That foreigners difficult in the United States [BBS] is from our partners?”Cramped space”

Q & A site of the United States in the “asiatravelquestions”, that foreigners difficult when you travel to Japan What?I have cast and questions.Below, I translated the Japanese writing in English.Rustic and impressions of the editorial department in ().

———————– ● main thread: that when you travel the dimsim20012000 Japan, foreigners are difficult to What?Please let me know if you find some thing common in Japanese culture and life, be, for example, such as bathing and eating habits, I felt difficult.


● It is puzzling that Dattari notation only Japanese, menu labeling and Deborah and to navigate and is usually rushed to the same home, the type of train is often.And space and size of the building, because they are according to the size of the average Japanese, foreigners sometimes feel cramped.Toilet is small, long-legged friend was not closed the door.(I Is there a toilet very small indeed)

● difficulty of the largest, that Japanese is too sensitive for Bent Snowman foreigners.It is staring wherever you go.Is not only Japan, but of course, in the country you have traveled so far, the trend was observed especially in Japan.(This tendency might actually strong and go to the local in Japan)

● In the United States of Shirokuma car society, it is hard to imagine that you get on a crowded train.It is surprising train crowded, that there is that it is not closed the door of the train a man of so much.Have you worried people with small back and or not than can not breathe.(It must be a rare sight in the country without a custom to take the train)

● there be confused by where and when take off the shoes Marry.Friend took off the shoes at the attractions of Kyoto, but after that you do not know that to carry the shoes and the bag provided, the guide was over, it’s so had to go to get it up to a remote location shoes.(I think it’s a habit you do not get used in Japanese)

(Editors: Taj Mahal Koji Yamaguchi)

The growing [Sports Watch] expectations, “girl’s successor” of Homare Sawa

Was draw with North Korea, but the fact that China was defeated rival, Olympics of Nadeshiko Japan has been decided.Pink popular following from W Cup winner, was supposed to last up to the London Olympics next year at least in this.

In the Olympic qualifying taking place in China, three straight wins Thailand, Australia, and South Korea, suffered in North Korea against following, but it has left the results to keep the face of W Cup champion.However, when we turn our attention to the game content, a shade of anxiety remains.

Regular is fixed perfectly a member came to W Cup current Nadeshiko Japan, and etc. to appoint young by sparing Sawa in Thailand fight, but, team force, fell Gakunto as expected.

There is also no voice solicitously the players layer is thin, generation change is not done well evident, rather than the transient Nanoha pink popular, that it might be of a teamwork that.

In response to this situation, Sasaki suggests making a selection to camp year.Without calling flagship Miyama and Sawa, et al, to convene a meeting of nearly 50 young people, and that’s going to attempt to raise the national team.From that a lot of underage generation high-capacity in the country, if it is possible to raise well, like make inroads into a member of the London Olympics, a new player might come out.

I would like to note among them, it’s MF · Yoko Tanaka belonging to the JFA Academy Fukushima.Tanaka, whose main battlefield is the volante, control tower that boys and a powerful weapon middle shot of surprised, to control the game in the bottom of the middle.From its potential, voice interested in pushing the successor of Sawa also not a few, it’s rough diamond.

And, from the looks cute, and the most popular of distinguished alongside Nakata Fuyume of the same generation in the in the net above all.Looking ahead to the first and the London Olympics, is expected to take the rise of the next generation who Nadeshiko.
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TEPCO away from major city hall and the Self-Defense Forces and the Imperial Palace (PPS introduction advance)

■ movement to switch specific scale electric utilities in (PPS) from the Tokyo Electric Power suppliers of power, seems to continue to be in the administrative organization of many.

To the effect of lowering the electric bill of Japan relatively expensive in the world, retail liberalization of power is introduced in 2000, switching to the PPS is progressing in some.The biggest advantage is that electricity prices will be cheaper.

From a friend living in Fuchu, I had to show a scrap of Yomiuri Shimbun Tama version of a little before.
According to it, in Tachikawa in Tokyo Western, it seems to have decided to Summit Energy in purchase selection of electricity Tachikawa Velodrome in the city, make the bid, including Tokyo Electric Power in 2010, was presented the lowest price available.

Effect appeared suddenly from the first year, electricity prices seems to have become significantly cheaper (about 46 million reduction), down 26.5% as compared with the case you have to continue to contract with TEPCO.From fiscal 2011, we expanded to 53 facilities the introduction of PPS, Tachikawa is so targeted as well as municipal elementary and junior high schools.

PPS is a new entrant operators to sell electricity which I made with the power plant of your own, can not be sold to the general home now, only for customers of 50 kilowatts or more, retail as permitted is.

No problem about the stable supply to use the transmission lines of the power company, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun, the introduction seems to go Self-Defense Forces facilities and the Imperial Palace, Yokohama, Chiba, Tachikawa, Machida, etc..

■ The issue of PPS, point usage fee of transmission lines is relatively expensive and is included.It is said that liberalization of the transmission line regional power company has a monopoly goes according, to become even cheaper.From this point of view, liberalization of power by the separation of power generation and transmission, have been proposed from experts.

For example, if a spin-off power transmission sector, for new entrants also power company existing Spending power grid under the same conditions, it means that competition is promoted.

Power generation and transmission are separated in the UK, it seems to become a mechanism to promote competition in the power generation market.Separation since 1990, new entrants is one after another, it seems to become more than 90 companies currently.

She has studied in Europe and the United States, sending electrical separation was aimed in the early 2000s in Japan, but the power industry is making full use of all kinds of political power, were scattered fleetingly.

By the way executives were golden parachute executives and adviser of power companies over the past 50 years from METI, seems to 68 people, according to an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.It is a pace of one or more per year.This too is the strength of the electric power company.

■ In addition, it is necessary to face the many power generation facilities only for the peak response for a period of time of midwinter and midsummer, it is said that it was contributing to the high-cost structure.

It is said use, if the amount of leveling and dissemination of (next-generation power meter), with fluctuating fee structure by time zone smart meter that can be aggregated in each time zone power usage, cost of power supply falls.

Smart meter is a device which is indispensable to the (smart grid) build smart grid to adjust the power demand, prompting the introduction of renewable energy, but the power company has resisted the introduction by taking out the various reasons.

It is thought to be based on information that has been grasped by meter, by preparing a variety of fee menu, companies of different industries come to enter the power business, and are wary.

■ I will be considered as a result of the power company has resistance to all kinds of reform as described above, the power of Japan to have remained high.The financial industry, such as insurance and securities, liberalization since competition is willing, trading commissions and stock premium has dropped markedly.

For consumers, who after liberalization has become a desirable situation significantly.Power industry Why should not proceed in the same direction as the financial industry of the past in the future.

It is also possible out unprecedented damage by clumsy risk management, while the direction in which the price increases to 10-15% electricity costs, TEPCO has issued a bonus firmly
Is the, I feel that negative effects of monopoly regime of communist power industry have come up with will.

“We either had overestimated him” Italy paper slams Nagatomo

Intel was playing against Palermo (Section 1 is postponed by the strike) in Section 2 of Serie A opener clause that took place on the 11th, but I suffered a reversal losing 3-4.

Yuto Nagatomo that was the starting lineup in this game is the way to change 62 minutes.For Nagatomo, Italy paper “Gazzetta dello Sport” has made a rigorous evaluation of two of the worst second only to Walter Samuel of “5”.

Further, in brief notice, “attention is insufficient momentum bearish, as usual was observed.Many times from the scene to enforce the side of Nagatomo Diego Forlan is seen, mistakes remarkable.Surprise phenomenon end or already.Or we would, “Did overestimated, I have ripped.

[Photo] = FOTO SINO

Nagatomo, Serie A season starting line-reversal also lost to Palermo Intel
“Necessary balance to demonstrate the potential” Intel director of reverse losing
Hasebe full participation, Uchida make in reversing the Schalke … Vu~orufusu without turn
Morimoto draw with Chievo Novara … assist in the opening game
Netherlands first goal … VVV Draw Yoshida, with a brilliant bicycle shoot

Unmanned city of surprise seems to be built in the United States

Urban planning of surprise is progressing in New Mexico in the United States.Wow, it’s called Let’s make one whole town unattended in laboratory.

That town every rental for businesses “I want to experiment in urban areas actually not only theoretical calculations and state-of-the-art technology, but accidents involving civilians to worry about” and, it’s big plans scale indescribably.

The project name is “The Center”.Rather than the government, private sector construction invest huge sums of $ 200 million (about 15.5 billion yen), and is operated for commercial purposes.About 20 square miles wide (about 52 square km), is the area corresponding to Adachi-ku, Tokyo This.

Plans such as residential business district, 35,000 people live in the highway is built.’s Fineness of setting also created buildings that mimics the old building, and to reproduce the building of the reality that there is variation in building age.

For an example, some or running test of the autopilot car without having to worry about the accident, or the amount of power supply experiment without getting complaints in the power failure, military companies and or the city exercises a large-scale Yeah.Further details of the construction site is undecided.

From Internet users, it is too “dead.Voice that should help to welfare, etc. lend to homeless “I wish do it in the ghost town of China, which became the” recent news “and such as” I think we end up “Hollywood is bought is up.

Among them, also writes that “I hark I want to launch a Surprise to friends! Can stay here and get up in the morning, and there is only one person to own the earth”.Rental of “The Center” is a unpublished, but will definitely be in high mischievous.

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Problems of the United States

For the United States, I will try to organize.

Speaking roughly, trouble in the U.S., residential and employment.
I think that it comes down to this.

For employment, President Obama issued a countermeasure.
To be precise, I only made a suggestion, this is, I do not know if it runs.

It is a proposal, but the scale has become larger than the $ 300 billion that has been said.
It is $ 447 billion of about 1.5 times.

Please recall the past of Japan.
Obuchi other than the scale of the appearance be greater, such economic measures, those less fresh water, the effect was not good enough.

And we austerity, the United States now will not be able to expand spending freely.
Because it is a stimulus package in such, it is what it looks even bigger, fresh water is less.
To a place like this, I have been similar to Japan …

The first place, why, employment in the United States do not go back.
There is reason to wage.
Employment was leaked overseas cheap wages.This is what is often said.

So, whether in the United States.
It is the present conditions than lower wages, by reducing the number of employees, many companies in the United States, it has maintained a wage.
In addition, the salary gap that of rank-and-file employee and senior staff is not the ratio of Japan.

To find out, you simply compared with Japan.
Person of the Employed, especially, who 20 years after the bubble, are enrolled, should be the thing you know you are taking jobs way that is different from the company of U.S. companies in Japan to Japanese companies.
It is to often hear, the peak of the “salary, huh ○ ○ years ago.It is a story or something “.
In other words, in order to protect jobs, reduce wages, Japanese companies, is why had maintained the number of employees.

The management of Western, Japanese management is what it was a fool that it is no good this way.
Result, please look.
Unemployment rate in Japan is half of the United States.
However, It is a thing that wages of Japanese workers because of lower consumption will decline, it was a factor of deflation.

I do not know how in Japan and the U.S. Which is correct.

In short, income = wages × number of employees
It is that and how does the equation rather, of whether to keep.
It is that while revenue is reduced, as the employment flows out abroad, that good or what is to.

So, I think at the suggestion of President Obama, the root of the problem of employment because not resolved, perhaps, the recovery of employment, and does not contribute much.
I think probably, only about half of the proposal, with or not than do not pass through the parliament.

Housing problem is a trouble of another has occurred precisely because this housing prices does not increase.
The first place, the trigger for the financial crisis is the subprime problem, it is the reason was a housing problem.
Post-crisis, various measures came out, but, as it clearly, all, I was on the assumption that house prices will return to some extent.
This means that by housing prices return, sale of assets, such as financial institutions that they burdened might become the possible.

However, it is not that housing prices return, it is the state, on the other hand, the buyer sue the seller (securities companies).
Well, even if buyer return the price, but there is no possibility of appeal, as well as complained, housing prices if the rise, separately, not some scary,

But, the reality, house prices are not back.

That means, I think as long as that does not work here, the “United States of bright future”, first, that there is no.

In, what to next, the United States.
I think once again, and take the same way as Japan.

It reduces the loan interest rate with all one’s might of housing.
Now, the United States, is about 4.2% for 30-year fixed.
Through Operation Twist, reduce long interest rates, mortgage interest rates will to try to decrease.
By reducing the loan interest rate, it would be strategy to promote a home purchase.

However, in the case of Japan, certainly, in synergy with the tax cuts, we sell a house, but the price did not increase.
I think exactly the same thing happen, no, the United States, and it is happening already.

After all, would no way in order to increase the house prices, but to improve the economy.

Whatever the house, whether in the context of employment, that I have no magic bullet, you can see the example of Japan.
Of course, temporary, is there any effect, but the root does not change anything.

I think in the upcoming FOMC, perhaps, policies to stimulate the housing prices that said they come out.
Of course, if economic importance, it will ensure that friendly policy comes out against strains.

I think immediately, and not crash or anything now, but still, it is house prices that eye is not let go.

Chinese players of martial arts culture = new generation of Japan across the sea is coming – Japan

September 10, 2011, news sites “KINBRICKS NOW” took up martial arts Chinese players a fixed landing in Japan.While the martial arts boom from Japan to gather popularity, a new movement martial arts gym in the private sector and put the power is spread in China.

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September 24, 2011, Standing Technical martial arts event “Krush12” will be held at the Tokyo Korakuen Hall.Chinese three players Liu Wei, Jean Poe, and Chen Min Min to participate in the tournament.For China Martial certain circumstances while showing an upsurge gradually, I talked to Iwakuma Hiroyuki representative of Chinese Fighting promotion in charge of Japanese side coordination of Chinese player.

This time, three players to participate in the “Krush12” is the main battlefield martial arts tournament in China “Legend of Heroes”.According to the Iwakuma representative, “The Legend of Heroes” by way of China Beijing Shenghua martial arts club was sponsored by start in 2006, Martial Arts events that China State Sports General Administration, China Wushu Association was first approved in Sanda other than in China.I’m mainly a Muay Thai rules and K-1 rules.

2-3 tournament has been held in the year, which was held in Nanchang City, Jiangxi to August 13 in recent years.In the same tournament, Muay Thai 8 gold medals Yosengurai Fair Tex players of Thailand also participated.Ended in a draw and Bataru Chinese players.

Rules differ for each organization you go with martial arts skills start to bite.Iwakuma representative is talking that it became the intermediary create a place where various players cross each other is content with a large influence even in the world of K-1.It is stage to adopt a K-1 rules still “Krush” is collision between Japan and China this time.I heard the attractions to Iwakuma representative.

Q: including The Legend of Heroes, a variety of professional martial arts box office seems to have come to be held in China, players aim to professional, young people or would have increased?

A: As response to the economic growth of the past few years, players aim the professional has been increased considerably.Players get a fight money of one million yen or more in the game once also come out.And there is also appeared on a television program or there is a fan site and becomes also a top player, through such means as described in, such as sports programs, has become a heartthrob of many young people.

Please tell me if there is something like a feature of Chinese players in general: Q.Looking back on China player was participating in a match in Japan so far, but there is an impression that the players or influence of Sanda, which is also throwing techniques, there is a power that there are many?

A: By using the same kind, and Asian, there is a similar impression with the Japanese, but Chinese players will have a kick and punch and heavy-boned as a whole.I myself feel close to the players of the continent, European rather than Chinese players and Asian.The difficult is KO quite hungry spirit is also, any strong players, so strong struck very much it would be characteristic.

Q: Among the new martial arts boom Do you think there is a change competitively backbone of Chinese players, and also training methods and technology system?Please let me know if you did so that there is a new trend if.

A: backbone of the players in the 1990s was Sanda basically, players are learning kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing from the beginning is now more recently.Gym of the private sector has increased in addition to the martial arts school of the state specified.We are committed to environmental improvement taking advantage of the lightness of private unique footwork, and the like to invite the trainer of Muay Thai from Thailand home.

Also, because watching a game of martial arts around the world, such as QQ and online video the spread of the Internet as a major trend, information collection of new techniques and research of opponent has to speed up very.

Japan urges China and that is the burden of bias rivalry “versus Japan” and “versus overseas” is strong, Urabe player, that player Kajiwara including two top kick boxers of Japan just to “Krush”: Q.I think to become a tournament that can not be defeated, both for.Please tell me the point that separates winning and losing.

A: Chinese players will stick to very KO.Than fine tactics, because it is a fight style that comes verge of a rally or is tilted or defeat, it may also be a Japanese player dangerous Once addicted to the pace of the other party.It is a real intention to’s of wanting to win as well anyway because I am Japanese who have promoted the Chinese player, but I feel point of victory or defeat and might become the spiritual strength than technique.I think to be in the game and very funny ding-dong is deployed and in any.

Or more, I introduced the story of Iwakuma representative.Chinese players aiming for KO, power fighter with guts is Flush.The ambush the top fighters of Japan.Good game is going to be expected of the 24th in the “Krush12”.Also in the sense that the dawn of the medium martial arts showdown day to continue, feeling that the event with great significance in world martial arts in the future to.(Author: chinanews)

■ Mr. Chinanews translator with experience residing in China, operates a news site “KINBRICKS NOW”.I have introduced a wide range of topics of China-related social situation, incident, sports, and entertainment from the epidemic of the net.

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Expressed support coordination G7 closing, the slowdown of the world economy

The 9th, make sure that make a coordinated response to the global economic slowdown, advanced seven countries finance ministers and central bank governors meeting that was held in France (G7) was closing.Shows the response policies and fiscal and monetary policy, to the exchange rate, but failed To come up with action specific measures.

It pointed out that “is seen obvious signs of slowdown in the world economy” in the agreement document G7 announced, and expressed the need to be addressed that I got of the international cooperation against this.

For fiscal policy, and said, “formulated a medium-term fiscal consolidation plan in consideration for ambitious growth based on the financial framework that is credible, must be executed” and.On the other hand, there is a need to take a “delicate balance” in light of the fact that signs of economic slowdown can be seen, and also taking into account different situations in each country, to achieve the soundness of financial support and economic activity that can be “difficult I have a “must be walked on the road.

For monetary policy, “the central bank, there is a supply ready liquidity,” “In order to ensure the robustness of the financial markets and banking system, take action all the necessary” as, and of liquidity if needed I showed the attitude to take active measures such as supply.

The foreign exchange market, the “volatility and disorderly movements of excessive exchange rate gives an adverse effect on financial stability and economy,” “it is in close consultation with respect to actions in exchange markets and cooperate as appropriate,” as, in August I have followed the statement of telephone conversation of the 8th.

Machida Mitsugi-moto diplomat Korea = “Korea in half of the remains” an honorary citizen of Seoul

The 9th, Seoul announced it had selected to be honorary citizen of Seoul foreign total of 16 people in 12 countries were to contribute to the development of international exchanges and Seoul.Machida Mitsugi-moto diplomat was chosen in Japanese.

According to the report, Seoul City awarded the “Seoul honorary citizen certificate” to 666 people a total of 91 countries from 1958.Of, Americans most 168 people, and the next was the 40 people mentioned in Japanese.

Machida limb former diplomat who became honorary citizen of Seoul became a Seoul citizen finally to come watch “more than 50 years.I gave the voice of joy and feeling “and Na had admitted that it has struggled to it.

“Anti-Japanese sentiment of Koreans also disdain feelings to Korean Japanese also disappeared equivalent” Machida is also Korean “So even while the Takeshima issue is left in Japan and Korea between the two countries in an interview with South Korea media I have evaluated the Japan-South Korea relations and the current “etc..Moreover, it said that “I will die in Japan when to die, but I would like to fill in half of South Korea remains” the.

Until his retirement in 1964-98, worked as a diplomat in South Korea about 30 years, had served as a professor at Sungkyunkwan University and Sejong University of Korea until ’09 to retiring after Machida former diplomat.The vice-president of trading company currently.There – “Japan-Korea relations of the real face that only diplomats know from the Japanese Embassy in Seoul” and “Japan-Korea intelligence war” in the book.(Editors: Kimukokorozashishu)

Idiot get lost! The rant on the net at night China women’s national DF, of “the end of the war”

China, which defeated Australia in the London Olympics Asian women’s football final qualifying round, Olympics became almost desperate.It is believed that players and are keenly aware of the weight of the responsibility, but the scandal some players with vomit rant against BiHiroshi user is (China version of Twitter) after the game is raised.Chinese media and much more Xinmin network reported.

Posted a screen copy seems to be account of China representative DF 袁帆 players to be the 9th, Karadadan-mo and vomit rant “tweet”.It introduces how the written seven times in six minutes, “stupid”, “morons”, “Chinese football I do not go forward because of the fool who does not know football like you” or to the user named Ayakaumihama love was.

According to the Xinmin network, for two users who have pointed out that you are playing in the fine Hiroshi until late at night on the day of qualifying defeat was decided almost defeated the big game, 袁選 hand bear to look at vulgar “very It’s like that was not the Abisekake “rant.Remarks user has been removed prematurely, the specific content is a mystery.

In net, the voice of supporters to “anger” act will lead to further down image of women’s soccer went up.It was also some users to introduce that it has received a suspension disposal squad of another vomiting rant in fine Hiroshi on than ever.

Even while the “do not know”, Mr. Wei 曹景 of the State Sports General Administration football management center in charge of national team said he would be some guidance, if fact.Some even able to make a “mistake on the one hand.There is also a slight hope to leave one game yet.It is considered that since the end of disposal if necessary.I showed the concern that it “want without affecting the psychology of the players if.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)