[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “friends 5,000”.Communication skills amazing!? Popularity of Karateka cove is soaring.Apprenticed to applicants.

Irie Shinya comedy duo, of Karateka is “good laugh! Where you had a corner “, popularity has skyrocketed.Who Yabe Taro of the antagonist were often exposed in the media until now, but it’s momentum it is likely to reverse in now.

Irie Shinya (34) “good laugh! Became the broadcast of the 4th November 16 and in charge of the corner called “Irisupo! Of entertainment news cove you do not hear anywhere else”, in “.He has a wide range of friendship as referred to as “friends with 5000 people” together to the general public and celebrities.By revealing the information of entertainers rare that is not generally known that he, and he has become a hot topic in the same corner.

Coves, that close and SawaMinoruNozomi players of Nadeshiko Japan has been known, but the width of the companionship ‘s fairly wide to the entertainment world from the sports world besides.In addition, it would be to the general public both to get acquainted as soon as “I want to be friends” at a party or event where wow his.That there are relatives of celebrities by chance also I hear there is in it.For example, since says there is a companionship of the son of ASKA CHAGE and ASKA and father of Perfume notch, and also father of the wife of Katocha, the width of the range is of such unimaginable.

On this day, By “became popular, than there were also changes in the environment from Chihara Jr.?When asked with “Irie had revealed friends” Facebook is “jumped to 450 people from 20 people.Because he has approved basically friend request application, and was delighted information has become as new incoming from various quarters.

In addition, young people to him and want to “apprentice” I also appeared.However, the Young people say and I want you to attend to, such as joint party and from “I want to learned how to take the communication” rather than want to apprentice as a comedian.”It, Do not you just want out to the joint party?Shinya coves are also suspects “is a layer has been alternating current as a friend of Facebook at the moment.

Weekly, Irie Shinya’s to announce the action content in the same program, but job as entertainers is a little drinking sessions and parties launch is almost every day.Are you at work “when also from co-star for the?And he is thrust into a “but, such as free market” work and “event seems source of income Major According to him.

friendship that such he has been made so far, is the led to work finally.And width is wide and its content, but also a deeper depth still likely.No doubt to see when you break the end of the year.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Izumi Maki)

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