Why?Episode of nature program that are not broadcast in the United States to broadcast in the UK

Such as movies and TV shows you cross the border, you might be edited by regulation or censorship.

Those 7 episode nature documentary program of the United Kingdom BBC of “Wild Life”, only one episode has not been broadcast in the United States seems certain.

Why not be broadcast in the United States.I will introduce a theme that has been controversial abroad.

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In Bonga UK, viewers will be able to see all seven episodes of “Wild Life” of course, but the last episode of the series seems to have has become a documentary that followed the about the crisis of global warming.

According to the BBC, it is that broadcasters in other countries is negligible, program related to environmental issues and is adapted unscrew as treatment options.

The BBC says in countries that harbor doubts about the global warming problem, stance and may be broadcast by omitting it, and are selling to buy the only episode that overseas customers want to buy.

The global warming problem, only sometimes criticized and questioned and enter the picture the faked data, with or not in the environment business in Japan, I think where in doubt which claim is correct?.

What reaction or seen, I will introduce some of the comments that had been submitted to the foreign site in other countries.

· Poor Americans.I do not really hope anymore.

· Sadly, it is not even to us because of their.

· According to the poll, which was announced in September this year, Americans 83% believe in climate change.And seems to have thought 71% and should be prioritized in the next presidential election.Only 71% do not believe in climate change (2010) poll of the United Kingdom the most recent rather.That means the BBC had omitted the last episode to other countries for Would not the result that reflect your own country from being questioned.

– It seems I think Na not bad if 71% but, however it saw an article that’s numbers fell from 91 percent ….

-Everyone likes than dubbed American version better version of (narrator of the program) David Attenborough viewers in the United States.So I try to to buy the BBC version or download.It is a pity it is! Omit the episode.

Et?Me waiting.Voice of Attenborough is whether Tteyuu has been dubbed?

-I to Oprah Yeah.

Attenborough is not believe 85-year-old.

• The is! Censor David Attenborough, the country seems funny seriously Apparently.

· I say the BBC and media excellent in the world.On it is well designed, WEB site friendly to users.Is a surprise documentary of some, and there is no advertising in all.You do not even pressing political, and it’s good to be the entire.Rather than to have been censored in fact, is as sold in the form of options and as sell, but it seems to have been determined warming problem is not sold in the United States at least.

People to support the climate change gradually in the UK seems to be decreased, but now, where Will there truth of global warming problem.

The episode of Frozen Planet viewers in the US will not see.

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