¥ 10 million player picture book vol.2 annual income – (Team Leader) “extraordinary taste manga cafe” major movie company business

Morita said that while the experience of changing jobs twice, it was not made to stand in the aspect of annual income down even once so far.And you are to get a job that turned to inexperienced job, while being a challenge to the popular company with twice, I want slip through the magnificent strait gate.I hit the career story of what secret is Mr. Morita … what is hidden on earth on the back side of the challenging up and steady annual income up.

Q. I have quit mid-sized publishers in the turnover for the second time, the leading watch manufacturers in the turnover of the first time.Although I think both company’s popular considerable.Both companies It is certainly excellent company.I think people that the choice to change jobs like me that’s rare.However, the watch manufacturer of one company first, I felt a challenging corporate culture that is left and the environment to be active globally for several years and I joined, but those basic was a route sales, to work gradually and I had no longer feel the freshness.Feeling that “I want to try yourself in a challenging environment more” went stronger with each passing day.So, did you apply for the marketing of a certain publisher that was found in the Job section of the newspaper by chance.

Q. It is great for no marketing experience, Nantes pass the publisher of popular.Did you have ever appeal to something special?Time of interview, two people interviewer of men, there were one person interviewer women.It is a story that I heard from later, whereas’ve spoken to see the only man that was sitting in the middle, the person who interviewed me other than, look evenly the human face of all three is just me It’s seems to have a story..

Q. Although you surprised even turned the first time are experiencing three years marketing, that engaged in M ​​& A is next.Research and analysis of the magazines I was interesting, but I began to think I want to make the media to enter the site actually.Joining is determined to publishers now, it becomes assigned to the M & A division by some freak coincidence, it was decided to walk that investment company or making rather than the media, career seemingly roundabout.But there are also projects that you have worked by chance and personal connections that I cultivated in the work that was the company of the broadband system, seconded to the film company was the desire is to buy that expertise is I was decided.Job that I walked certainly is falling apart, but since the carrier is a key or have in common, was or was rare, chance I guess not it be came in microcomputer.

Q. Weekly holiday I seems to have been driven into the work and decide one day on a voluntary basis now.You may have some if the other sales and lease of broadcasting rights and video rights, or soliciting contributions to the right, and you can sell it to make a video to put up a project from scratch on their own In addition, the time is sufficient and even how much I do not.that the company itself has just been established, and because it is groping broadband business also just started, you need to do is pile.

Q. You are lively, even while feeling great responsibility and pressure is, do you work fun again.Because I mean that harbored an ambition to feel the thrill of a guru to be involved every day in my favorite movie, go to establish an entirely new media, that I’ll become a film company No.1 near future Asia, and not boring It ‘s is not (laughs).
However, that which a new media is also by breaking the existing media, unfortunately – it’s hard to understand.It has day-to-day conflict, and I side-by-side with the severity.How much will 80% satisfaction bluntly.

Q. To earn 10 million yen, do you think should be changing jobs again.I think of Firefox 3.0 change jobs for money to be a little different.You should consider the preferred “rewarding work” still.It is a thing you should do your best at work and the environment their chosen, money will follow later.But when you change jobs at least, who had been examined about whether there is ¥ 10 million players to the job change destination I might say.

Mr. Morita valuable holiday a day of stood in the week, that they Iribita~tsu manga cafe exclusively.My recent favorite is I hear that feature cartoon “Dragon (Ron)” and.Morita, who is not afraid of risk career change, and Tsukisusumi to positive the way I want to do my own always, look to whether the clear and lightly also annual income of 10 million yen.The difference that it is extraordinary to taste manga cafe, I could not help but feel a sense of intimacy such refresh method of his, (laughs).Future, if he built me ​​a convenient broadband media and how much fun, it is very fun.
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