Johnny Sexy Zone round of rip-off is large pinch “YOU us!?’m A second place why” the Commercial Code AKB

November 16, the new group Sexy Zone of Johnny’s expected released debut single “Sexy Zone” the (Pony Canyon).He is also a Release Date 3rd single derived unit of AKB48 Not yet “Peraperaperao” of (Nippon Columbia), a great deal of attention is gathered referee’s fan on whether to go up in either group in the music industry on the same day.

The result, 50 000 7,888 copies, is announced that 70 669 sheets Not yet estimated sales number of Sexy Zone CD Single Daily rankings released first day (Oricon survey), the new group of Johnny’s is, defeat to AKB48 derived unit It became a form that suffer the.

Sexy Zone served as a special supporter is a career track of Johnny of “volleyball World Cup 2011”, is the theme song of the same tournament debut song.Despite the spectacular debut betting prestige of office, and became severe Suberidashi.Officials says this result that’s unusual situation as a rookie artist Johnny.
There is “exception, but the norm by taking the first place Speaking debut song of Johnny.Additionally, Sexy Zone has been formed popular members of the top class is collected even Johnny’s Jr. in the current.It was supposed to ensure …… ranked first debut song debut, but Johnny’s side would do had misread completely the momentum of AKB48.It is a derived unit rather than AKB48 body, but still there are those tremendous forces of handshake ticket “(music industry officials)

In response to this result, Sexy Zone announced the holding of emergency handshake meeting on the official website on the 18th.That it will continue to debut Memorial Surprise handshake meeting of the 15th, to perform a handshake meeting with also added to the 19th have been determined.It’s prospectus and earn a large amount of sales number here, that is in first place in the weekly rankings.

The fact that even artists “Johnny also, that ran in” Commercial Code AKB “that handshake meeting, I will feel the downfall of Johnny’s brand at the same time as the CD recession.Now I can not even excuse that “lost because of meeting handshake”, that they fight up to the equal footing with AKB48 “(The official)

Sexy Zone, which was forced to struggles from debut.AKB48 urging of Tobutoriwootosuikioi Although an opponent, there is no should Johnny Kitagawa President forgive in second place debut song.It was disappointing result debut song of SMAP also second place once, but now of 2011, “YOU we’ve got a second place why” Janney Ontai that was Ihana~tsu at that time might lead us to be reproduced.
(Statement = Sasaki Tomoka)

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