Access rush Woodford former president to “return” signature

Calls for the return of Michael Woodford former president was dismissed in Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and his colleagues of the former president and chairman at the problem of Olympus optical equipment manufacturers “loss cover-up” is enhanced, and access to the site to determine the signature flooded are.

110 people were signed up to the 12th, but I’m no longer able to aggregate the signature of the new access is flooded then.I can only be accessed from shareholders and former employees is large.

The signature campaign, Koji Miyata, who was director of Olympus 1995-2006 began launching a dedicated site on the 11th.You are “that you ask them to mentor the management again to Mr. Woodford is required to play Olympus” and.

On the other hand, Woodford said shows the willingness to president return “shareholders if you wish,” and it serves also, but (it was dismissed by the president) “alpine Shuichi president of Olympus change in treatment of Woodford said at a press conference of the 8th I have said “no plans of.