In tap water of Japan to be able to drink as it is [China] BBS, Chinese surprise!

Thread “tap water Japanese technology level! Surprise” that was erected on the bulletin board of a large bulletin board site 凱迪’s District of China.To the main thread that surprised to be able to drink as it is without boiled tap water, various opinions have been received in Japan.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: 1590, tap water Hiroshimoto of Japan was born it seems the days of Ieyasu Tokugawa immediately enters the Edo.Tokyo of high economic growth period, seems to have been a problem is the deterioration of water quality, but it is improved now, seems some people “free Water and Peace”.


● Not only 拉了 拉来 Ryo Japan, America and Europe’s right, but I just drink the tap water.It seems to be able to drink water to flow in the toilet to live.I mean they can not be used even Japanese toilet water in Japan.

● yx1015 word does not appear.

● That’s technology powers Asuka true.

● It is Well Well langhappy.I was drinking the tap water every day for saving my time just came to Japan.But are drinking to buy 2 liters of water 78 yen will not drink tap water because I work now.Tap water because I not delicious. (Water in urban areas it is not delicious chlorine smell and certainly)

● Antarctic Musakana Haha, I have a job of processing relationship of water experts in this area.Company of this kind I was a foreign people, but the old days, companies in Japan is becoming more now.Development is fast, I have become a high-quality technology up.Even so, Why not purify the water of the river smell?Government is not willing to put out the money, are you left to flow into the sea dripping dirty water it! Nor money in technology, the problem is I’m a matter of awareness of leaders. (I think it’s a big problem.)

● I jason_9235 ↑ expert’s, such care.Should not say an expert of yourself is good in China now.High-speed rail because I caused the problem experts.

● The §’m ready-to-drink tap water of Japan 7546gg.

● The Japanese go to China aukddi travel, there is a need to explain that it does not drink tap water in China in advance.Apparently there was that broke the stomach using the tap water of Chinese travelers to take medicine.broke the stomach when I was returned to China, but was cured of it comes back to Japan.Dare look at the state of the watershed of China.Once the okay to drink tap water in China, it is the evidence that adapted to this harsh environment, it is not with the evidence that the tap water in China is catching up with the standards of Japan.

● I’ll look at it from that I just drink the tap water in the drama of Japan mayipaapaa.I found later.That tap water of Japan ‘s different from China’s.

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

[Unemployment rate], July 9.1 percent improvement! some states that edge, welfare has become one of 3 people?

■ The employment statistics of the Department of Labor in July announced the 5th, the unemployment rate was 0.1 percentage points from 9.2 percent the previous month and 9.1%.Unemployment rate rose for the third consecutive month, was improved to 4-month.Market Forecast is 9.1%.And an increase of 117,000 people compared with the previous month, the number of workers that reflect non-agricultural sector (seasonally adjusted) was greater than 75 000 people expected increase in business trends.In addition, revised upward each number of employees of May also to 53,000 people increased from 25 000 people, up to 46,000 people increased from 18,000 people up to June, the brightness slightly to employment conditions that recovery had slowed is was seen.Growth has expanded from 80,000 the previous month and an increase of 154,000 people compared with the previous month increased the number of employees in the private sector, which is an index that accounts for 70% of the total, indicating the strength of the job market.Market expected to increase 113,000 people.

On the other hand, with 3.7 million people, down and local government officials to reduce the background the difficult financial situation, the government sector has been negative for nine consecutive months.

* Top image: transition graph of the number of employees increase or decrease the unemployment rate from 2000 (January).The unemployment rate in July was improved to 9.1% from 9.2% the previous month.Unemployed to give up looking for a job seems to have been increasing again.On the other hand, in May, 1.1 million people also increased from what the previous month the number of recipients of welfare “food stamp”.Every month, not only has a new record, welfare recipients number, but increase the width of the second past May.

Food stamp recipients number of transition graph.Welfare recipients an increase of 1.1 million people and 4,575 million people in May from 4,465 million people in April.Large tornado at the end of April (tornado), 900 000 people in one month in Alabama!?It’s also increasing near.In Alabama, it is calculated that received public assistance at the rate of one in three people.

⇒ Hello! It is Goto Wenjun American distribution consultant.Yesterday, back from consulting job, when I checked the news, I was monopoly topic of NY stock market suffered a lowering of $ 500 or more in one day.In, there was an article “welfare recipients the number of record” for the feeling that less obvious.I did not even surprise each month, since the new records, but when you view the data in the food stamp direct, Alassio! Surprised.May is 1.1 million people! Do not have to have increased.It is 4,575 million people easily topped the 45 million.In, looking at the state-by-state data and to drill down further, the tornado victims in Alabama?In I am more than 90 million people near.May, 1.76 million people are you receiving any welfare in Alabama of 4.8 million people.In other words, in Alabama, it’s going to state (the ratio of one in three people) 37% of the people that are receiving welfare.

That there are some 900,000 people in distress who must rely on the country as soon as it is affected is the problem.Although I think Even so, too much. . .

Anhui – death of 3-year-old girl is left in the day care bus

According to the Anhui Anqing Mubeshu District People’s Government [04 = OKiyoshikokorozashiawabiakatsuki菁 Shinhana-mogokoe August], 3-year-old girl attending kindergarten in the same ward is left behind for about 8 hours in the car of the shuttle bus, deceased.Cause of the accident is under investigation. The 2nd morning, the kindergarten children to register in the garden of the kindergarten bus.nursery that was also Tour driver that kindergartener is left to the bus is also did not notice.When 4:00 pm, kindergarten officials opened the door of the bus to try to send home the kindergarten children, found a kindergarten that fainted, was conveyed to the hospital immediately, but were confirmed dead shortly. After the accident, police authorities have detained the person in charge and the top of kindergarten.Mubeshu District education authorities notice to stop the teaching activities and education all in the same kindergarten.For kindergarten in the city, Ward was asked to thorough safety inspection, to ensure the safety of children.(Translated Lee Tsugihigashi / edit the translation Ami Matsuo)

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And conditions of Japanese products to hit overseas?

Automobile, electrical appliances, food products …….I wonder what kind of a thing with the Japanese products that are sold in the world? What’s required to become a product or service having you accepted to people of different cultures?

“Why,” Maru-chan “I became the national dish of Mexico?To present something to do with what you need on while an example of a product (Anzai Hiroyuki, Nakabayashi Tetsutaro / Author, Nikkei BP / published), the have overseas development “, to open up overseas markets.

To sell a product abroad, localization (localization) I need.Changes to suit the local, tailored to the laws and regulations of language change, change of design and function also becomes necessary in some cases.
And, it is to point out or may not give the product the characteristics of Japan.Some be a plus put out the characteristics of Japanese companies “high quality”, “safety” and “economic”, and that this is not the case it is also.For example, it is that has been successful overseas expansion dare not remove the image of “Japan”,’s Kikkoman.

Is one of the seasoning a representative of “Japanese”, “soy sauce”.
However, famous Kikkoman, that it does not do business as a set Japanese food and soy sauce abroad as soy sauce maker.You would think easily than with a way it is good person who touted a set soy sauce Japan and easy, but that is not the case.
More than anything “to meet the meat” is that’s a point in the overseas strategy.
In the United States and Australia, the number of times that the barbecue is often.Then, it follows that opportunity to eat meat inevitably often.The soy sauce “TERIYAKI (teriyaki)” hit product that is localized to match the teriyaki meat, was born in America’s.In the United States, soy sauce is it is always ready to half of home as a seasoning in the hit “TERIYAKI”.
Not of Japanese food in the “soy sauce”, based yet soy sauce, made to fit the tongue and the American diet “TERIYAKI” is, he is the localization of the United States market as a sauce for barbecue.

In this book, in addition to the soy sauce Kikkoman, I will introduce an example of TOTO familiar, such as Takashi Murakami of contemporary artist “Made in Japan” is successful in the world in the toilet and Maruchan instant noodle.

Those of quality and design to be able to be proud of to the world would be a lot of product companies in Japan.Just because, it is not necessarily a sell in the world if you sell directly.The localization of the product on its back, corporate efforts such as sales strategy that is well thought out suggests.
When I went abroad, it’s try enjoying Japanese products you have localization also might be good.
(New book JP Editorial / Tanaka TadashiHiroshi)

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Haier Sanyo acquisition, leadership of white goods in China to Japan =

July 29, has announced it will purchase the white goods business, such as washing machines and refrigerators in Southeast Asia and Japan Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan (Haier) Haier Group.Within the industry, I have seen this acquisition will become the foundation for Haier to enter the Southeast Asian market and Japan.The acquisition price is not disclosed, but there are also reports of the amount to about 10 billion yen.China network Japanese version (China net) was reported.

For coverage, RaKiyoshi Kay of consumer electronics industry professionals are divided into three regions Europe, Japan and South Korea, China’s white goods company in the world of “current.Supply of white goods in the world, wholesale from manufacturing, supply chain all of consumption so that Haier is going to expand.I said probably, this is “going to be a fundamental driving force of structural adjustment of the white goods industry in the world of the future.

Consumer electronics companies in Japan deficit recorded

Article, report “By Haier to acquire SANYO, a leading consumer electronics in Japan will follow the fate of defeat all together in China” and.According to the statistics, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, Sanyo has announced a large deficit in the first quarter of 2011.From here, the Great East Japan Earthquake is known to have dealt a serious blow to consumer electronics manufacturing industry of Japan.

RaKiyoshi Kay sees as follows.This acquisition shows that the consumer electronics companies in Japan will face enormous strategic pressure.If a certain point of view, there behind the competition of the industry it is a competition of local currency.There is no currency value decisions in the financial system of the world, Japan is the uncertainties that affect the competitiveness of the consumer electronics industry it.After the global financial crisis, against the U.S. dollar exchange rate of the Japanese yen has risen by more than 40 percent.This had a tremendous impact on the export of electronic products in Japan, the overall competitiveness of the consumer electronics industry was also greatly reduced.Sale of white goods of some of Sanyo was carried out in the very strong yen.

Also RaKiyoshi Kay, inflation “world will continue in the long term future.There is no cost advantage of global scale, in the three areas with high cost Europe, Japan, and North America, it is in a state in which white goods brand traditional can not control costs.I found in three regions this cost, companies that sell white goods business and increase.Intervention in the sale of government action by developed countries to delay the restructuring of the white goods business worldwide, but it is not possible to prevent.Told white goods companies in China, including Haier is rapidly expanding market share in the world, along with it, leadership of the white goods industry in the world and “has shifted.(Editors: Yonehara Yuko)

Toyota Top100 company Sony also popular are in the MBA students of America [job hunting in the United States]

company that has been ranked at the top of the “companies that want a job” in the survey CNN Money has been carried out on the students of Business School in the United States are as follows:

1. Google
2. McKinsey
3. Apple
4. Goldman Sachs
5. Boston Consulting
6. Bain
7. Facebook
8. Amazon-dot-com
9. JP Morgan
10. Nike
11. Walt Disney
12. Deloitte
13. Blackstone Group
14. Johnson & Johnson
15. Morgan Stanley
16. IDEO
17. General Electric
18. Microsoft
19. Procter & Gamble
20. BMW
21. Coca-Cola
22. Louis Vuitton Moeheneshi
23. Starbucks
24. IBM
25. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
26. Deutsche Bank AG
27. PepsiCo
28. Accenture
29. Booz & Company
30. Barclays Capital
31. American Express
33. Credit Suisse
34. Nestle
35. Sony Corporation
36. Intel
37. U.S. Department of State
38. Price Waterhouse
39. City
40. Exxon Mobil
41. Southwest Airlines
42. Starwood Hotels
43. CIA
44. Target
45. Ernst & Young
46. General Mills
47. L’Oreal
48. FBI
49. Unilever
50. Miller Coors
51. Boeing
52. UBS
53. Anheuser-Busch InBev
54. Fidelity
55. Cisco
56. Genentech, Inc.
57. Marriott
58. Diageo
59. Pfizer
60. Siemens AG
61. Craft
62. Booz Allen Hamilton
63. Gap
64. EBay
65. Shell
66. Medtronic
67. HSBC
68. Time Warner
69. Chevron
70. Wells Fargo
71. Monitor Group
72. KPMG
73. U.S. Department of Energy
74. Harrah’s Entertainment
75. Mattel, Inc.
76. Hilton Hotels
77. Wal-Mart Stores
78. Yahoo!
79. Lockheed Martin
80. Teach-for-America
81. Hewlett-Packard
82. Abbott Laboratories
83. Colgate
84. Daimler-Benz
85. Mayo Clinic
86. Novartis AG
87. Dell
88. MGM Mirage
89. AT Kearney
90. FedEx
91. Cargill
92. American Airlines
93. Vanguard Group
94. Eli Lilly
95. United Airlines
96. Toyota
97. Oracle
98. Limited Brands
99. Amgen, Inc.
100. Hyatt Hotels

It seems to have collected data in a manner question shows a list of 200 companies candidate company first in this study, that please check five companies that want a job of their own from the.I have chosen from the performance of popular enterprise-level of the previous year 200.And I There is it possible to vote companies also list other than in the form of “Please write the name of the company they want a job in a company that is not in the list”.
I read more

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Explanation … expert “number of alleged” government railway high speed China = “is inflated”

The 1st, Beijing China government and the Ministry of Railways is – connecting Shanghai “Kyoto 滬高-speed Railway (Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway)” Since the opening of business on June 30, average boarding rate of one month until July 31 to announced it was a 107%.However, China Chugokushinbunsha media, such as Sina network, pointed out that “ticket unsold as long as they see the sales situation is very large, the car is also full of empty seats” or.Railways was vindication “even 100% boarding rate is not necessarily the full house” or shows a calculation method.Chugokushinbunsha is reported.

Railways is described in “ride rate announced, which is divided by the number of seats the ticket sales of the train in question and was converted to a percentage” and.Boarding section is not considered to be due to the same description, for example, the train starting with packed state the Beijing south of the starting station, everyone get off Langfang the following (station), Shanghai of the end point in the “passenger zero” as it is If you travel to Hongqiao station, ride rate is 100%.If anyone ride on the way, ride rate it 100% or more.At least, if there are people who get on and off in the middle of the station who are riding the train, ride rate’s calculation method bulging inevitably.

There is a problem in the calculation method of the “Ministry of Railways blue leaves deputy director of Hubei Bureau of Statistics.It is not objectively there is padding part.Was criticism to say from management aspect, added, “I figure that does not fit the reality.According leaf Deputy Director, in order to show the actual conditions, it must use an effective ride rate.It shall be divided by the “seat stroke” and “effective stroke” is specifically.That is, the seat passengers riding from the middle period, so that by the time section is added as an “effective boarding rate”.

It will reach 100% only if you “runs every state fully occupied all the region”, if available ride rate.It’s a valid number in order to know of the train “Occupancy rate”.On the other hand, railway section was announced that I would be referred to as “the numbers have little meaning”.


◆ In order to show off the performance of the “Kyoto 滬高 speed railway”, to Kyoben with “It was business that is indispensable to China now”, deviates from reality to the number you (dissociation) Description ◆ railway section, “jumped” I considered.If it is bureaucracy that specializes in railway, you’d be familiar with the “lack of meaning” of this number.

By announced the numbers far removed from reality of ordinary people, it was decided that distrust of Ministry of Railways is growing once again.Criticism that was in the underlying idea “If announcement even numbers, would be able to argue away the people” is also satisfied.

that the statistical figure of various Chinese authorities to announce is “questionable” often.It has been pointed out, “not a complete forgery, presentation of numbers that can be Kyoben to be” correct to “formally mixed” and in recent years.In the case of “107% ride rate” that Ministry of Railways has announced, it’s also possible to make sarcastic remarks “Assembling the numbers, was too naive” and.(Editors: Kisaragi Hayato)

The new Honda Civic Low Ratings fell.What do you think?

Organizations that have gained immense trust as a non-profit consumer organization speaking of America as a “consumer reports”.The place where it is also known, such as in test test its own course in the study of motor vehicles, particularly.

One review that consumer report, and issued a harsh assessment for the new Civic has just been released has become a hot topic.
“Stopping distance is long brake, and steering feel is also too light”

“Poor ride pitching is a concern”

“Intrusion of road noise is terrible”

“Interior, the quality of the plastic is particularly low”

“Place with a better fuel economy and the good in spite of the old engine, rear-seat space is the wide”

And, evaluation disastrous.

US Honda has issued a protest comments, but speaking of evaluation of consumer reports, influence in the field is large and change the trend in the comments of Honda it would be difficult, perhaps.

Not be sold in Japan, the new Civic in North America only.

Consumer reports are you rigorous evaluation, part you do not know you do not want to touch actually there is a little, but do you receive any impression?

And look at the pictures, please feel.

(Shinya Yamamoto)

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Also slams writing Korean issue heats up, the “Dentotsu” appearance Product Reviews

And as a protest against the Korean bias towards Fuji TV, the claim is in the following ways to program sponsors.Among them, in some cases to write the harsh criticism to the product review of the Amazon corresponding telephone as bad, companies are struggling to find a corresponding.

Able to interrogate the correspondence to sponsor companies, are calling on the net is the phone assault as “Dentotsu”.

In such as a two-channel target, table sheet to inform and telephone correspondence of companies are stuck with bad companies “Dentotsu” correspondence.

Is a leading manufacturer, telephone operator I’m the phone to see “Net?Any news freedom because it is democracy.It was reported on the sheet that it has answered that, “We support the Fuji TV as a company.Then, notoriety of this manufacturer is transmitted on the net, the reviews section of the Amazon, mauling of product manufacturers are written one after the other.

Although I tried with much effort “, it is not good enough.I wanted to return ”
“Towards the purchase of a company that loves Japan is important to you to buy now, third-party products,” This product, review of unusual rating 1 star, which means the worst stick more than 100 is supposed to.

In the sheet stating telephone support, we are encouraged to post to YouTube by recording the exchange of phone with companies, it’s how the turmoil is overheating.

In the public relations department of the manufacturer that became the target for harsh criticism write to the Amazon, “I have to wait and see for now, since it becomes a nuisance of customers in addition, we are puzzled” I reveal the.It could lead to obstruction of business in some cases, for now, you have that it is not a stage and think about the influence complaint comes out in sales.

“I can not comment to the program content” manufacturer for power projection of a claim, and public relations department of this leading manufacturer, will be described in the “opinion of the number has come and supported individually” and.This computer strive to talk that it is not possible to interject an opinion to the program content of Fuji TV, get to understand.

The contents of telephone operator answered, even while it’s checking the facts, there is a point to be not lead to corresponding “consultation, the customers were allowed to feel uncomfortable, and apologize I was answerable directly below “.

The comments received, it is transmitted to the relevant departments, now, you are going to that, we’re considering a response to the opinion.

In addition, there is also a leading manufacturer of another that was described as “the worst!” In the sheet of phone support.The Kramer treats “fully telephone operator.It’s that “is likely to respond Mendokusa.To the interview, a spokesman for the manufacturer, told puzzled shows a slight to be “not been able to figure out yet How was actually”.However, I have found that such counseling center, there was a telephone opinion of some.What about, such as think, crisp was bad as “indescribable is at the stage of now”.

For corporate sponsors other, and want to make suggestions to the television station was “other people’s affairs”, and on the sheet “good middle people” or, was a corresponding said in low profile and want to focus on opinion has been reported.

In the public relations department of Fuji TV, in an interview of August 1, 2011, for power projection to the sponsor, you have answered “do not know well here”.

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“Alchemist” does not appear in the highly compensated disclosure

Among the listed companies, second year are required to in the financial statements, the amount of money and name officers who received executive compensation of 100 million yen or more per year.Voice of Zorro envy swirled like last year, also, to disclose the results of this year’s highly compensated.
800 million 82 million yen of Howard Stringer, Chairman and President of Sony 900 million 82 million yen of Carlos Ghosn, president and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., at the 2-position of Despite the large deficit, the 3-position of Daito Trust Construction Co., Ltd. Top and continues 800 million of 23 million yen Katsumi Tada, former chairman.
But, do not be surprised to highly compensated that is published.In fact the other hand you do not attracted little public attention, Uruoseru of the bosom with impunity is alchemy’s money through a stock dividend.As long as you hold shares of a considerable number, such as the founding family, the current raw hundreds of millions come tumbling.

Securities Man’s astonished In that sense, Yamauchi 溥 adviser Nintendo.Largest shareholder, which holds approximately 14 million shares at a third generation of its founding family, the dividend amounted to 13 billion yen really.And from that you have give up the Board of Directors already, it’s beyond the scope of disclosure.
It is Tadashi Yanai, chairman and president of Fast Retailing to expand the “Uniqlo”‘s been derided alchemist, along with “Yamauchi.His reward is out of the top 10 highly compensated at 300 million yen too much, but about 7 billion yen in dividend income only by a founding family and also this “(economic journalist)

In that respect, Softbank president Masayoshi Son is the two of you does not reach the 108 million yen in executive compensation, dividend income and approximately 1.3 billion yen, officials have a wry smile.
Have plenty of rewards and dividend income from associated companies, “Mr. Son has not been counted in the published minutes.Real income, including this good game and Mr. Yanai.I think That’s why he decided put out 10 billion yen donation ”

Disclosure requirements of highly compensated by the government decided, might have been a higher tactic to camouflage the dividend income confounded According to.I would want to even Kanguri such.