B-grade gourmet festival “B-1 Grand Prix” chow mein is why strong overwhelmingly

“Journey of Japan En-shoku” to introduce the cuisine of edge to celebrities such as news and buzz.Matsuura Mr. Tatsuya of writer editors familiar with the food situation is to deliver.This time, the material celebration of B-grade gourmet was held in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture on 12-November 13, the “B-1 Grand Prix”, I think about “fried noodles boom”.

* * Became the tradition of fall completely, celebration of B-grade gourmet around the country, B-1 Grand Prix.Winner of the sixth Annual Meeting of this year became Okayama Prefecture Maniwa as “Hiruzen yakisoba”.Counting the Grand Prix from the first times, and boiled Fujinomiya yakisoba, Fujinomiya Yakisoba, Atsugi Shirokoro hormones, Yokote yakisoba, chicken with Kofu, it has become the order of the Hiruzen Yakisoba.

Chow mein is overwhelmingly strong in B-1.If you are won laurels in four tournament all six during an event, and also look at the top 10 organizations in this time, in addition to Hiruzen yakisoba, fried noodles Ishinomaki has won Namie Yakisoba at the 4-position, even at the 6-position.

Why chow mein or strong so.63 organizations during the opening, 12 organizations have pledged yakisoba, no doubt that it is a Tazei this time certainly.But too strong too with 66.7% win rate.The reason is that the relationship with genealogy store to issue a chow mein have been survived in the area is deep.

In the restaurant business, it’s an absolute requirement to have turn the cash flow even no matter how small.Even at a restaurant management of current, called (short for ※ Food / Labor) FL cost, ratio of ingredients cost + labor cost is important, but it cost of 254 as of chow mein, management deteriorates rapidly be unlikely.

It’s operation point of view that should not be scarecrow Another.not just the business category a customer burn, even in business categories bake shop, “fried noodles” can be simplified operations overwhelmingly compared to other.Material of almost all noodles, such as a source outsourcing possible, launch can even just cut the cabbage and meat.Competing store is also increased, but it is also possible to make extra income in part-time and the like candy shop.Then management if this continues for a long time, store to devise also appear.

In fact, mackerel clause and dried bonito, have been extracted from such as saury Moreover, soup stock made to Ishinomaki yakisoba in B-1 of this year, that had been upgraded much than ever before, according to the participants.Results even if the Hiruzen yakisoba who wins the championship, such as “sauce Ochiai” and “sauce Wakata” mein source of miso-based loved locally have been working hard, we were able to get to the laurels.B-grade gourmet culture, I, such that that has been increasing its depth by evolution, inheritance is repeated.

When you won the Grand Prix at the B-1, even if limited to the number of months after acquisition, the economic effect that amounts to about 3 billion yen.Were consecutive first time, the second time such as “Fujinomiya yakisoba”, in the last year when 43.9 billion yen consultancy (Shizuoka economic effect since 2001 that began the town revitalization in the chow mein is “Regional Design Institute” estimates It’s a momentum), and close to 50 billion yen longer.

It is said to have originated in the stalls after the war, chow mein, has met the stomach of children and factory workers of each district.”And long thick” you should go to be loved in a further evolution to compete in the B-1 of “your local fried noodles”.By the way, went to the top this year, Hiruzen yakisoba, Namie Yakisoba is a thick noodle together.