Net abuzz in remarks … Sekine Tsutomu past KARA Favorite

Comedians unfolds the talk “appliances entertainer” and “terraced entertainer”, with a variety of theme every time “Ame Talk!” (TV Asahi).It was a theme of “KARA love entertainer” is broadcasting the 17th minute, but in the remarks of the program guest Sekine Tsutomu has attracted the attention of Internet users.

As favorite entertainer, three degrees Sekine Tsutomu, Kendo Kobayashi, Katsura, popular K-POP group “KARA” is set and Masudaokada Masuda Hidehiko this time.And dressed in midriff-baring costume sexy “KARA”, it was spiel the charm of women, but in the corner of “! That there KARA entertainer love too”, I hang in there the Japanese as “pre-Sekine Tsutomu I made a remark of Korea closer to the “no longer seems.

The net bulletin board, and “it is regrettable though it was like,” “himself daughter also whether there is no work for this remark?(In Korea), etc. “Urimakuri flattery, criticism and disappointment after another.There was also the voice to encourage calm corresponding with “Do not receive truly that you say Sekine” Some of them, but in the net bulletin board with many unpleasant Korean school, it was Tazeinibuzei.

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