The harsh reality in Kahala Tomomi declaration of return “long nude exposure and book offer”

Kahala Tomomi (37) of the singer was no longer in business from 2007 has declared the entertainment industry return, but contrary to the motivated of the person, the outlook does not seem bright.

That it had rested with to stay in the Philippines, such as charity and Christians have been told recently, but is now healthy really “in the blog of brother dated 30 October.Declare the return and “I decided to be to return home before the end of the year, such as the lesson of your theater and voice training, and work hard toward a return.Comments welcome and “Welcome back” are aligned from the fan.

However, there is no sign of record companies and leading media companies is essential to turn around this, remains invisible movement of return specific Kahala.According to officials close to the belonging office before, a job offer that we have heard from say the “extent to which there has been contact from publishing producer that it might put out a nude photo book and tell-all book”, to hand himself underwriting also wants to return poor situation emerges.Entertainment professional officials in Tokyo is confide to be “in a relationship with the previous firm belongs” The reason.

In such Dotakyan of work that sparked the holiday, Kahala I because they have a significant damage before belonging office anyway “.If you do not clear the matter, nowhere put out hand.In fact, even something of voice training while it was rested in the Philippines, the office I’ve been backed up, but I hear Kahala had been “declared return” without telling to the office this time.The person who thought of that’s healthy is good, but whimsy impervious to muscle and …… still would be many “(same)

In fact, it seemed that does not hide his embarrassment to be “not concerned at all about the return Declaration” even try to contact us before belonging office.

The first place, such as trouble with dating partner or attempted suicide uproar is reportedly one after another, Kahala emergency transport in the symptoms of drug addiction also 09-10 years of leave office after throwing a spoon.Officials and “I do not know what causes even want to work, it is not possible to contract something to fear” and (the record company salesman) is often of course the image down.

Feeling because it was better schizo since I was a “heyday, director of the music program was hired many times the Kahala once even mental instability is since it is reportedly Naonokoto.I do not know tomorrow is also in good spirits today.You are talking about himself even to declare a return unilaterally, as long as it is not even the backing of leading firms can guarantee the identity, voice and “not over.

That willingness to play songs and can be seen from the comments of Kahala, but the work of such world that determined immediately at the moment but unlikely to.It would be reality is that the very strict road ahead.

※ The image “Tomomi Kahala Photos” crystallize “” (Wani Books)

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