[China] BBS Japan Did lost the competition with Korean culture?

“Japan is what lost the competition with Korean culture on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site?Thread that “was erected.For this lament attrition Lord will love the Japanese culture, various opinions were received.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese in the following.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: In terms of cultural influence in Asia, lhsboy Japan wonder are lost to South Korea?Now, drama and music of Korea has become a major force in Asian countries.The only areas with limited such as anime, Japanese culture began to be less influence of Korea in the face of the music and drama.View Korean Drama United States and drama around me, but a person who watches the Japanese drama less.Era everyone has become addicted to “attack Burn” and “red suspicion” has passed.Also to Japan and other Asian countries, are affected by the perfusion now.What everyone wonder think?


● The heavenlyemyli of that trash culture, since there is a fresh appearance to those deceptive, grab the hearts of the people temporarily, but have seen enough of everyone immediately. (I will have some truth)

● Birdman main thread of Kanata’s say in what everyone is looking at the drama listen to the music of Korea?Humans can contact attrition Lord after all would have limited.The few I think, is to see and hear the music and drama of Japan, because the government has adopted a policy limiting the Japanese culture. (Broadcast overseas anime can not seem to prime time in China)

● never heard Nante K-POP is my xisasasophia.It’s full of J-POP Among my PC.

● YoruRinHana & amp; 24814 #; This’ s political factors.

● I account for the majority 66 government road over human is the cause of that.At the same, Korea is good at advertising such as car and mobile certainly. (I will have some people push the envelope)

● I do not know whether or not there is a limit but Manazuru Hayashi, Japan, huh overmatched in drama direction certainly.Things he likes I do not find it Either way.For music, I because a different atmosphere in Japan and South Korea.

● The entertainment Court of Korea Amahakuryune, appearance’s gorgeous, but the contents are empty.But those who prefer the appearance but the majority in this world.Is not it a good thing it is their favorite if you know something yourself.It’s called How about where Korea jumped further?South Korea because of a great power of the universe one already ….

● Korean culture Ki Kamiyama Yu~u is not, such as those compared to Japan is a rip-off culture.

● is not without history and culture to Sawamura Shuichi Korea.But that atmosphere is not acceptable I.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)