China, a revolutionary cheat prevention measures have been devised indeed

There is also the effect of the one-child policy in China, education heat which can be called excess of parents seems to be considerably higher.

From the fact that the importance of the test increases, fraud and cheat also likely rampant, need to put the emphasis on measures are born.

It is in the middle school of the Chinese, a revolutionary cheat prevention measures there is with was devised……. And say what they are like hell.

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Blue sky test how!

[I see the image]
It claims it is being implemented in a junior high school in Hubei Province, Wuhan City, but if it is this, it is impossible you can look at the answer next, etc. or committed taught in whispers, and such fraud secretly blind spot of teacher certainly It will be difficult to do even.

[I see the image]
It might be reasonable Speaking of reasonable, but I wonder if can concentrate on the test calmly, this …….

I think it will become a serious thing and when cloudy with a chance of rain, such as day in the wind.

By the way, you do the teaching in the field to force, yes could allegedly human rights violations from parents in the United States and Europe.

Outdoor test may help prevent cheating

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