Ambulance fallen popular models, at home

I found that the 13th, Araki Sayaka original “devil ageha” model has been ambulance fall at home.

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Araki Sayaka who stopped suddenly a handshake meeting that had been scheduled on the same day, becomes a day canceled by poor health, “My…Apology on the blog and “was really sorry.It is described in “events are now canceled the manager decision because it was the state that can not move at the hospital and even in the time when the event begins,” and revealed that it collapsed at home on the morning of the day of the event, it has been ambulance.

Her such as produce Eyelash extensions salon “DOT1011”, expand the width of the model also active in other industries.There are things the same way a little while ago “, and that fall suddenly and say probably because of a busy schedule, and was feeling a disorder of the body from the previous…And reflect their determination physical condition because it is self-management only, so as not too unreasonable, and “as there is no such a thing again.

From fans,

– Once in a while “I also need rest (& gt; _ & lt;.) ”
• The physical condition now “Sayaka-chan really okay (T_T)?It is very worried ”
· “I am relieved Sayaka-chan because it was safe”

Such as, voice care for physical condition of Araki Sayaka has been asked many.(Model Press)

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