Support rate [China] BBS of Noda Cabinet fell 20 percent, view of Chinese

A public opinion survey conducted after the Prime Minister Noda has expressed negotiating participation in the TPP at APEC of the other day, the Cabinet support rate has dropped 20%, but the thread is erected on the bulletin board of the bulletin board site skyline, Inc. District of China for that matter, discussion has been exchanged.Will be introduced and translated into Japanese in the following.Rustic and impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: A survey was conducted in one day 14 three 炮第, support rate of Noda Cabinet, it seems to have dropped to 40% from 60% of the Cabinet met at the time of early September.This is called a sign of the things that many people are feeling the anxiety expressed in negotiations to join TPP.


● I wonder if changing the people also robertleee123.You’re really quite short-lived. (Although I’m not saying that it quit yet)

● BOCTOK okay.Papa called the United States because of supporting.

● The standing again young Muga us, try 10 minutes applause!

● Dreamife2015 Japan has to protect the agricultural products of the country much.Tariffs wonder becomes zero TPP?Japan will not be able to participate. (Voice of opposition seems strong)

● Do not be a friend of China and even in the dog of the United States nnmingming.This is the current situation in East Asia.Why??Taiwan’s right.You do not want to be a Chinese and to become the dog of the United States why?This is a problem that deserves to be thought of. (Let’s think well well)

● Do not be kicked to the United States if it fails to drunk _ love Gangnam TPP.

● welcome to the struggle of informix123456! Changing the prime minister continued, Let me have a sluggish.It is a golden opportunity for China!

● new prime minister Kata Shunichi Japan seems to be hard-line stance against China.

● If you know or do not want to see China to become the dog of the United States why Aiinu Katsuhoshi?Because the United States is because to be terrible for her dog.

● In order to show the attitude of truculence most2010 China, you are waving tail toward the (Argentan) main.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)