Bridge the divide “seems Moses” the water, the design, which was built lower than the surface of the water to the topic.

To large urban road from the valley of nature, bridges are made user to Watareru to the other side safely.Images that you visualize in general, probably something like “being applied to a location higher than the ground”, but the moat that the Netherlands, there is a bridge which is provided with a passage below the water surface.If you look from a distance, as a unique bridge that looks like passersby of what are walking in the water though, it seems to have attracted the attention of Western on the net.

According rice design information site “Inhabitat”, this bridge is a pedestrian bridge that spans in the Netherlands, the moat of Rubaru fortress was built in the 17th century.The Netherlands at the time, many fortress had been made one after another in order to prevent the invasion of France and Spain.moat that Rubaru fortress was also made that one, so as to surround that is designed “to deeply human to cross, too shallow ship to pass through” to the depth.

It is this pedestrian bridge for those who visit such a fortress, construction design company in the Netherlands “RO & AD Architects” is that I made to the moat.It is also referred to as “seems Moses” from the fact that it appears to proceed by dividing the water of the moat like, but according to the description of the company’s site, this bridge along the newly constructed to fit the restoration work of the fortress.Results to match it, and piled the design based on the “idea seems Netherlands” “surprising appearance” and the harmony with the landscape, this footbridge is a translation that was born.

People pass each other of bridge also made with a width of about barely, built in wood, which is a coating of anti-bacterial processing and waterproof all.It has been kept to a slightly higher than the water surface, the wall of the passage to block the water, but enough to not notice hardly when viewed from a remote location, that there is a bridge there.If you look at the pedestrians across the bridge for that, it is a mechanism to be able to enjoy a strange sight as if willing to moat without difficulty.

By the way, this bridge likely enjoy even with even seen, so has received a high reputation in the Netherlands.In addition, attention is also gathered from the Western media the past few days, I’m buzz and innovative bridge.