[From Asia! “I drink water containing chalk”, “stabbing the back of the leg with a pen” Breaking News].Corporal punishment of startle in kindergarten.(China)

It was found that in the kindergarten of Guangdong Province, China, for kindergarten children, corporal punishment and stab the soles of the feet with a ballpoint pen, to smelled the smell of shoes, such as water to drink by dissolving the chalk had been given.

According to the mothers of kindergarten children who received corporal punishment, the 4th of this month and the 26th last month, looking so complain of pain every time a child is walking, it was noticed that several places soaked with blood on the soles of the feet.In order to listen to the children, I did not sleep to nap time, that teacher stabbed the soles of the feet with a ballpoint pen.

Also, I feel the question that children do not drink milk stubbornly, and I asked, mother of another was found that had been to drink water mixed with sugar and chalk dust on teacher.

Guardians of many, have complained of children had received corporal punishment similar In addition, you can Gagged with tape and that the child is wrong, it is allowed to jump frog is placed on top of the head chair It seems there was also.

Had been carried out corporal punishment in women teachers of 28-year-old, you’ve been impatient and without education firmly “Children incident discovered after.I have to submit a document of content, such as “have repented.For parents who seek damages, restitution of tuition and apology, kindergarten side was dealt with by to lay off this woman teacher.
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