DeNA president of change is not even, and caution precedes the decrease in speed of decision-making

DeNA is dull.Announced Namba Representative Director and CEO to step down as Managing Director.Disease
Giving priority to the nursing of family medical treatment is the reason, successor executive responsibility of the social game business
It is Mr. Moriyasu’s responsibility.

Mr. Namba seen to remain in the Board of Directors continue to be involved deeply in the management decisions in the future
you are, but because there was such a reputation for speed of decision-making speed as a manager, confusion of management
Caution is to precede the reduction of decision and speed.

Demand for protective clothing surge Azeasu — S High, by the nuclear accident

Stop high.Announced the upward revision of the previous fiscal year earnings forecast on the day before.209 million yen to 405 million yen and operating income
The increase in.Due to the influence of the nuclear accident, the demand for Tyvek protective clothing, such as in the restoration work, such as by government
that the main soared has become a major cause.Demand expansion of its products due to the prolongation of the primary problem
Be continued is expected large, expectations for earnings growth in the future also seems to be growing.

Press ichi travel company for months up to one in the “Western-type long-term stay” summer

I spend slowly and abroad summer resort in the summer -.Some companies are considering a prolonged summer vacation as part of the power-saving measures, major travel company has come up with a travel plan extended stay one after another.

2-3 nights in domestic travel, package tours of the summer, mainstream 4-5 nights overseas travel so far.It was planned that it’ll let enjoy 14 months days to one, on the road of the “time” as Europe and the United States it.

JTB of the year’s largest travel “you spend your vacation is change” turning point of the Launch of “long vacation JTB” from May 20, 2011.As a first step, I was provided a monthly plan may stay or one of the senior for the “summer vacation a little longer” is a family-friendly plan to have children in elementary school.

Point of a new long-term-stay plan’s proposal of “how to spend”.JTB Corp., put the power to be “the year that may be how to spend the vacation of Japanese changes, in such a turning point this year”.

The “summer vacation a little longer”, in addition to parents and children participatory plan to stay for 14 days in bed & breakfasts in Nagano Prefecture, swamp climbing hiking and enjoy in parent and child, a program that can interact with the local people such as through agricultural experience is incorporated.Children bring homework, we have laid the support system to be able to study in local, throw out one’s chest “plan which is prepared the teacher probably Would not it be for the first time” and.

On the other hand, plan for senior citizens is, prepare a condominium in Chatan Okinawa and Niseko in Hokkaido.Dish washing and I can spend slowly at a pace of their own.If there is a 30 consecutive night, it was cheap appeal to be able to stay from about 1650 yen one night.


There was also far travel of “extended stay, but we have not spread easily.Predicted has assumed elderly retired, but I would like to renew it is to be released from a variety of stress, mood, etc. seek healing, and should be “a person who does not assume ever visit this summer after the earthquake make.

In the domestic market, Guam and Hawaii, and Cairns “long vacation” Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) is charged to June 2011 the “nights Plan”.”Now, I am prepared plan experience inns and hotels in the Tokyo metropolitan area, near the’ll have to stay longer in one day.This trend will continue, and speak offers to the plan “will Tomaro Ku long …” the WEB dedicated our already, but the “to expand it.

On the other hand, to introduce long-term plan to stay overseas travel.Released Guam and Hawaii, such as the Cairns “long vacation”..

Nippon Travel Agency in “long Vacances”, we propose how to spend summer vacation a little longer.For example, providing a three-day intensive course in the option plan is the plan of 6 to 8 Bangkok.I ask them to experience during your stay such as “Thai foot massage qualifications plan” and “Quick Thai training plan”.

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Be diagnosed 41-year-old man who was promoted to section chief as “promotion depression”

example of middle-aged sue upset spirit that is increasing.A’s salaried workers (41 years old) was promoted to manager last spring.Wife and me very happy promotion of husband.However, from the autumn of last year, to suffer from headaches and insomnia, palpitations, and loss of appetite.Still, it was going to work every day and not afford to miss work, but after visiting a psychosomatic wife worried about the state of her husband in attendance, and was diagnosed with promotion depression.

Hyugano HaruSo’s Higano Clinic explains.

The “promotion depression, it is a disease that is increasing in Japanese men to focus on title.In terms of responsibility heavier if promotion, as middle management, human relations is complicated between the devil and the deep sea of ​​the boss and the subordinate and manager.As I suffer from such stress, you can develop depression will not sleep.In addition, in the case of such as company housing, Hariai wife synchronized with each other, it will be the pressure on the husband “(Hyugano’s)

People saddled alone anything strong sense of responsibility, easy to become, and serious people work first principle.As a sign, insomnia amount, of alcohol increases, bitches and more.Such symptoms when seen in the husband, I want to talk to psychosomatic medicine as soon as possible.

To “treatment, and to go to the hospital as soon as possible.And it stay away from the office.However, if you do not try to Kyumo to say if and only those people, “a disgrace Nantes taking days off depression” The first is often.Disease it is easy to linger is such a person.In addition, if you keep going to the company as it is, because the symptoms progress, mistakes increase, and in some cases human relations also deteriorated, not forced to quit in the end “(Hyugano’s)

Able to break the company, the only drugs that have been prescribed, such as sleeping pills and antidepressants, and try to regular life, so that you can take proper sleep of 6-7 hours is important.

For men, cases in which depression in the wake of the retirement and unemployment and also many other.Also, while I was divergence alcohol and smoking the stress of work, or gambling, addiction becomes anxiety and they are not there because a mental illness many men, let’s note the behavior of the husband.

※ 2 the June 2011 Seven Women

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“End If you are satisfied with the status quo” foreign semiconductor manufacturers Sales Manager – 10 million yen player picture book vol.3 annual income

Ever experienced a change jobs three times, Yamaoka said that 13 million yen annual income currently.The win orders one after the other in conjunction with the play base worldwide and Europe US, 39-year-old rode quite as fat businessman.That said salesman, Mr. Yamaoka in a very good impression, soft demeanor was asked about the private businessmen and life that he has come not press too strong never.

Q. Please tell me the contents of the current work.I am a sales manager in the foreign semiconductor manufacturers.Subordinates four.Semiconductor. Valid is the main industrial.It is the main business and proposed product specifications, a price negotiation, and that’s going to put together and delivery.

Q. It rewarding work, struggling that are state-of-the-art semiconductor. Valid Do you feel what time is, it is the most exciting part.It is a very creative work rather than make what you need now, because is not going to determine the specs on the assumption of the future in 2005, and 2006.I feel a big challenging thing rather than go drained in the times, and that work to create their own.However, the number the number of customers, the product I’m very often.It is a hard time if you think you because it is average is approximately 6000 types of products, especially in relation to the product cycle also is of that will change in a few years, and trying to figure out all.

Q. Seems to have been Kona-sa business pretty hard, but Are there any room to enjoy the private.Yes, of course! Is there a rush somewhat Saturday morning, business of US until the end, and or check email, but time for themselves and their families basically thereafter.That you go out to touring favorite bike, enjoy fly fishing, or going out to the Boy Scouts of children, and even went shopping with my wife, to go out and there are quite a lot of.

Q. What do I do to more than 10 million yen annual income.It may be tough if you think only money.In my case, there was no commitment to much money, but if you go to change the environment in search of work you want to do, annual income I had been up to while you do not know.When you are long in the place of one, values ​​go entrenched, and business will continue to routinized, and a sense of accomplishment with nature will also fade.Well it boring.The end to be almost satisfied with the status quo.That you want to if we want to do this, to act without entering to protect with a challenging spirit always I think this is one of the important thing is next.You can also re-examine yourself, do you need how much exactly is for a living that I want to send, you might want to and your mind.It is mon goals and objectives if clearly, and able to stand up to hard work a bit much.

Q. Please tell us about your future plans.Various Is there a thing you want to do, but there are most interested in now is it is that it is possible to perform management more holistic.I want to also become Country Manager of Japan in the future, and also want to see working in US headquarters.However, sometimes you think it’s try to work totally different until now also and I wonder if.Such as bakery, I such as florists (laughs)

Yamaoka, who is without putting Katahiji and through thick and thin, told me to talk to Frank.Yamaoka, who you can talk about my home just the building was built two years ago, smile in the photo one hand of the child and wife did not receive much impression that sales manager to work energetically in foreign companies severe of performance-oriented.But ambition that I hid within wonder such a big thing surely.In meek personality and good footwork inherent, it must go to the dream come true of a lot in the future if he.
(Information Sources: @ type)

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70% hike electricity prices? If you select the “nuclear abolition”

70% price increase electricity rates in 2020 – received a nuclear accident, about the uncertainty about the future electricity prices in the future, consulting firm that summarizes the estimated this also came out.Might, or whether 70%, voice you are concerned about the impact on the Japanese economy is strong for price increases.Government in a position to authorize a price increase and power company I wonder what kind of make a decision.

“I want to asked to please a thorough self-effort to TEPCO, draw a picture with which to do without price increases”.In the House of Representatives Special Committee on Reconstruction of May 23, 2011, for the power rate increase related to the compensation problem of TEPCO, Prime Minister Naoto Kan showed thinking.

The government is for words that electricity costs estimated TEPCO “16% increase”, come out well from the mouth of the government officials “without price increase …” is, but this is limited to massive compensation amount It is a story that you.It is an element of compensation other than for the topper content in fuel costs due to the switch to thermal power generation, the government summarizes the estimates to be equivalent to the price increases of about 16% if passed on to the electricity charges directly from the primary.

It is not clear whether or not to pass the whole “16%”, but for itself to pass, it’s appears to have a firm policy of government to tolerate.However, opaque scale is not clear, TEPCO’s ability to squeeze the amount of compensation to “without price increase” really, damages of the nuclear accident can not be denied the possibility of more than “16%” is price increase width.

Price increase of power companies, not just a problem for TEPCO.I have been reported, “Kansai Electric Power, price increases also field of view” (Asahi Shimbun, delivery May 13), etc..It has been pointed out power company companies, will want to contribute to the new contribution mechanism to support the compensation of TEPCO, this burden becomes worth an electric rate increase pressure.

In addition, the effect of such prospect is not stand to resume operation of nuclear power plants in the periodic inspection from growing concern about the safety of nuclear power plant is also out, to the electric charge in the composition similar to that of the Tokyo Electric Power Company It is also possible that the pass-through has become a problem.

Meanwhile, May 23, announced on national energy policy that touched such as power cost “urgent analysis” of consulting major “A.T. Kearney” (Japan office, Minato-ku, Tokyo) is was.It is not intended to be limited to TEPCO, it is an argument throughout Japan.

To quote with voice simplification of concern “international competitiveness” and “international relocation”, showed a choice “realistic” four stages depending on the level of primary dependence.Out, in the case of “compensation by (natural gas) Maximize + LNG primary abolition + renewable energy” renewable energy most of the emphasis (such as wind), was estimated to be “70% increase” power cost at the stage of the 2020.It is to be referred to as “70% fee increase” if passed on to all electricity rates simply.

It expressed concern about the influence “domestic investment slowdown” and “risk of hollowing out of industry” has come out in this option, the same analysis, wearing a “×” mark on the graph.

On the contrary, the primary focus “stepwise regression to the primary (and new installations)” in the case of most, you are going to stay in the 4% increase in the choice of.In Option 2 remaining, up 5% “existing facilities effective use of primary (current status pending)” So you have 48% increase in “gradual shift to decommissioning + renewable energy (omitted) from the oldest nuclear power plant”.In the classification of the analysis, we are the “primary elimination” and “compensation by nuclear abolition + renewable energy”, you are not in the one of choice and as not realistic.In addition, you are evaluating each with six items and safety as well as cost.

For power rate increase, May 12, 11, “The problem of experiences a lot in terms of international competitiveness” as, Tadashi Okamura, Chairman of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the company at a press conference I expressed concern to the international relocation, etc..I ordered it as “I would like you to strive to raise as much as possible not”.

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Cope mutual aid is put to life mutual aid in September.

It is a story of adjacent industry this time.Mainichi Shimbun, insurance Ho-goto web of May 24, was delivered * an article about Cope mutual aid.

* I take more here.

Released in September Cope Kyosairen, to life in mutual aid

When depends on the article has been delivered and

It is a and.

No … ~ Fu, Cope mutual aid do you turn on the Medicare and products death protection products for life type.

Perhaps, rather than just taking in the layer that could not be captured in the mutual aid products until now, I might be there is aim to more robust mutual assistance of members to each other.

[Contents of the article]

The contents of the article below, was delivered.

– May 24, 2011 delivery insurance Mainichi Shimbun, Ho-goto web –

[Released in September Cope Kyosairen, mutual aid to life]

Japan Mutual Aid Co-op Consumers’ Co-operative Union (Cope mutual aid) will release a life mutual aid in September this year.The one that has been developed to reflect the needs of the co-op members and CO · OP mutual aid existing subscribers and prepare the product of the two as “lifetime medical care” and “whole life”.There is a common feature of – life and pay 60.65.70-year-old course of the payment period (3) latch can join (2) 0-70 years of age latch that does not change (1) one life.In addition, currently, in looking for a name for life mutual aid, prizes are gift Winners.In the Federation, life mutual aid there was many of the “demand has been realized.You are going to, “we would like to offer to union members more.

In Medicare lifetime provided to prolonged hospitalization, supports up to 180 days from the first day (2) hospitalization security simple (1) of hospitalization (daily amount ¥ 5000, ¥ 10,000) is “life medical care” premium payment exemption if you get a (3) severe disabilities – such as features.


For the name of “life mutual aid”, it is possible to apply by downloading the application form from the website dedicated card, flyer application, the CO · OP mutual aid.The names, with up to 5 characters, can fill in the reason of origin, naming, and to apply for up to August 31.

In, prizes are awarded to 700 people, “7 million people Award CO · OP mutual aid subscriber” (alone in the lottery in the case of the same name multiple application) one person “life mutual aid naming Award”.(As of December 1 this year, the winner, it is a co-op partner) will not limit the number of applicants, conduct in January next year, such as the home page announcement of the name that has been adopted.

In Cope Kyosairen, start the business in 1984, it is mainly handle Medicare, life security.The number of subscribers to the end of March this year has reached 7.373 million people in total, about 250,000 people increased from the previous year.I have increased the subscriber every year.The CO · OP mutual aid is a general term of handling mutual aid goods in Coop Kyosairen, there is a mutual aid fire «helping» Medical mutual aid, mutual aid term life «Aipurasu», life and mutual aid «new Aiai», 156 co-ops across the country are dealing.Name such as «Aipurasu» «helping» existing products were also determined by the applications from members.For “life mutual aid”, and plans to start a guide at the time of delivery and the Co-op store from July.

That’s it.

Is healthy in helping to regain the day-to-day “laughable even unscrupulous” It [Kayama Rikakoramu]

Such as the small talk of everyday’s confined as “because at a time like this,” It is dangerous.Even in situations where tight, It is a thing that people would think that secular will have the same effect as usual.Better to each other admit that you are blessed with it, this part of secular is the health.

About a year ago, just became the topic Shinsho “funeral, do not need” (Hiromi Shimada Author) was released.I will be “direct burial” is the limelight from there.It is the funeral of the form instead of going to funeral parlors also temple to house, and go directly to the crematorium from the place who died.In particular, you may have heard also talk direct burial that has been carried out at a rate of 30% in Tokyo.

However, I think to think at the moment after the earthquake, and might have been a boom of simply because there is room for a funeral.

It may prove to be unscrupulous, but say, “funeral, do not need” but is happening in the affected areas without, it is very “funeral, can not” and.

in Natori city I visited, I was no longer able to burn in the crematorium in the city for too many number of bodies.Out of necessity, there was also the place where the funeral form was subjected to cremation in the land that is far away, such as Yamagata and Tokyo, it back only remains are being carried out.If you would have been sent to Tokyo, bereaved family situation is not Tachiae because there is no cost and transportation are also going.

In the affected areas, it is not better or worse, the ultimate “direct burial” have been made.However, it is not necessarily wanted, because there was no way it only.

In the affected areas that can not be to want to do the funeral, there was no voice, “a funeral do not need” and of course.That means not to can the funeral, and might be a luxury of some sort, I felt.

The funeral, to except that the memorial to the dead, there are aspects of grief care.

The grief care, I will say that the people who are to me (grief) grief lost a loved one is, to support the process to accept the fact.

Following is here

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To increase export competitiveness Japan Takaaki Mitsuhashi Mr. deflation is “tax cuts”, etc.

[Book Review] revival of “Japan starts here! Economic growth theory of eye-opening ”

Takaaki Mitsuhashi Author-Shogakukan 1365 yen (tax included)

Or “structural reforms” or whether “fiscal consolidation” necessary to save the Japanese economy is whether the “fiscal expansion”.The author, stand in a position of fiscal expansion principle that it is assumed to be measured by deflation monetary easing and fiscal stimulus.

Economists that have studied only inflation measures so far.However, it’s deflation since the Great Depression that began in 1929 is now.Public Works also reduce the consumption tax hike in measures to reduce the inflation all the (trade liberalization) participation in the TPP, it becomes counterproductive.The analogy, it’s like to say to the sick that need to put nutrition in the rest, and white jogging in the morning every day and fasted.

Author’s claim is clear-cut, as well as the United States, monetary easing and fiscal stimulus, and that he only should I do it a tax cut.

And, tax revenue growth in the economic recovery, debt is eroded by an increase in nominal GDP, fiscal restoration also allows.

It insists lie also talk fiscal spending, the more debt swelled, that financial collapse.

In this time of the earthquake, the government was forced to large fiscal stimulus, the Bank of Japan monetary easing is unwittingly.I want to watch what the effect is or get out.

※ 25 days issue May SAPIO2011 years

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The Italian economy that gives a new uncertainty to the outlook for the euro

“It would be good to take one of the PIIGS I now already”

Such discussion has been scattered here and there last month per.

I refers to Italy here “I”.
(Ireland Another “I” By the way)

However, the opinion seems to have been premature Apparently.

An eye for Italian investors by the end of last week, Standard & Poor’s is set to “negative” from “stable” rating outlook for Italy has been transformed.

I think where it is and want to easily organize the problems faced by Italy.

It is the debt ratio to GDP of major European governments first, but is a relatively high level and 101% in the case of Italy.

Then the structural fiscal balance of Italy (Structural Balance) is -2.8%.I think this is more a relatively better in the major European countries.

You can see that you are stable next to Germany If you look at the trend in the unemployment rate.

GDP growth rate is chronically low.However, it has become a little higher than Spain and Greece that are spread austerity Greece problem discovered later.

Trend in the current account has been relatively stable.

I read more

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