And its hiragana there was a hiragana to use people in Taiwan prefer it?

Would never wondered suddenly you are looking at the product name and city of Taiwan.It is that the Japanese are used routinely.Would think would be no discomfort, even if it is written in Japanese (but slightly different) Chinese ideographs same has been used in Taiwan.But I are expressed normally in hiragana and katakana in town products and Taiwan.There is hiragana which is most commonly used in such Taiwan Do you know? Some of Hiragana “of” it.Fact is true of “subject (du)” in Chinese So a “of”, to write “I specifically Form (U~odo~ushu)” as in “my book”.But he referred to as “the book of I” dare in Taiwan.Just when you referred to and product of course, people of Taiwan will not give them actually wrote.

Yogurt products top actress of Taiwan, Lin Ling (Lin Chi-ling) is doing the CM actually has also been referred to as “Yu of plants”.Why will you in such designations.Answer, such as the following came back I asked to talk to the people of Taiwan.There is a luxury image and is written in “Japanese, so you have to leave the Japanese.Since there is associated with the Chinese grammar reason to use a “for”, it is difficult to described a little.It told me that it “can see a lot of Japanese to come to Taiwan.Everyone wants to look at the city well when I went to Taiwan.There are a number of Japanese notation, but there should be trade shops and written by “The”.Needless to say, notation for the Japanese course this is “the”.

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