Idol chose “pregnancy AV also appeared no, nor a lesbian” and “normal life” Nakamura Miu full retirement!

Miu Nakamura (20), was released Furunudo photo book “a will” the (Shueisha) on November now “Weekly Playboy” at (Shueisha) magazine, promotion was hung from more than a month ago, has seen explosive sales from its launch.Nakamura who was pulled from the clear distinction of gravure was thought to either be a full-scale entertainment industry activities and gravure activities in the wake of the work now, but in an interview with the magazine, which was released on November 14, from the entertainment industry I have announced the full retirement.

According to the article, one of the reasons you want to retire, it’s “because I want to return to a normal girl”.To her that you’ve worked on the front lines of the entertainment industry from around the age of 14, would have not had time to send the youth of ordinary.Nakamura to retire and being missed from fans, held a launch event of the photo book to November 19.On the spot, I talked about retirement again.

Nakamura appeared in his dudes have luster that red fishnet dress of black, talked about the history of the nude photo book published this.

I thought that it was decided to try to retire “First, we want out the photo collection.I thought since become halfway myself It was disgusting, and will Kiro all out, I chose the nude this time.For shooting, not at all embarrassment or pressure, It faced with the feeling just does not want to leave the regrets ”

Because it is the end, the work now that has become strong fondness of Nakamura very.

The concept of “work now, the story that he had thought has become the source.I chose your own costume.I think that it be nice if you can get a sense from the image one by one photos.Because it is the end, we have stuck to my own all ”

Her in the photo book is, has grown up somewhat than gravure activities when I feel the sex appeal, such as fragrant.Consists of Chapter 7 Nakamura has created called “CONCEPT TEXT”, “story”, which is the concept of this photo book is the story of men and women.Here are also posted in part on the gravure announced the retirement of the “Weekly Playboy”.

The story,

Women who were taken to the phrase island in the hands of man.So she will be spent indecently and men knowing every night.It tries to give up his life several times, but she unforgettable man who brought himself, had discouraged each time.However, man is no longer depend on the source of her.Wear on a daily basis underwear given from the man, she spend a painful day-to-day without meet is, to try to close his presence even a little.It was she that continues to wait hand and foot, but would look when there, you’re a committed and laugh woman a man is different from outside the window.This moment, she decided to abandon all, it disappeared into the sea while repeated about twice a “goodbye”.

She has said they are made so as to overlap the entertainment life of their own this story.Debut, without knowing anything, Nakamura had spent the day-to-day, which had been enhanced fun.However, the incident is kidnapped relatives suddenly, of being under house arrest occurs.It was released after one week, but that was once thought to retire at that time.Then decided to return, he was appointed director of the office.Continued series of such columns and weekly magazines produce of junior, the spectacular success even gravure other than, it was pulling himself from gravure to ’08.It was working mainly on actress industry since then, but he decided to retire at last this time.In the story, are you continuing twice “goodbye” is, since it is the first act to the until it has interrupted the entertainment activities unintentionally their own, it is considered as the second act the activities after the incident that’s.

Person says “full retirement”, but in fact a variety of rumors also’re whispered about her upcoming.

It is said that various “retirement announcement at the time, it might have been the” pregnancy “, or not to turned to” AV “, and such” or not to re-debut of changing the “name, but absolutely there are no.I think because I’ve been using in this work the time of the teens, twenties and we wanna come a normal life oneself.Pregnancy also go AV It is also not.From the fan, I was told “The Miu-chan, and because lesbian, I do not worry,” said the other, but it is not a lesbian.From among several options, I just chose the life of the ordinary ”

Miu Nakamura was decided to discard the carrier was built in the entertainment industry, to live as ordinary people.In the future, we will study that could not be busy until now, and that to seek the way of such clothing designer and mental counselor.If she became the top Gravure young, even trying to choose which way, it will be able to continue to shine.In Tokyo Culture Culture, Nakamura that are planning to hold a “large funeral Uman look Miu Nakamura a will ~” event on November 23.It’s that it would become in the last event that can this event interact with fans.
(Reporting and statement = Rat Oyadji)

(Nakamura Miu last photograph collection “a will” (C) Shueisha / Weekly Playboy)

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