Fuji Television is behind the profuse apologies “entertainment career in ’26 ticker” out of the Kano sisters

TV in recent years, cases to correct as soon as there is a mistake often, but still, correction apology this was something too strange.

Was broadcast on November 10, Fuji TV “good laugh! Guest of “The Kano sisters.Character of “entertainment career in ’26” was flow in the ticker of time appeared.Untouchable Yamazaki Hiro也 corner of moderator is to introduce a “in that entertainment career in ’26”, Kano Mika face of a smiling Kano sisters are twitching, “sister” is negative while waving.Corner was allowed to proceed without incident, but the abnormal situation of real occur in a 5 minutes before program end.

When switched from CM, showed up on the screen Fuji TV announcer Takahashi masa of a meek look.Remains stiff facial expression, information about the history of Kano sister’s “earlier was a mistake all.It is of bowed and “we will correct to apologize.

Since the screen is switched immediately, the program is ended as if nothing had happened, apologized Takahashi Anna had impressed the audience rather.Whether there was what exactly.

Some TV officials says as follows:.

Age unknown, “Kano sisters, celebrities selling image Mysterious.TV station side, you know the age of the Kano sisters of course, but the big promise is not touched there.However young not know the circumstances to look at something in Wikipedia because recently, there has been a replacement of staff, I’ve created a ticker that ’26 entertainment career.It is passed straight through for some reason, I had been broadcasting ”

In addition, to the profuse apologies, there was also the circumstances of the Fuji TV-specific.

Pony Canyon, an affiliate of Fuji TV are doing management of “Kano sisters.Became a pompous apologize partly because of that “(official supra)

By the way, Kyoko also Mika also, are you on TV and gravure magazine from more than 20 years ago the fact.That said, promise promise. Dear young staff, and the careful when Kano sisters appeared!

※ 2 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post