Giant Kiyotake, who was dismissed the GM.Sympathy theory was none in the team within

The 18th, professional baseball, giants, announced the dismissal Hidetoshi Kiyotake team representative and general manager of (GM).The reason is “due to the fact that the wrong, it hurt the honor and credit of the Yomiuri Shimbun group and team”.

This rebellion of Kiyotake representative broke out on the 11th, “Watanabe (Tsuneo) chairman has been privatized the Giants” that is, so that showed the conclusion of prima facie in the victory of President Watanabe.

The first place for the rebellion of this Kiyotake representative, players, front, sympathy theory that was none in the Yomiuri group even.Officials reveal.

I was told it’s compliance do it, it’s a baseball love in “conference, but that he wanted to say only one, only that it is not removed from the GM” I ~ called (crying) “.It says that there has been an unofficial announcement of the “because the president Kimi year or two after” from Watanabe President, but there is GM disqualified because there is no ability to “You.Meaning it off from the business involved in the foundation of the team, referred to as “me to retire to the president of the figurehead.It is a shoulder-bashing just short.So put to ally public opinion to open the conference, was aimed at the one-shot reversal.For baseball, that’s for baseball who’ll not only expedient “(Yomiuri group parties)

Through the exercise director of headquarters from reporters Yomiuri Shimbun society section, Kiyotake Mr. appointed representative team-organized general manager of the Yomiuri Giants in 2004.GM is also concurrently from June this year, but the reputation from baseball officials and baseball team was not fragrant never.

Respect for the players none in protest against the decision a “high-handed.Nobody is true complain when there is that you do not like the coach, also on the front bevel intimidation because (intimidation) the power.Etc. proceed without consulting the original director also reinforced in recent years, who was also no longer rampant in the dictatorship the first time “(baseball officials)

Madashimo, foreign reinforcement, which has been carried out in Mr. Kiyotake led came to Japan from taking office failed more, the team representative so result is Bane It’s only once in 2009.

This time, the tailwind of public opinion “Nikushi Nabetsune”, Kiyotake said might have wanted to produce a “ally of justice to confront the power”, but reality that’s exactly the opposite, according to the officials.

Against Kiyotake who tried to those our the “Giants, I reported on the correct information front, including Hara rises.Is that it enters the ear of the Emperor’s New Clothes (= Nabetsune) finally, Hammer of the anger that was down to the dictator (= Kiyotake) “(‘s relationship group Yomiuri supra)

Infighting drama of giants broke out just before the Japan Series, was terminated in the middle.The Contrary to the words, you do not think the behavior of people who love baseball very professional, everyone is feeling.

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