Uesugi Takashi and without qualification claiming reporters Tsuneo Watanabe, who dabbled in politics

Yomiuri Shimbun Group Inc. Chairman Tsuneo Watanabe, who became the “people of the time” in the dismissal of Hidetoshi Kiyotake Giants GM.And positioned as “a symbol of press club” Watanabe said, Uesugi Takashi journalist with the interview experience to Mr. Watanabe, also referred to as “political journalist postwar maximum”, said “qualification claiming the reporter is not,” said.Below,’s commentary of Uesugi.

* Ken * this, not going to Azukasuru even to Mr. Kiyotake also Watanabe I.With regard to Mr. Kiyotake, albeit at candid impressions so far is that of, but has wielded the ascendancy borrow threat of tiger in the background the influence of Mr. Watanabe terrible, and large Yomiuri.However, apart from the fact that, it can not be overlooked course there Watanabe Tsuneo’s.Special press club system in Japan he is, because is a “symbol”.

Several times are met, including the experience of a long interview to Mr. Watanabe, but dating back to the memory, the impression that good guy strong service spirit is strong.Ambiguity is found in response to the question, Upon materials themselves to stand up and straight, and come back to check the facts.

And if you think that either, do not forget the care and showing off the stupid story, so as not to strain here.For example, it is something that when you watch a professional baseball for the first time, and told me funny indeed, the episode that got angry and “Why do not I a home run You’re entered to stand” to see the foul ball that went into the stand.

In addition, Mr. Watanabe, there is not a grave misses the anniversary of Ichiro Hatoyama, who served as a beat reporter for the first time, and like to lay Yokozuna Promotion Council, chaired by Yoshio Ishibashi who was secretary of his, also loyal to surface.Thing Kunio Hatoyama Yukio brothers who played their set to “horsie” in childhood, I’m thinking like a child of their own even now.

But, still, I want to say this to the top of the evaluation of the personality of those he.Irresponsible, it’s claiming to newspaper reporters, or not be able to quit.

When there is a grand coalition uproar (then both) Ichiro Ozawa, head of the Democratic Party and Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda in 2007, and called into question the “widgets or people grand coalition” and is surrounded by reporters, that he “It’s a newspaper reporter” Reject the interviewed reason, you’ve walked away.But, more than dabbled in politics as a player rather than the observer, not entitled to call themselves a newspaper reporter to him.

It is too close to the power, it is tempted to wish everyone dabbled there.But, against such temptation, you are facing the work to have a strong self-control journalists usually.Because, it is because it’s a different kind of work at all.

In response to the mandate of the people by election, politicians are doing political activity among the constraints, such as the Public Offices Election Law and the Political Funds Control Law.To give a qualified response to the national civil service exam, bureaucrats, doing the public service.Yet, Japan, which has allowed it political reporters who are civilians just is, also, dabbled in politics as a player but there is no qualification’s abnormal.

Evils of press club system came strained relations is “Nana”, rather than between the power and the media.Its iconic is the Tsuneo Watanabe Mr..

※ 2 days issue December 2011 Shukan Post