Conflict for the first time [Column] TERANO Noriko Uchida Atsuto ──.

I went to interview Uchida Atsuto to practice after November 20, but the way, a man fans as he calls Uchida.It’s German course.To say “Chusu”, man walks away Uchida answer “Danke” after a moment’s thought.

“” Yesterday, I “has worked hard ne game, I wonder if was saying?”
Uchida is German is not good still, I listen to the staff of the German resident.
“It told me yesterday,” You and “I was out the game”
“So.Uchida laugh So my answer, and “I’m was not funny.
In Nuremberg against the previous day, since probably gave me encouragement Uchida who was the starting lineup in six games the first time in the league, it should be no problem in the “thank you”.

Late last season was Uchida, which continued the starting lineup at right side league, the Champions League, but Hager of new subscribers has been appointed in the position from the opening this season.Still decorate the league’s first starter in the Bayern game of September 18, also assist mark in Freiburg against September 24 that follows.It must have been thought also Uchida to be “finally begin now”.However, the right thigh muscle strain back during practice September 27.It was also the injury of the muscle system for the first time for Uchida.

For athletes, injury’s inherent, but the timing was the worst.Actually Randenikku director resigned suddenly on September 22.On the day of the Steffens new coach appointed, Uchida he had injured.
“Shock was a shock, but it did hurt my bad, and it was focused on cure.Uchida are talking at that time because it is troublesome muscle strain and relapse, and “want to go to carefully.

Instead Uchida, are you playing in the right side of the German national Hevu~edesu.It has been active at the center back in Schalke, but has served as a side back in the representative.
It was Uchida was bench in Germany Cup October 26, but played in only game of the Europa League on November 3, contestants in the league will not come true, and departed to the representative expedition.
The starter in Tajikistan game, was played in the middle against North Korea.I did not seem position in the Schalke still has continued to undefeated and change.Possibility of European Cup is high, but the league starting up, it would take time.
However, November 15, Hevu~edesu that was played in the middle of Germany and the Netherlands against the friendly match ends up injured knee.

“I thought (Hager) is I leave the game Marco”
Return to Germany from North Korea, it was returned to practice November 17.Uchida was thinking of starting to Nuremberg war of the 19th and difficult.
However, when the morning walk game day, coach tells Uchida “left side Do not because fast players,” said.
The “because it was felt that” by Oke was “ready,” I feel I “Na I’m out”
And Uchida, burn your hand on the left side edge graphics Vine of Nuremberg from the start early in the game which has become contestants the first time in six games.
“There was also a scene that does not work the first half, until Nokkaru the game, but I wonder if it was okay the second half”

If when you were fighting with the powerhouse of the world Bayern, Intel, and Manchester United, corresponding delay in play that could have been a natural reaction.It is exchanged at the speed of a moment.That game intuition, Fuji ~I Cal condition is not foolproof was obvious.
However, while surpassing the time zone of the inferior, Schalke decided to four goals, win.Uchida played a full league played in about 3 month.

“I wonder if it was okay the second half”
After the game, I talked so with bitter expression, but the impatience which can not play in the street image, dilemma comes through.
And I said.
It’s called Na’m a little more possible, “it is.But I entered Pong, since nor go well with Hyoihyoi.I remember that you came to Germany for the first.May not go well here, if you are doing it to put up, and I wonder if good ”
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