A vow of non-war “Karutoshika (potato) Doyukai” – Tomikichi Kentaro

day that the Japanese should not forget.Of August “Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial (the 6th)” and “Nagasaki atomic bomb memorial (the 9th)” And it “the day of the end of World War II (the 15th)”.In addition to the day of the three involved in the war, there is a day that Japanese should not forget another.It is December 8.

    Of what the day is December 8?.Some people say that “the anniversary of John Lennon,” which sang that the classic “Imagine”, but is “the day of the outbreak of war,” the Japanese do not forget never commandments as it.And some were driven to tragic war the Japanese, in the day of the beginning. 

  You always think before the day of the war, it is oath of non-warfare.Firm promise not to war again never. 

  More than 10 years already, I knew “Karutoshika Doyukai”.Of people who were detained in Ukraine region near Romania, Hungary out of the approximately 600,000 Japanese were taken prisoner in the former Soviet Union troops in defeat, it is a comrade-in-arms, so to speak, meeting. 

  It’s seems means “potato” in Russian and Karutoshika.The galling potatoes muddy belly Once reduced, detainees who had been working in a huge collective farm called kolkhoz was linked by solidarity while recruit nostalgia to the distant homeland. 

  Kai was able to August 1968.Incorporator Kosaka Yoshiaki, who had been a reporter for the local newspaper in Okayama Prefecture.Not even a single roster.And “He was certainly buy”, follow-up Ukraine detainees us while tracing a faint memory, a collection of 240 people.Since then, placed in the home of Kosaka’s headquarters, it’s so warm that the Jiujiang in a steady activities such as issuing newsletter.Kosaka’s wonder Contact Genki. 

  There is a detention recollection caricature collection of one book at hand original company officers, Saeki Shiro’s Karatsu is a member of this “Karutoshika Doyukai”.Those Kosaka-san put a comment on the pen picture of 40 frames internment life Kiuchi Shinobu is a member (Chiba) drew, this booklet called “dew 漫抄 of My Youth” is, illustrations and crisp satire witty sentences speak for themselves very well the state of the Soviet internment. 

  The prisoners naked, in a piece of the illustrations are subject to inspection physique from Russian woman doctor, Kosaka’s comments are written this way. 

  Physical Examination of the “naked.In front of the woman doctor you hanging man himself defunct Riki was Soriotosa hair, Inarabu.After being subjected to Watch? With tricks you can do because she was devoted to the spirit and divisible, this gesture that struck the flesh of ass in? About-face, get to decide the physique, such as position in the momentum condition is unreasonable very nerve moderate ”

  Harsh prison life in a foreign country.Now, too Utomashii To speak again.You will want to forget the all if possible.However, the suffering, anger, sadness, a sense of humiliation is inscribed to the bone of the people who experienced, it’s cause to shake your occasionally Shinkon a now.”So, again, even the Who slope of that pain and collapse, is not not let stepped future.Much less, and my son, my grandson is in the … “.Kosaka Mr. Saeki’s also I think so.But, I think that does not mesh with very much in the satiation era of things over.Storyteller of plangency may not be suitable when.This one book that has been woven by the addition of satire without the world of such a trend, distort the facts, poignant Shikato. 

  Generation that does not know the war is going Tasso to 80% of the national.That’s why, it is I think vow of non-warfare is the need is now.