Lunch students “Japan, if warm China geek?While cold No way?”

It is food cold basically is not preferred, it is bad for the body in China.In addition, it is not suitable for style such as lunch Chinese food because it uses a lot of oil.

From that sort of thing, of Japan eaten even cold of the “lunch box” sounds like not come To pin.Exchange about the “warmth of the lunch box” had been made in the net of China.

********* I think is not uncommon for that student to bring a lunch to lunch in the anime and manga of Japan.So I’m doubtful, but it would’ve been warm How do lunch ‘s Japanese students was Ai~tsu? I’m not the Toka him eating while cold No way?

It is strange if Mire is said indeed.Forget the girl cooks lunch it’s a story that is often the case, but it does not seem to have heated terms of timing there.The Forget the issue dare those altered to cold for those who like opponent warm function wonder if I or higher lunchbox to Japan …… there would be no?

I wonder if there is a microwave in the equipment of the classroom again?

Thermal insulation function of the lunch will only Arjen.But otherwise, guys Japan gonna become Toka like to eat a meal that was cold.

According to the story I heard certainly, it seems certain it is of me heating method using a chemical reaction of chemicals to lunch.

And I used it is not cool well enough if wrapped neatly in a cloth or something even if there is no special features to lunch.You’re out of the kind of cloth before eating lunch in the anime and manga.The wonder which may prevent a cool in there maybe.

The only guys I liked in Japan is the eat cold rice normally is there.When I spoke with Japanese who met during this time, it was said that Maybe you surprised to warm in the oven rice balls at a convenience store in China.

Japanese What OK even than cold to which side? Nor do not know somehow still onigiri.But I think the bad After Shark Forget the fly and tempura, but are in the ordinary lunch?

Japanese bento I used it is from before the invention of the microwave oven.High-performance lunch Toka warm function also something recent, and lunch in Japan in the style of to eat cold things, there is food culture unique in Japan anymore.The widespread Become a “bento” in English.

Oil is less I cuisine that is used for lunch in Japan, and it seems I can eat even shark Japanese rice that become a staple.From a little different kind of lunch Taiwan expressions Microwavable basically, I recognized are confused in here.

I’m certain that it was living in Japan I am, but the first place I thing to eat in the “state of cold” I lunch ordinary Japanese.To prevent from becoming worse, dare “cool” and placed in containers in Japan lunch.

Come to think of it …… and “cool” do you make all the way, I was making while cooling by sending a wind of sushi rice.You will what you need every day I lunch, and wonder not it a special skill of the Japanese home and I able to make it efficiently?*********

Japanese “bento” I seem to have become some of the discomfort and from a sense of China.In particular, that they “eat what was cool” is like or I think “impossible” in the sense of China, seems may now imagine that entangled considerably from there.(Author: one hundred yuan Kagohitsuji)