Yunaku of supernova is “waiting!” Farewell … and tears fan

Star of six sparkling always [the 16th, Saitama Super Arena = KEJ depreciation Hana], Fan Meeting of supernova has been held at the Saitama Super Arena on the 16th.It is a first performance at the Saitama Super Arena, There is only event ahead after nine days of the enlisted leader Yunaku, fans of 20 000 people gathered.Supernovae singing “By Your Side” in the sweet singing voice, appeared from both sides of the audience.In music talk show, I tried to transfer talk and video, live through the history of ever from ’05 that supernova was formed and subsequently.

The Yunaku of how the interest was to recall a few years spent together with fans, special time is given.From members of the supernova, it is “time complain about” hear the word you did not say until now.The Jihyoku shouted to be “!’m To wait even 30 minutes the other members for being late every day what”, and presents a watch to Yunaku, says “!’m’re Not supposed to wear late in the army”, the fan laughing.Also among the members of the “supernova, who do you like most of jae?Yunaku also in a hurry to the question, “I repeated the word of” I love “everyone.

Supernovae showed off “I want to deliver to you right now,” “Super Star ~ Reborn” and “Shining Star”, a hit song.Special stage of one person Yunaku was also opened for fan.For everyone, Yunaku you sing the song of Thoreau debuted, was recorded two days ago “This song.The “commented sing to fix a better song two years later you come back from the army, and was impressed by the fan.Also Yunaku told a farewell to fans on the third floor 2 Cuyahoga riding a big balloon.

After greeting with balloons has finished, supernova that was aligned in six to stage.Messages and one person members to send to Yunaku, letter of Yunaku is published, the voice of a fan to provide support and “‘m waiting!” Or “! Ganbare” in the cry has increased the venue.”I am the leader of the supernova, but the leader is the fans for me.Everyone should become the leader of the supernova in the future “is Yunaku you have to clear the”.With “, I asked the supernova.All members of the supernova show tears, and expressed the sadness of parting indescribable when you sing the “4U” in the last song.

The enlistment of Yunaku, and active in five people for a while supernova Hako-rakara.It is scheduled to continue mini album that was released on the 12th to leave “4U”, is published “After ☆ School of our” 2nd supernova movie on November 5.

Gudaguda number declared program is surprisingly popular

Sight performer of drama series that begins newly, appearing in variety shows for the publicity to eye well.
The program reorganization phase of the spring and autumn every year, you are broadcasting a special program that the new drama performer “good laugh!” Regular team starring in Fuji TV.Also “…!? I wish the empty-handed of Tamori Nakai,” which was on the air the other day, and it was a program that partnering its flow, but had to change the planning content greatly from the far.

This program of setting new drama performers from the fall and Nakai Masahiro is coming to play in the party to be held in the living room of Tamori, was what has been missing in the power of free talk center unscripted.
This program of the new style, a variety of opinions have been written in this blog, as Bansen program.

“Article of the chart into here”
While there is opinion “It was gudaguda for a large number of people there is no set-up” and a “tired to watch though messy”,
• The laughed you have been confused anymore
• You have gudaguda slightly, but rather like I do not hate I mean …
• Even … or rather gudaguda, it can interesting in it
Many voices called, its “gudaguda” acceleration seems to have received.

Where there is also that talk while eating and drinking in the home party format, appearance of elements that are not found much on television usually of actors is also a glimpse as good,
· I Tanihara (Shosuke)’s, really good people
· Wholeheartedly tighter and tighter original (Sakurai) Sho-chan is a glimpse here and there
Kanno Miho ‘s highest
Gap mind that chrysanthemum Yonekura Ryoko is ~ Na was good
People, etc., enjoyed watching actors often.

It can be said that it was less a performer than the conventional and by three people from each of the drama, but the minute it was just a member of the class protagonist, feeling gorgeous even had growing.Good atmosphere It was handed down from the screen, compatibility of folks who gathered might be because good.

And, Mekubari attentive of Nakai-kun facilitator also, would be a big factor in this program is successful.
Nakai kun went turning a place where natural actor & actress gathered only that.He is great after all
• The applause in Nakai-san to proceed well the program of guest soon!

It was well received, “It was a Omoroi program hella”, “style of turn declared specials this time was interesting awesome” or, this planning Would not do continue next time.And I think it was doing to live like that, but actually produce not a raw, and not work anymore next time.

■ the topic, it is not spoken in sleep talking?”Negotoku”
Let’s talk about Nakai Masahiro!

■ blog who talks about the “Nakai Masahiro”
Nakai Masahiro blog ranking

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also that women celebrities, to “transfiguration” take off

female entertainers become topic to “take off” by a lot.

In some cases, it is recognized that be to show off a bold acting in movies, and was slightly larger as an actor.

However, celebrity image has changed completely as before also there is in.

I tried to pick up where recently “took off” women entertainers.

■ Suzuki Kyoka
People who looked at the name of Suzuki Kyoka for the first time in a long time in the “Second Virgin” would also be many.
Suzuki Kyoka is not only a hot topic as an actress in this work, devoted to the co-star was also reportedly is still fresh in our minds.

Suzuki Kyoka is “Nureba” bent navel
Devotee discovered Hasegawa Hiromi Suzuki Kyoka, 9-year-old under

■ Nagasawa Masami
The molting the innocent school actress, Nagasawa Masami also, have begun to challenge the “take off” in acting.
Stage starring in “Crazy Honey”, out off your clothes, etc. become horsemen women fan,
Show off the acting eccentric.Who was surprised at the sudden transfiguration also wonder not often.

Was towards Hitokawa by stepping the stage!?
The Nagasawa of the cliff in your sex appeal ban

■ Ai Kago
Ai Kago, which also experienced the era of popular hight as the idle also, but one who has been attracting attention or not take off or take off.

The request of the AV directorial debut in Ai Kago
“There was also super hard rape in 5 installment appeared” drove to Kago Ai attempted suicide “100 million yen AV” contract
Kago independent determination because it was “likely to be issued porn movies”

Cage are talking that it was almost forced to office before the job ‘take off “is, and also became one of the factors of office Transfers.

I suggests how the female entertainer of any work “take off”, the image is the same as before, that also affect the private life.

As long as a clear benefit to “take off” due to the fact is not visible, it’s become hesitated as the basket also might not be helped.

Lunches of China [BBS] Japan is too gorgeous! Opinion of Chinese

Thread “lunches in Japan! Too gorgeous” and was erected on the bulletin board of a major Chinese Baidu search site.Main thread is introducing the lunches in Japan photo into many, different opinions were received for this.Will be introduced on the Japanese translation of Chinese BBS below.The rustic impressions by editing unit in ().


● main thread: the feelings that found in the small place of goods method Lu land Japanese impressive.It is good if there is to go on a trip to Japan, then, and try by all means eat lunches.If you enjoy a luxurious lunch and beautiful packaging, impression of lunches so far will change rattle.


● Love rice Maki less!

● It’s so such not enter the stomach is full tactile pain somehow Chirifu ….

● Have you ever eaten 哈迪 斯 csj, but Japanese style lunch box did not like it really,.

● expiration date Shinichi and Ran-chan if not six months, that’s still. (I can not win in China)

● I want to eat melody v V 碎 heart ….

● If you do not do that stomach is full, even by force in the case of my 1175845539.And to not good for the body Overeating.It was “Chinese women to eat a lot, is a slurry everyone” in a book, but I wonder because not a slurry ….

● expiration date is probably only a few hours of lunch creamyw Shinkansen.It does become even compare to the six months of lunch of high-speed rail our! (I am sorry)

● lunch 709913359 China, something extra like if say metaphorically.Lunch box in Japan, protagonists of each side dish.This is the difference between the quantity and quality. (It is quite good example)

● Daitomoeware dissatisfied It’s elaborate lunch! Great!

(Editors: Hatakeyama Sakae)

Settled co-star at the suggestion of the earthquake Takuya Kimura in “Antarctica” on location

Sunday drama theater of Takuya Kimura (38) starring that starts on the 16th day “Antarctica” (TBS system, 9 am to pm every Sunday).February you crank in, Hokkaido Nemuro, Blizzard Raging in pure white snow field.Be less than 20 degrees below zero there are many.Harsh shooting this time, began to change the perception of his own with each passing day.I confessed to something like Kimura in an interview.

It is not perceived as personal as ever, experience such as “Hey tough”, with a spread of Innovation Bois ~, and, was able to share with people a lot of -.

Some One reason that changed Kimura, it should not be forgotten.As it experienced the earthquake during the filming of “Antarctica”.March 11, location-Nemuro was also observed seismic intensity 4.Evening after you have had earthquakes, and other Kimura, even from eating dinner each, staff and Kagawa Teruyuki (45), et al, actors, and actresses that Yamamoto had spent a restless night.

Have staring at the television and mobile phones “People, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof.At such times, since one took place “Kimura-san, do you not gather?It was me and called out “.And then I’m gathered everyone.Overnight, we just do not talk anything, but was able to share the feelings in the same situation “(program stakeholders)

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women

Fighter school organization the latest trends in the entertainment world! Well-established organization Akko family “(5) turbulent in danger of extinction! Sasayakaru centripetal force decreased in the “birthday party” event is canceled

It is feared Akiko Wada is called “opinions number of entertainment industry” and “chan Hey God”,’s reign in the entertainment industry for many years.Speaking of well-established organization that was such a chieftain Wada it would be .However, “severe earthquake? Long-established organization that boasts the” unity of iron “is that he has hit.


Degawa Tetsuro, Yoko Kumada, Takeyama cheat, Mine Ryuta, Mimura Masakazu (Summers ~), we face powerhouse Kazuki Saya, Yasuda Misako, Kunihiro Matsumura, such as sandwich man has a large selection of face to members of the family Akko.Then, it’s telling the unity of the “Akko family”, was a birthday party every year, has been held.It is famous for it that it is carried out by inviting many celebrities birthday party “every year, Wada Akiko (April 10).The home party, we are supposed to socialize for a drink Akko’s until the stinking.Of course, that mean messed up, once, became the topic of pubic hair Senda Mitsuo has been burned “(entertainment reporter)

In addition, the “sanctions of blood” former football player Takeda OsamuHiroshi of Horipro is forced to one night in the house Wada, Degawa is, that is beaten to shit 09 years, has become part of the legend Akko.

“For this reason, do not want to go to the birthday party of Wada entertainer most” (The reporter performing arts supra)

Settlement is said to be.I have been told recently, centripetal force also has declined considerably in practice.

In recent years, opportunities to go bar-hopping is also reduced, join the young members also almost no circumstances also “Akko’s own.members of young members was also co-starred in the “Omakase! to Akko” is enough to participate in the acquaintance.Members also immobilized, aging also because we are progressing, does not seem to panache former also Donechanh commotion “(The reporter performing arts supra)

In addition, there is also the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake this year, birthday party itself is canceled.It is, that there’s even a possibility that birthday party itself die a natural death.

You are talking you are doing (the birthday party) while “I think every year, it’s high time this year, but” Akko’s also “might be good to review get down.Again, not a mode in which the person himself to Donechanh much commotion in the aftermath of the earthquake is large.I think birthday nears surely, mind and change but ‥ ‥ “(entertainment reporter, supra)

The biggest event of the year of the well-established organization seems to have reached a major crossroads.

I ordered the tuna sashimi and Eihire 6-year-old eldest son of tavern Tsuchiya Anna

Fresh fish and organic vegetables hideaway Tapas in Tokyo selling.The store is packed, was resorting Tsuchiya Anna (27) 20 people even if Haile.However, 29 days after September husband Kikuchi Yamato suspect (30) was arrested on suspicion of injury and obstructing executive officers, the figure of Anna no longer be apparent To Patari at the store.

If I talk Nantes – I do not look at the recent “Anna, surprised to hear the person who was in the shop.Seven days a week, almost every night, and seemed to eat for dinner in this pub ”

The Anna, there are two boys of one and a half year old 6 years old.

Sometimes I saw a toting a “child.I’ve been raising the baby food that you bring to the boy of small but still below, the top boy had ordered a sashimi of tuna and Eihire yourself.I was enjoy the Oyajimeshi the whole family “(regular customer in the store)

There was also that the spirit is what is left over there is the eldest son, and thus entered the kitchen, but in such a case, Anna had scolded severely.

※ 27 Oct. 2011 Seven Women

Kawashima is “good example of the Club” became the new captain of Rirusu

To have been appointed as the new captain of the team Tsuga Japan GK Kawashima permanent representative belonging to the Rirusu, Belgium paper dated 14 “De Standaard” was reported.

Captain of Rirusu is in charge of Wesley Sonck, the Belgian representative FW ever.However, Section 10 League which takes place on the 15th, the members Sonck out in Zulte Waregem game away from home.Sonck about what is out of members, as the injury is not a reason Chris Jansen director, I was appointed as captain Kawashima.

In play at all times, Janssen director, has become a good example of the club “for Captain Ei嗣 change.As well as talk about the reason and I “do not want the relationship to change frequently, also showed confidence in the Kawashima.

 Rirusu is kept to a scoreless full participation in this season’s first victory … Kawashima in Cup
 Club showered taunted “Kawashima, Fukushima” of direct apology to Kawashima
 7 No race in a row victory goalless draw … the opening is Rirusu Kawashima, also scoreless for the second time this season
 “Important that you continue to grow in qualifying” Kawashima that declined to W Cup qualifying
 Japan’s victory / W Cup qualifying Tajik 8 score and score the first representative of Hafner

Noon like Dora! Five three child wife heritage competition in the sudden death of the President – China

In China, the competition of the quagmire ensued a total of eight people in five claiming to be “child” and three people claiming to be “wife” and around the heritage of the private sector, President sudden death.China network reported.

Died without men over 50 years of age engaged in private enterprises in Hebei Province fell ill suddenly on June 25 last year, have a will.Heritage was decided that over a child of two people who were already adults and wife, a 12-year-old boy and a woman there appeared.It was decided to request “This child Wakero heritage because it is illegitimate child of the president” and also rejected by his wife, take someone to court.

Then appeared another woman and brought two children and also soon after.President and his wife divorced once in 1999, was reunited in 2002, but the woman was married to the President “in 2003.Joined the heritage competition by claiming two people, “he said children of the president.

Thus, inheritance trial two people and its children legal wife, and their mothers “illegitimate child”, the two children with his wife of “married partners”, eight match involving began in the 13th.

The court, in addition to representatives of the wife was absent was answer “marriage if fact, hit the bigamy” and for “marriage partner”, request a DNA test of three children as “illegitimate child” and “marriage partner”.In addition it is assumed imparts each third of the heritage of the son wife.

The claim of each way to appeal the validity of their own, and not turned away still more than two hours or longer from the court session, disagreement remained very large.It was decided that it becomes adjournment in the “time out” after all, and conduct the proceedings again at a later date.(Editors: Yanagawa Toshiyuki)

Leave theory also …… to Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN Following “Johnny is dangerous! Seriously” in the NEWS

Recently, withdrawal of Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa mountains and P number of core members were presented from idol group · NEWS of Johnny.Future, Yamashita devoted to solo activities, Nishikido devoted to activities Kanjani ∞, which was a member in Kakemochi.To just say NEWS to survive, but would conduct activities in four Koyama Keiichiro, Kato Shigeaki, Masuda Takahisa, Tegoshi Yuya of, and had been driven into the dormant virtually.

Koyama casters, working as a vocal unit Tegomass was conspicuous actor Tegoshi, Masuda Kato activities or more of the group “In the past.’s About good to be dissolved, but the fan club featuring NEWS fan club of congruent with Akanishi Jin became a solo they leave Kanjani ∞, KAT-TUN, the KAT-TUN “You & J”.NEWS fan of the members of the Nishikido and non-Yamashita must be a minority, but not in the form of dissolution for not many Tori~tsupagu also one 4,000 yen annual fee “and (sports newspaper desk)

And, debuted with great fanfare’s likely to be driven into the dormant state and withdrawal of members following the NEWS, but he’s called KAT-TUN Nakazutobazu of this place.

“KAT-TUN was formed in 2001 in Hitokoe of crane” You people, called “Na I would do of Johnny Kitagawa president, but did you major debut March 06.However, it was an unprecedented debut of performing the Tokyo Dome performance in front of the debut CD for the first time in history.However, Akanishi Jin sled did not fit with the other members from October the same year to rest for half a year because of the Language School, popular down rapidly in the meantime.Has returned once Akanishi, but there is no motivation at all, announced the withdrawal officially finally to July last year “(record company stakeholders)

I saw teamwork on whether the recovery in the withdrawal of the red west, but down the popularity did not stop.

Only was it two top along with Kamenashi Kazuya, “Akanishi did not immense influence of withdrawal.If you held a concert tour, the metropolitan area’s better still vacancy has become prominently region.That the withdrawal of Kamenashi that there is also such a status quo, or served as a starring “Yokai Ningen Bem” (Japan TV system) was remake the classic anime from this month, has been very active as a caster in the sports program of NTV will be announced looks to be.Jeanie president in carrying out the plan in the head one after the other so as not to call on or in the Guinness Book of Records, leaving Yari towards the retirement of their own in the near future.White matter of the NEWS, the white matter of KAT-TUN, seems to have made the decision himself president Jeanie “(entertainment professional stakeholders)

When it comes Kamenashi is to leave, Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke, Nakamaru Yuichi, remain Ueda Tatsuya.Above all, despite after the earthquake of March this year, the play around the mountain P et al to escape the metropolitan area alone visit the affected areas off, Tanaka he was supposed raised the man, but … ….

It was cut off the liquor and the woman for a while to visit a “disaster area, but the club also play revival quite recently.Association with a certain famous AV actress and is modest, I had returned to previous Tanaka.Not even seem to be gathered support from KAT-TUN fan “(The official)

KAT-TUN also be familiar with the re-division Following the NEWS, the effect is likely to be unpopular out other groups, but really.

The aim of the SMAP Nakai Masahiro accident “puzzle fan …… also burst into young live” or the next Johnny president
There was negligence of the local police in the back of TOKIO Yamaguchi Tatsuya driving without a license “rich zones! Totally”?
Are signs of decline in rookie Johnny unearthed in decreased libido “obsession to the handsome youth is ……” the president?