I tried to raise ten action when you think he is suspicious

His behavior is suspicious, do you not when you think so recently? Women there are his living alone especially! If I dopey, actually her second child, yea there may also be is! Was the second person, he or she to him.I tried raising the action of 10 does not seem to be in such a sad state of affairs, to be suspicious of him.

● I have a cell next to the skin

It is now placed in the pocket who do not stick to the mobile too much rather than placing the mobile phone on a desk casually everyday, toilet bath also began to bring next to the skin.

● Key lock is applied to the mobile

Who put the key lock when it comes to smart phones often, careful key lock when suddenly took.

● travel has increased, I came to the drinking well

That meeting drink or business trip to less can be slow, because of the company on every count has become more.

● I have suspected cheating your

Is there a possibility that when the suspected cheating, actually because he is having an affair, have to worry about your actions.

● long hair had fallen

Hair also said conclusive evidence.But it is also depends on the length of your hair, even in the case of misunderstanding.

● what is my place has been organized

I no longer put are organized neatly, the position of the shelf has changed, things.

● There was a paper bag for women brand

You got got something, a paper bag if you’ve got.I might keep thinking anything it’s meticulous surprisingly he.

● basic cosmetics is low

Had been placed on his house everyday, watch out shampoo and cosmetics, make-dropped if it has decreased.

● He is curt, unlikely to be interested in me

The careful little he curt, you were unlikely to be interested in me somehow.May in some cases your intuition felt so is dull.

● feeling of etch has changed

Number has decreased.Flow has changed.If you like became appropriate, was worried about the tendency of the etch turns is be better.

Who was saying deer “cheating culture” Nante’s past, here, which is not a thing accumulated.Affair that would break all the relationship until now.Now that you have allowed it, he would tighten the taste, and you will also become suspiciously.

that if, if you feel any suspicious activity, to the test always.For example, let’s remember the amount, if cosmetics.It is to check the degree of decrease.Also, “I’ve got to know where you are or have done as a hands married person uses?Where was saying “yesterday”? ○○ and I did not go, as in “I heard from Mr. ○, men put rags seems often multiply by sickle.It certainly please those who are scared, but you want to try.

Actually I want to believe him but …….I wish that there is also nothing.

(Photos, text = anna.l)