Players to be the most promising 1,100 U-22 Japan representative fans choose Yamada direct and Osako

The 22nd, U-22 Japan national team to play against Bahrain in the Asian final qualifying multiplied by the berth to London Olympics.Before an away game in the harsh Middle East, and conducted a survey in the “SOCCERKING”.Asked to elect a player to expect in the members convened, 1139 people were asked their opinions.

FW Osako Isamu也 Kashima It was collected the number of votes the most, (193 votes).Leaving the result in the J-League, recording played in constant even in the same representative.Urawa game of 2011 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup final, it was decided to blow that leads to the title winning team.The Wakamusha growth of prime, the voice of hope such as “me! Paving the way to London in the scoring of Osako” has been received many.

(187 votes) is ranked Naoki Yamada Urawa narrowly in second place.Expected to activate the middle rich momentum, it is subjected to Yamada to get used to the center of the team large state.Below, the third place Otsu Yuki of Borussia MG was elected one person only from abroad assembly (151 votes), Nagai KenYu Nagoya approaching to the goal at the speed absolute (147 votes), and in fifth place at the 4-position has continued (84 votes) Hiroki Sakai to support the breakthrough premier Kashiwa at a precise cross ball.

For players who greet the game, and there going to pull the Japan Football in the future “.Cheers to give something always and cherish the game once, I want you to go alive at each club “,” Middle East bias is tough but, like! “Please go to anyhow London arrived was.

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