[Entertainment] ♪ vitamin sublime life based on national child actor, Saito Kozue.”It was sad really did not have any friends at school”

Shooting “” Hatokonoumi “is fun and fun, there was no recognition that work.Look back on that time with “, and Kozue Saito of the 44-year-old currently.In 1974, she appeared NHK TV series novels “Hatokonoumi” at the age of six, the highest viewing rate of the drama was recorded (Kanto district, Video Research survey) 53.3%.Kozue Saito became famous suddenly, it becomes existence everyone know as a national child actor.

Kozue Saito according to the interview broadcast November 18 “exhilarating information Variety clean!” (In Japan TV system) “inside, looked back from the memories of” Hatokonoumi “era.

And go straight to the workplace straight car pick-up came to elementary school, that was a daily round trip of school and workplace at the time.Not much memory you have back at home “during shooting that you not go back to his home for” Hatokonoumi “was a drama filming often, to stay in business, such as hotel somewhere many.She “says.Broadcast after the end of the “Hatokonoumi”, contend battle television and film drama, the CM begins to tour the Saito became very popular.Release of records in “Mr. Tsutomu Yamaguchi locality” when eight years old then, busy with her peaked and became a huge hit over 50 million copies.

It was sad really did not have any friends in the “school.Saito was a firm decision to retire the entertainment industry before the “junior high school enrollment.Saito still can not feel that the work enters the theater company at an early age on the recommendation of the parent, and has continued to work to be “fun”.And I wanted time to or raised at the topic of television and ordinary school friends “Anyway, think freely their future.”

But Saito time of junior high school students immediately after retired entertainment industry, remembered the face from the world so that suffer from terrible slander.The wonder was retired from fat “.It was no longer out in the “TV, because it is ugly”.Apparently there was a thing that was said to be not just the people around and the like “, also from the girls of the same age who do not know at all roadside.

Nozomi Ohashi became a popular person sing the theme song of the movie “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” the other day, is reported as “the pauses for the time being performing arts activities” before the junior high school enrollment, he called a big topic.Saito also had decided to retire the entertainment world, I there at the age of around the same time and Ohashi.The program returns to the entertainment world now, Saito has been working as a stage actress.She has been a variety of experience and the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer in their own marriage and divorce and study abroad far in life, and care, of father.And I chose the job spotlight as now, “expressionist”.Because it’s the way their chosen rather than a rail parent is laid, can overcome any hardship – Saito and had shining eyes.
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