.

Its Tsugunaga Momoko (Hyakusen) was first appearance it has been broadcast on November 10 on “Raion’nogokigen’you,” but it was decided to see one side different from the image she had until then.We thought the weapon of her impression of the aforementioned “Mecha Ike” is a “character flirts” only strong, but was surprised that it is prepared to kneading the contents in its own way in the talk show.

She does the “be-in Hyakusen of Berryz Kobo”, I asked one of the aircraft Kozakai moderator whether called “Hyakusen” Why.Then, she is of the description has been taken out of the sketchbook depicting illustrations Kamishibai style.It’s that “was the nickname cute to as” Hyakusen “so hard to read me” Tsugunaga Momoko “”, but I was impressed with the way first errand damn prepare her sketch book just for it.

Also, when that’s “habit of make always the little finger of the hand”, Hyakusen was called “to receive the love of the fans this antenna …” and while showing the visitors the little finger which fitted a ring of Heart I.Customer because it was calming too, there “, or is not interested so much she?I dropped by yourself with “.It’s uke was fast and furious to reverse the timing is interesting, but the sense Read the timing of her’s was like a comedian like.

Order of her talk comes soon, it is was handed out to co-star is taken out was decorated in beautiful handmade “Huda on hand for”.Character and word its “Ira~tsu” to Huda that “Tsu cute” was written by one side.To explain, “I am, that would let me and Ira~tsu humans seems a lot, but awareness is not,” she’s saying and I want you to tell me the honest feeling in the Huda while listening to talk.

The result, I ended up in Ochi co-star everyone up just Huda of “Ira~tsu” until the end as expected, and is surprised Hyakusen round eyes.This is also,’s a gimmick that you’ll prime the talk involving also co-star by this Huda, it has been calculated.

Have, it can be seen that that unlike the slapstick play that showed Koji Kato in “Mecha cool” that “laughter” also have to like this.On this day, it was raised Huda of “Ira~tsu” co-star is the tempo that speaks well “Tsugunaga Momoko, it was fun in the mail that arrives from the viewer to the program HP.Far to the Ira~tsu, it became exhilarating mood to laugh.Was also stating that “.Efforts Momochi ‘s are transmitted securely.

I saw a profile that was published in the magazine before Hyakusen to break, but where she want to be able to brighten up the feelings of people in the “Song.You are talking with, “because I think there full of people who are discouraged with life surely.It will put out the best such a thought also to “comedy” precisely because been put on the performance of Momochi.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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