Ekobasu untimely cat bus appeared in the 8-wheel drive!

Widespread use of electric vehicles that did not feel the young as well, thanks to mass production by the car manufacturer, it has become a real future fairly until a few years ago.

Nissan Leaf’s said that the largest, dedicated to electric vehicle body, and the latest laminated lithium-ion battery, or an element a mechanistic.

The leaf’s produced It is Oppama plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture is also a municipality aggressive electric vehicle.

Under such Kanagawa Prefecture led, Keio University commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, it spawned companies such as Isuzu, Toshiba, Bridgestone Tokyo R & D in collaboration, electric car of this place.

Electric low-floor bus full flat (Image)

This is where the eight-wheel-wheel motor “Eliica” is known Speaking of electric vehicles of Keio University, the electric bus also adopted eight-wheel-in-wheel motor, the front two-axis steering same.

Opportunity to ride in a vehicle of the in-wheel motor, which is said to some, also ideal as a drive system for an electric car, almost no reality, but the chance to ride if the bus is likely not a little That said passenger.

However, it is not a reality yet.

According to Kanagawa, traffic Environment Division, operation specific not determined, but that they want to start with a run in the province by the end of the year.

In-wheel motor of the small-diameter tire produces a “low-floor and barrier-free,” What kind of thing.Sun can experience anyone, seems to be a far.

(Shinya Yamamoto)

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As hard as possible Bernanke’s Ru dis in a roundabout way the Bank of Japan

Federal Open Market Committee, a policy rate meeting of the United States (FOMC) is completed, the maintenance of (from 0 to 0.25%) of the current policy rate was decided as expected.

I quit the program Omotte the end of this month as planned additional quantitative easing policy (QE2).

I lowered the GDP growth forecast for the United States this year and next in this release of the FRB:
New 2.7% 2011 – 2.9% – 3.1% previous 3.3%
New 3.3% 2012 – 3.7% from 3.5% to the old 4.2%

In addition, as expected of core inflation, excluding food and energy to:
New 1.5% 2011 – 1.8% – 1.3% previous 1.6%
I am raising the.

For the unemployment rate to:
New 8.6% 2011 – 8.9% – 8.4% previous 8.7%
New 7.8% 2012 – 8.2% – 7.6% previous 7.9%
I have a.

What reporters Yomiuri Shimbun you feel now to criticism of the Bank of Japan “Ten years ago Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve Board to (FRB) Chairman at a press conference after the FOMC?I was showered question to the effect that “.(Positive comments has been with “It was a good question,” the blog of the Wall Street Journal in this =)

Bernanke replied that it “was well understood by the Bank of Japan is struggling When I become in a position of central bank governor now.”.

But do not forget that you add the following words.
It may not be possible and to be able to do the “Central Bank.That the prevention of deflation in my opinion it is a phenomenon that can be prevented by all means the central bank if the tackle in motivation.In fact, we were able to break away from it completely now thanks to you did when QE2 you feel the risk of deflation last year ”
This is a remark to Ru dis the Bank of Japan in a roundabout way.

In a sense, the success of deflation avoidance is the only point that can claim credit for his Bernanke proudly today.

It may be said that the question of the Yomiuri Shimbun became pump priming that could allow a victory lap to Bernanke to tailor-made in that sense.

It is the Bernanke but deflation could be avoided, but certainly, there is a watch you’ve been Boxed-in completely in terms of other.

Because it has been the increase in employment has been slow despite QE2, the economy itself is because it visible signs of decline and Cho~tsu to come here.

It is not possible to trigger the QE3 On the other hand inflation rate is close to the target of FRB (around 2%).

Interest rates (because it is already zero) can not be lowered more
Can not be activated during QE3
Currently, to remain facing much securities such that FRB is in stock
It means that, I mean that in a state in which movement can not be made at all.

Economy is not accelerating in the second half of this year thinking as Bernanke now, I will have a pretty hard thing.

Tobacco tax increase is successful, the tailwind convenience store

The tax increases of tobacco, there was also concern that could lead to lower tax revenues rather consumption drop prices will go up, but sales of tobacco supply shortage caused by the earthquake also As the start calm influence that dwell in rush demand of tax increase before also, the end I am elongation.

According to the Tobacco Institute of Japan, sales of May becomes 16.5 billion cigarettes, down 8.8 percent year-on-year, but sales to 345.5 billion yen of the 25.6% increase According to the sales of cigarettes in May 2011 was.It has been the result of consumption has decreased, but price increases is greater than.

Have received the benefit is convenience store than anything.107.5% in sales, existing stores also I’m great next to 105.7% according to preliminary sales of convenience store in May.If you look at the sales growth rate by category, 1.4% daily delivered food, -0.6% processed food, 22.9% non-food, is -3.5% services, growth of non-food that tobacco is included will not protrude.

Tobacco tax increase became a tailwind may be drawn to the convenience store, but, conversely, it does not mean sales grew on their own.Each company is said to have begun to focus on PB products in various ways, such as Suites, feel the growth of food-related is a favorite is a good enough, measures adapted to the reality of aging of the user somehow can not make are visible still You.

TEPCO downgrade Rush 5 stage, Chubu Electric Power, also sharp at once

Fulfill capacity, that is, represents the “creditworthiness” of the obligations of the countries and companies “rating”.After the earthquake, was, etc. or positioned private companies, including Tokyo Electric Power and Japanese government bonds in rapid succession or be “downgraded” and “the negative rating outlook”.Takahiro Morita, who enrolled in a major U.S. rating agency Moody’s, nearly 20 years for the “downgrade Rush” is to explain.

May 30, Standard & Poor’s of major U.S. rating agency (S & P) downgraded the 5 stage under “B plus” from “BBB” rating of the company TEPCO is a bond issue of Japan’s largest companies.Is a level that is considered “speculative characteristics strong” and when investors to buy corporate bonds this.


As well as Tokyo Electric Power, news about the rating “downgraded”, “review of the rating” and “negative” is one after another after the earthquake.Table of posted’m a part of, but it can be seen that including the Japan government bonds was “downgraded Rush”.

The original I have experienced long analysts power industry, inquiries about the credit assessment of TEPCO is one after another.Voice to be worried about the future “far rating or go down”, “TEPCO whether to default” and often.

The influence of the rating, when the creditworthiness of the issuer has changed greatly in particular, can not be ignored.For example, in the eurozone serious financial crisis is continued from last year, such as the rating of major banks and government bonds were downgraded in succession Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland, etc..That there is a side that has fallen into a vicious cycle market reacts sensitively about it, the financial crisis would be exacerbated as a result can not be denied.It can be said that even influential enough ratings to evaluate the future of creditworthiness affects the real economy in reverse, left and right to the fate of a country.

But, on the other hand, rating agencies not only private companies that aim to profit.It is a fact that also, also there is a criticism “fueled anxiety unnecessarily, do not you’re increasing the risk” and.

Indeed, three major rating companies plus Fitch Ratings Moody’s earlier, the S & P has made a mistake of many.It has been criticized had been given a rating of “investment grade” rating on Enron energy giant bankruptcy previous to 2001, and given a rating of higher-level sub-prime loans in 2007, and caused a financial panic.

※ 29 Jun. 2011 SAPIO

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Relocation of companies move on? – Wasting time?

I’m coming to New York at work.

There was this news.

CME Threatens to Skip Town Over Illinois Tax Hik

According to Dow Jones

Newswires, CME Group CEO Terry Duffy told shareholders the
Chicago-headquartered company has explored moving its corporate base
after Illinois hiked its corporate tax rate earlier this year.

And that the Chicago Makandairu Exchange and CME.

It is said that thinking about the transfer of the headquarters of the province from Illinois because raising the corporate tax.

More than 100 years, is present in Chicago, it is in the exchange, which is one of the center of the financial transactions of the world in the name of CME at least.

I still hint at the possibility of relocation of the head office unceremoniously against corporate tax increase in Illinois ….

One impression that Na said that this is happening in the world of today.Companies will move to the place that it is easy to run away easily from countries with high corporate tax.There will also talk about “law also humanity neither” like that.However, it is the age that you can now goods, people, money is free to move across national borders easily.We have to recognize more us that’s not the case you are saying such as duty and obligations is a reality.

Easy movement of the site would have allowed to fall into a disadvantageous situation the companies and organizations in the era procurement of goods, people and money is not easy.So, “Gili humanity” is not probably was important.However, in today’s “information asymmetry” has disappeared from the market developed, it might be such that the need for that thinner longer and “Gili humanity”.In other words, it is not only all companies and organizations in the only was acting Given the advantages and disadvantages of moving even in the present age in the past.

And I thought this also wonder if the United States.And are competing to attract the company of each state, and also take the policy of each.It was a light discussion American people that there was to neighboring Concerning are going anywhere in the state, but the conversation “taxes cheap ○ ○ state”, “○ ○ state is keen to attract companies,” such as has been.

Would be to such efforts of each local government in Japan.However, I thought the introduction of federal and regional system is the wish is desired in order to allow more freedom such things.

Whatever the case may be, attract corporate battle has been going on all over the world.And, low corporate tax is indispensable for the.It is only vain or to criticism by saying that it is company favoring it, even if criticism or “betrayal of one’s own country’s companies Nantes transfer offices abroad”.

blog of wasting time? ↓
The Omou Japan while sending a lazy life in London

The common point of the company that is easily beaten on the net?


However, net even characteristics While it is excellent as an advertising tool, prone to things such as “bashing” and “fire” for everyone to free speech.To this problem that will keep scratching their heads spokesman us, “and companies likely to hit the net, company otherwise is present” as, Nakagawa Junichiro’s editor and PR planners “public relations meeting in July the difference I have discussed this issue “in (Sendenkaigi).

Some of the image that has worked steadily and “small factory”, “farmer” is hard to hit, companies have an image that seems to be a profitable fun gorgeous is easily beaten by “on the net.”Jealousy” is at stake is company that hit the (snip) Basic ”

For example, where the female appointee of cyber agent has up to blog the state took part in the “General Assembly” in October 2010, it was possible for the accused rushed blog has “flames”..

“People do not hit the people who are sent a hard life.Fun than myself, it is knock people who are a life happy.The same goes companies it “(Nakagawa)

As a defense to such a situation, “not give an image that is profitable”, “(in the form of hypocrisy and not reflected, however) that some reduction in the society,” Mr. Nakagawa has proposed that.In fact, even companies that are really profitable, to provide products with good quality and cheap “UNIQLO” and is known for skinny-kun and “Akaginyugyo” seems to hard beaten.

It seems to say that the context of Japan’s own, which tends to care about the appearance than the contents, but in considering the PR activities of the net era, it seems to be forced to consider these factors.That said, If you ask Nakagawa-san, “It will be hit the net, but not much impact in fact, that the person who scared reacts excessively, the only Aradate things often” or.Knowing properly, whether has become a social “problem” some people, or whether only are making noise you may have a important.

The common point of the company that is easily beaten by “net?”
Publisher: Sendenkaigi
>> I see the original article

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CM insurance American home of “yet to come” (Chii Takeo appearance) is fraudulent

There is a commodity American home insurance company sells the “yet to come”.This TV CM is fraudulent.It is the CM of “insurance company Korezo”.

Link to TV CM has been affixed to HP of insurance company.The CM is terrible.

I do not have a blatant lie indeed, but they are the impression management cleverly.This is a sample of “law to lie to not lie” to stunning.

I’m certain insurance 1. Called “yet to come”, popular.

I put up to 80 years from two. Less than 50 years old.I’m surprised.

Can you guarantee also the cost of 3. Funeral.Probably unique.

Treatment costs of 4. Injury in security …

5. Premiums monthly is 2800 yen.Wonder if this decisive factor.

6. Yes, documentation toll-free 50-80-46.Fifty, eighty, be happy.

General impression of when I glanced this CM I think the thing that CM medical insurance.

Sometimes referred to as “security” also “the cost of treating injuries,” is, I will think something other than injury (illness) also whether the subject of security.

However, this insurance is insurance.Disease hospitalization is outside for security because the accident insurance.

You can join of course, even at the age of 60 at 50 years old.Nothing is a surprise.Because Because it is accident insurance.

Monthly payments are due on the cheap.Because Because it is accident insurance.

It is a commonplace in the security costs of treating injuries.Because Because it is accident insurance.

It is the CM using a subscription themselves policyholders Read the documentation.I hope the subscriber to submit an offer to misunderstand medical insurance.

I It is written as a “long-term Security Disability Insurance” in small letters in CM.It is a confusing accident insurance also article is written when you document request, but it is a clever trap (?) Aimed at customers who where unaware.

Be 50 years of age or older that targets are an impressive targeting you Neraiu~tsu generations such that there is no that it has entered only to group insurance company or recommendation of sales lady.

It is a revolutionary idea “aimed at generation × net insurance insurance product knowledge is thin”.

I’m not saying that is not true as, but who will sell you with a line of barely significant.

The reason for the way the last minute it is not only life insurance company, but the person who had been thought insurance company as something you are going Makiageyo the money to make full use of every possible means at least a good idea.

The 9th series “ICFF × Hashimoto Chokusei (Part)” interior (n) interior emissions

Hashimoto and that had come took place in New York the other day, International Contemporary Furniture Fair to “ICFF”.I think In this study, it is not possible to see quite usually, you want take up the state of events overseas.

Trade fair has been held in New York in May every year “ICFF”.(298 companies from the United States, and 252 companies from outside the country) 550 companies in 39 countries so was, seems to be a big city New York one of the world’s largest exhibitors in 2011 seem to have a fair international.
In addition, during the exhibition of the ICFF, party events and so was jostling around of New York (That is like Tokyo Designer’s Week).I think in this series, and you want to pay attention to there.

In the first part, I introduce the state of New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in the main venue first.I will continue to pick up Mr. Hashimoto is noted, a brand that is not debut in Japan yet.Because it is a unique line-up, please see carefully!

It is said that going to specializes in manufacturing and textile design “Elastic Co.”.
To off-the-shelf and interior miscellaneous goods and custom-made sofa from the curtain of large size, or if you’re dealing with various products.

Elodie Blanchard’s designer, from Grenoble, France.He started and design of clothes since I was a teenager, and fashion show also held.And in at the age of 23, it is commended as an excellent young designers fan application International Festival in Provence Hyeres in (International Fashion Arts Festival of Hyeres), line up at that time I seem to have been sold in the famous shop of France.

Such she moved the place of activity in the United States from France, was launched in 2005 and then the brand of this “Elastic Co.”.There is a studio in Brooklyn, New York, All products are handmade in the studio of this place.

Even after you launch the “Elastic Co.”, Won the various awards.It is a brand of elite designer has attracted attention from many media in the United States.

Hashimoto and that love the fabric.It is like the “felt” is also used by this brand in particular, like further “gray” is the color that has been widely used for overlap, and so he had to stay longer surprises about this booth.

This is what “magnet” what surprised the gimmick to be up and down (top left of the photo above) also curtain design, layout and a little “emblem. It is a brand which I really like personally.I think if you were their buyer if, and had been buying kit ”
Hashimoto, who says.The height of the design, of course, I will be attracted to the idea that has been sprinkled with!

Elastic Co. Http://www.elasticco.com/

Lag using the denim cloth, table the U.S. dollar bill is jammed. Those of a unique design many visually, furniture products brand “BRC Designs” will strongly attracts people to the eyes for the first time.But its appeal is not only a novel design.

And so he continues to challenge that you do not have to worry common sense in “BRC Designs”, a combination of simple furniture and a variety of materials.Original designer, of Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, who create new products in a flexible idea, handmade by craftsmen with high technology, products of this brand are made.I can watch the height of quality.

Than can be introduced only this page, a lot of products I have been line-up, but none of being used just like material surprised glance.At the same I would a combination of furniture!?It is the impression that is, policies that do not care about the stereotypes such, it may be that creating “BRC Designs” a quality.

BRC Designs http://brcdesigns.com/

Hashimoto, who has seen the actual booth says: About this Brand.
It is a “non-routine, and I did not get tired looking at the designs and ideas that very eye-catching.It would be like a “modern art” though, that every single, it would be great fun to Nantes, if you can be incorporated into part of the life of these.This product when it becomes to penetrate the general Japanese house normally, interior of Japan too will change a lot ”

Says “(re-inventor) RE-INVENTOR” “RE-THINK, RE-PURPOSE, RE-INVENT” itself, Caldwell’s.Next? Born the products obtained by multiplying any idea.It is a brand to be excited about.

When you visit the booth in person Beiina Nissen’s designer that with us to the explanation for everything “BETTINA NISSEN DESIGN”.Dealing Interior and furniture, lighting, jewelry, etc., it is the brand of product design.

In design school of Copenhagen and University of Germany, designer Nissen’s German-born, such as he learned the interior / furniture design.We are working based on the UK currently, expanding the range of activities Milan and New York, and Berlin also, I seem to play an active part.

Color …. motifs and feminine, line-up likely to attract attention in Japan.
And candle holder called “Make A Wish”, are you introduced in photos from among them, it is a table called “EKG”.Seems to have been designed coaster benches, such as bowl, a wide range of products besides.

It was a small booth “, but only very charming products.I’m become smile, and will pick up unintentionally.Her booth was filled to the brim with people ”
And, Hashimoto says the state of the venue.Indeed, the atmosphere is handed down from photo.
It is a brand I want to debut in Japan early.


Hashimoto end-to-end venues, walking on foot even if shoe sore … Anyway, that jaded.Scale is small seems Compared to Milan Salone you’ve visited in the past, but you still want to see in a lot, it seems to have had enough you do not see all you do not Ika squeeze point.The reason for this introduction, three brands carefully selected from among the booth of the lot, because there is a booth that Hashimoto had done have taken a photograph in the other, for those of the right-hand pane in the “Photo Gallery” You would like to introduce.

Now in the second half since the events will have been performed in accordance with the session of the ICFF in various ways even outside of the main venue, plans to introduce the there.
Since such long some people “discovery of more peripheral event interesting! Certain” that, the state is also not miss it!


Dates: the 17th (Sat) – May 14, 2011 (Tuesday)
 / Realestate-box

Photo gallery publication brand
01: SELETTI http://www.seletti.it/
02: DUPENNY http://www.dupenny.com/
03-04: Deborah Bowness http://www.deborahbowness.com/
05-06: JEREMY COLE http://www.jeremycole.net/
07-08: The Consciousness Field http://www.theconsciousnessfield.com/

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I am picked up and talk interiors stylist and interviews with people who are work related to interior talks about the interior from the perspective of a professional, as a cut “human” “that interior will like more”.

livedoor Real Estate – share with everyone the search result, rental livedoor real estate is a rental site Popular Listings can be found immediately.It is also possible to check the leader for new property if the use livedoorReader.
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Problem has become more complex – explains the Greece problem

Before about two weeks, from around last week, the Greek problem that seemed to do was calm, has been incandescent.
The’m complicated if there are many problems, but you want to place a brief summary.

Problem of first is the ECB versus Germany.
First of all, Germany is requesting a private burden.
The ECB has said default piece to fly, and not accepted as collateral the Greek debt, the possibility of a big confusion in the financial market in Europe is high.
The problem of domestic politics, Germany, are you claiming the private burden, but, initially, in the intention of the rating agencies should refinancing plan was influential is, that the default address this debt extension, the situation It’s has been a chaotic.
As expected, there are quite a lot of the opinion that Germany or not than break.
This means that EU funded.

Next, is the IMF.
The IMF, I would like to reform to think of their Greek.
Thirteen years ago, the Asian currency crisis, such as South Korea, now slaves of the IMF.
It is a fiscal reform and structural reforms in particular.
You should want to do in the IMF led to this.
So, the current stance would say that the IMF should not be continued financing the EU and does not guarantee.

Finally, Greece is a country.
In a sense, this is the most troublesome, what will happen, uncertainty is often.
Already, general strike is happening, domestic am confused.
To put pressure on lawmakers to oppose austerity measures, politics, you are attempting to cabinet reshuffle.
About it, disagreements in politics is intensified.
It hurt his head also opposition to claim the Euro withdrawal.
In order to avoid a default, the current administration, I need to sell assets plan and budget cuts over the next five years.
Germany even if broken, Greece country I have to settled.

Favorite is likely to do not even default, EU make his loan, but if confusion, rainy day, it is Euro Greek exit No way.
If it becomes, after the withdrawal, for a while, although I seem to be confused …

Finally, I will explain the benefits of withdrawal.
It is said that when I return to the drachma from the euro, the currency devaluation of about 30% would happen.
Now, at a stretch, international competitiveness is attached.Imported goods will be higher, but the alternative is so proceeds to domestic production goods from imports, domestic demand will be active.Export goods, there tobacco, and food, but the prices of Greece since become relatively cheap, you can also expect demand for tourism.
In addition, the financial side, you can do your own monetary policy.ECB even if the rate hike, it does not matter anymore.Degrees of freedom goes up even financial course.Not subject to pressure of the EU, you can have fiscal consolidation plan at home pace

On the other hand, there is a point of diminishing returns.
It is simple, but there is a possibility that can not be obtained credit to the EU (decrease of foreign investment), inflation pressure becomes apparent.
Finally, I will be exposed to the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.
It means how big credit of Euro.

I think in the long run, the benefits and disadvantages this might balance, but in the medium-term and short-term, person of the benefits is large.

Do you want to Super Cool Biz practice?

Hot and humid summer in Japan To damp.Car of the commuter train also in the office, discomfort is increased even more this year of modest cooling in a power saving.So no jacket and no tie, of course, Super Cool Biz of trying to commute dress cool T-shirt and polo shirt, and pants are advertised extensively.

Ministry of the Environment to take Ondo is, attempts to put the power to be interviewed by the media and dress to wear Kariyushi of Okinawa and Hawaiian shirt to the staff.Place to take in the private sector also seems to many, but how do you much penetration.Tell me! this question were received also goo.

I work in this Super Cool Biz super really rough “?”

If you look at the answer, those who favor is like a lot unexpectedly Cool Biz.There was also the voice to welcome the flag waving of the Ministry of the Environment.

Office worker who feels “tie, watch, socks and annoying or would not be many.I think first, it is hard to do in the private sector and civil servants and politicians not start “(845tk’s)

Country to teaching the fashion of summer hardly new.In the old days, there was said to be the world there is the late former Prime Minister Ohira also Forget the “saving Enerukku”.Just this, people who imitate truly did not appear most because it was style considerable unique aside commentaries, but campaign that began by changing the words as “Cool Biz” in 2005, as established in its own way.Workers testify this a company that has introduced a long casual style.

Indeed “, the sales people at other companies, it seems that there is a complaint I was jeans When you come to a meeting within.But, If you do not tell me in advance, even if the person is great and considerably jeans, T-shirt, I’m lying about it (laughs).I’m not interfere with the work separately “(sweet76’s)

However, if you meet with people outside the company, such as sales, the Cool Biz opinion that whether it is the NG by strong.

“I think that it’s there if you work in a company, but I’ll want to have dressed a little more better if comes as a business” (JP-21’s)

I think it’s OK if it’s the case in this day do not plan to meet exactly the people of “external.I think since trouble just meeting When you have entered or suddenly, that there is no problem if I aligned suit, shirt, tie, shoes set the company “(mm_myOK’s)

But should Some people you think surely even business, if that gives clothes a favorable impression with neat, and much better than come with flowing doodling in sweat suits.But Cool Biz sense of a person wearing Unlike safe suit’s called into question.It does not also have to think of coordinated colors and materials, and I want to match the clothes also accessories such as watches and shoes and bags, if possible.Are there any How much consideration is that people be attentive to there.

“It would be tailored to the season (cool) and looking, looking rough and another thing, I feel people are confused with the hit like many will” (rsejima501’s)

Look at the fashion show of the department store and the people who appeared in the media as a role model for Super Cool Biz, always stylish friend, had a string of “cold …”.Well, it’s aim to effect to be cool people to see that way too? Cool Biz ultimate.Well guys, Do you want to attendance at Kariyushi and Hawaiian shirt?

Seiko Suzuki (Suzuki Seiko) → List of Articles

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