B-grade gourmet festival “B-1 Grand Prix” chow mein is why strong overwhelmingly

“Journey of Japan En-shoku” to introduce the cuisine of edge to celebrities such as news and buzz.Matsuura Mr. Tatsuya of writer editors familiar with the food situation is to deliver.This time, the material celebration of B-grade gourmet was held in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture on 12-November 13, the “B-1 Grand Prix”, I think about “fried noodles boom”.

* * Became the tradition of fall completely, celebration of B-grade gourmet around the country, B-1 Grand Prix.Winner of the sixth Annual Meeting of this year became Okayama Prefecture Maniwa as “Hiruzen yakisoba”.Counting the Grand Prix from the first times, and boiled Fujinomiya yakisoba, Fujinomiya Yakisoba, Atsugi Shirokoro hormones, Yokote yakisoba, chicken with Kofu, it has become the order of the Hiruzen Yakisoba.

Chow mein is overwhelmingly strong in B-1.If you are won laurels in four tournament all six during an event, and also look at the top 10 organizations in this time, in addition to Hiruzen yakisoba, fried noodles Ishinomaki has won Namie Yakisoba at the 4-position, even at the 6-position.

Why chow mein or strong so.63 organizations during the opening, 12 organizations have pledged yakisoba, no doubt that it is a Tazei this time certainly.But too strong too with 66.7% win rate.The reason is that the relationship with genealogy store to issue a chow mein have been survived in the area is deep.

In the restaurant business, it’s an absolute requirement to have turn the cash flow even no matter how small.Even at a restaurant management of current, called (short for ※ Food / Labor) FL cost, ratio of ingredients cost + labor cost is important, but it cost of 254 as of chow mein, management deteriorates rapidly be unlikely.

It’s operation point of view that should not be scarecrow Another.not just the business category a customer burn, even in business categories bake shop, “fried noodles” can be simplified operations overwhelmingly compared to other.Material of almost all noodles, such as a source outsourcing possible, launch can even just cut the cabbage and meat.Competing store is also increased, but it is also possible to make extra income in part-time and the like candy shop.Then management if this continues for a long time, store to devise also appear.

In fact, mackerel clause and dried bonito, have been extracted from such as saury Moreover, soup stock made to Ishinomaki yakisoba in B-1 of this year, that had been upgraded much than ever before, according to the participants.Results even if the Hiruzen yakisoba who wins the championship, such as “sauce Ochiai” and “sauce Wakata” mein source of miso-based loved locally have been working hard, we were able to get to the laurels.B-grade gourmet culture, I, such that that has been increasing its depth by evolution, inheritance is repeated.

When you won the Grand Prix at the B-1, even if limited to the number of months after acquisition, the economic effect that amounts to about 3 billion yen.Were consecutive first time, the second time such as “Fujinomiya yakisoba”, in the last year when 43.9 billion yen consultancy (Shizuoka economic effect since 2001 that began the town revitalization in the chow mein is “Regional Design Institute” estimates It’s a momentum), and close to 50 billion yen longer.

It is said to have originated in the stalls after the war, chow mein, has met the stomach of children and factory workers of each district.”And long thick” you should go to be loved in a further evolution to compete in the B-1 of “your local fried noodles”.By the way, went to the top this year, Hiruzen yakisoba, Namie Yakisoba is a thick noodle together.

Shandong – explosion = 14 people killed five people injured in chemical factory

According to the November 19 Xinhua network, 2011, 14:00 Around this day, the explosion occurred in Shandong Yonhap Chemical stock Co., Ltd. Shandong new Taizhou City Tower Toku-mura, 14 people were killed and five people were injured.Accident happened during repair of the cooler you are using in the cooling process of melamine.That there is no leakage of hazardous substances by accident.It is currently under investigation for more the cause of the accident.(Translation and editing / Eiko Watanabe)

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Idol chose “pregnancy AV also appeared no, nor a lesbian” and “normal life” Nakamura Miu full retirement!

Miu Nakamura (20), was released Furunudo photo book “a will” the (Shueisha) on November 14.work now “Weekly Playboy” at (Shueisha) magazine, promotion was hung from more than a month ago, has seen explosive sales from its launch.Nakamura who was pulled from the clear distinction of gravure was thought to either be a full-scale entertainment industry activities and gravure activities in the wake of the work now, but in an interview with the magazine, which was released on November 14, from the entertainment industry I have announced the full retirement.

According to the article, one of the reasons you want to retire, it’s “because I want to return to a normal girl”.To her that you’ve worked on the front lines of the entertainment industry from around the age of 14, would have not had time to send the youth of ordinary.Nakamura to retire and being missed from fans, held a launch event of the photo book to November 19.On the spot, I talked about retirement again.

Nakamura appeared in his dudes have luster that red fishnet dress of black, talked about the history of the nude photo book published this.

I thought that it was decided to try to retire “First, we want out the photo collection.I thought since become halfway myself It was disgusting, and will Kiro all out, I chose the nude this time.For shooting, not at all embarrassment or pressure, It faced with the feeling just does not want to leave the regrets ”

Because it is the end, the work now that has become strong fondness of Nakamura very.

The concept of “work now, the story that he had thought has become the source.I chose your own costume.I think that it be nice if you can get a sense from the image one by one photos.Because it is the end, we have stuck to my own all ”

Her in the photo book is, has grown up somewhat than gravure activities when I feel the sex appeal, such as fragrant.Consists of Chapter 7 Nakamura has created called “CONCEPT TEXT”, “story”, which is the concept of this photo book is the story of men and women.Here are also posted in part on the gravure announced the retirement of the “Weekly Playboy”.

The story,

Women who were taken to the phrase island in the hands of man.So she will be spent indecently and men knowing every night.It tries to give up his life several times, but she unforgettable man who brought himself, had discouraged each time.However, man is no longer depend on the source of her.Wear on a daily basis underwear given from the man, she spend a painful day-to-day without meet is, to try to close his presence even a little.It was she that continues to wait hand and foot, but would look when there, you’re a committed and laugh woman a man is different from outside the window.This moment, she decided to abandon all, it disappeared into the sea while repeated about twice a “goodbye”.

She has said they are made so as to overlap the entertainment life of their own this story.Debut, without knowing anything, Nakamura had spent the day-to-day, which had been enhanced fun.However, the incident is kidnapped relatives suddenly, of being under house arrest occurs.It was released after one week, but that was once thought to retire at that time.Then decided to return, he was appointed director of the office.Continued series of such columns and weekly magazines produce of junior, the spectacular success even gravure other than, it was pulling himself from gravure to ’08.It was working mainly on actress industry since then, but he decided to retire at last this time.In the story, are you continuing twice “goodbye” is, since it is the first act to the until it has interrupted the entertainment activities unintentionally their own, it is considered as the second act the activities after the incident that’s.

Person says “full retirement”, but in fact a variety of rumors also’re whispered about her upcoming.

It is said that various “retirement announcement at the time, it might have been the” pregnancy “, or not to turned to” AV “, and such” or not to re-debut of changing the “name, but absolutely there are no.I think because I’ve been using in this work the time of the teens, twenties and we wanna come a normal life oneself.Pregnancy also go AV It is also not.From the fan, I was told “The Miu-chan, and because lesbian, I do not worry,” said the other, but it is not a lesbian.From among several options, I just chose the life of the ordinary ”

Miu Nakamura was decided to discard the carrier was built in the entertainment industry, to live as ordinary people.In the future, we will study that could not be busy until now, and that to seek the way of such clothing designer and mental counselor.If she became the top Gravure young, even trying to choose which way, it will be able to continue to shine.In Tokyo Culture Culture, Nakamura that are planning to hold a “large funeral Uman look Miu Nakamura a will ~” event on November 23.It’s that it would become in the last event that can this event interact with fans.
(Reporting and statement = Rat Oyadji)

(Nakamura Miu last photograph collection “a will” (C) Shueisha / Weekly Playboy)

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[From Asia! “I drink water containing chalk”, “stabbing the back of the leg with a pen” Breaking News].Corporal punishment of startle in kindergarten.(China)

It was found that in the kindergarten of Guangdong Province, China, for kindergarten children, corporal punishment and stab the soles of the feet with a ballpoint pen, to smelled the smell of shoes, such as water to drink by dissolving the chalk had been given.

According to the mothers of kindergarten children who received corporal punishment, the 4th of this month and the 26th last month, looking so complain of pain every time a child is walking, it was noticed that several places soaked with blood on the soles of the feet.In order to listen to the children, I did not sleep to nap time, that teacher stabbed the soles of the feet with a ballpoint pen.

Also, I feel the question that children do not drink milk stubbornly, and I asked, mother of another was found that had been to drink water mixed with sugar and chalk dust on teacher.

Guardians of many, have complained of children had received corporal punishment similar In addition, you can Gagged with tape and that the child is wrong, it is allowed to jump frog is placed on top of the head chair It seems there was also.

Had been carried out corporal punishment in women teachers of 28-year-old, you’ve been impatient and without education firmly “Children incident discovered after.I have to submit a document of content, such as “have repented.For parents who seek damages, restitution of tuition and apology, kindergarten side was dealt with by to lay off this woman teacher.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Katakura love)

• The police students who forget their homework.I squeezed into the corpse bag.(South Africa)
· “Nicotine Trombone lethal amount of” punishment of smoking to students.(Malaysia)
Kindergarten Unstoppable.I ride to the 66 people, teachers in kindergarten bus of 8-seater.(China)
Kindergarten teacher for closing with tape mouth of students (Sweden)
· “I thought it was candy”.Transport kindergarten of 13 people who took sleeping pills, to the hospital.(France)
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Johnny Sexy Zone round of rip-off is large pinch “YOU us!?’m A second place why” the Commercial Code AKB

November 16, the new group Sexy Zone of Johnny’s expected released debut single “Sexy Zone” the (Pony Canyon).He is also a Release Date 3rd single derived unit of AKB48 Not yet “Peraperaperao” of (Nippon Columbia), a great deal of attention is gathered referee’s fan on whether to go up in either group in the music industry on the same day.

The result, 50 000 7,888 copies, is announced that 70 669 sheets Not yet estimated sales number of Sexy Zone CD Single Daily rankings released first day (Oricon survey), the new group of Johnny’s is, defeat to AKB48 derived unit It became a form that suffer the.

Sexy Zone served as a special supporter is a career track of Johnny of “volleyball World Cup 2011”, is the theme song of the same tournament debut song.Despite the spectacular debut betting prestige of office, and became severe Suberidashi.Officials says this result that’s unusual situation as a rookie artist Johnny.
There is “exception, but the norm by taking the first place Speaking debut song of Johnny.Additionally, Sexy Zone has been formed popular members of the top class is collected even Johnny’s Jr. in the current.It was supposed to ensure …… ranked first debut song debut, but Johnny’s side would do had misread completely the momentum of AKB48.It is a derived unit rather than AKB48 body, but still there are those tremendous forces of handshake ticket “(music industry officials)

In response to this result, Sexy Zone announced the holding of emergency handshake meeting on the official website on the 18th.That it will continue to debut Memorial Surprise handshake meeting of the 15th, to perform a handshake meeting with also added to the 19th have been determined.It’s prospectus and earn a large amount of sales number here, that is in first place in the weekly rankings.

The fact that even artists “Johnny also, that ran in” Commercial Code AKB “that handshake meeting, I will feel the downfall of Johnny’s brand at the same time as the CD recession.Now I can not even excuse that “lost because of meeting handshake”, that they fight up to the equal footing with AKB48 “(The official)

Sexy Zone, which was forced to struggles from debut.AKB48 urging of Tobutoriwootosuikioi Although an opponent, there is no should Johnny Kitagawa President forgive in second place debut song.It was disappointing result debut song of SMAP also second place once, but now of 2011, “YOU we’ve got a second place why” Janney Ontai that was Ihana~tsu at that time might lead us to be reproduced.
(Statement = Sasaki Tomoka)

I sick is I “I?Karakuri on the back of the original KAT-TUN Akanishi Jin iTunes National won first place of ”
Close connection of personal connections and Roppongi darkness NEWS mountain P & Nishikido leave “…… in the participation in the anti-social party”
Leave theory also …… to Kamenashi Kazuya from KAT-TUN Following “Johnny is dangerous! Seriously” in the NEWS

Net abuzz in remarks … Sekine Tsutomu past KARA Favorite

Comedians unfolds the talk “appliances entertainer” and “terraced entertainer”, with a variety of theme every time “Ame Talk!” (TV Asahi).It was a theme of “KARA love entertainer” is broadcasting the 17th minute, but in the remarks of the program guest Sekine Tsutomu has attracted the attention of Internet users.

As favorite entertainer, three degrees Sekine Tsutomu, Kendo Kobayashi, Katsura, popular K-POP group “KARA” is set and Masudaokada Masuda Hidehiko this time.And dressed in midriff-baring costume sexy “KARA”, it was spiel the charm of women, but in the corner of “! That there KARA entertainer love too”, I hang in there the Japanese as “pre-Sekine Tsutomu I made a remark of Korea closer to the “no longer seems.

The net bulletin board, and “it is regrettable though it was like,” “himself daughter also whether there is no work for this remark?(In Korea), etc. “Urimakuri flattery, criticism and disappointment after another.There was also the voice to encourage calm corresponding with “Do not receive truly that you say Sekine” Some of them, but in the net bulletin board with many unpleasant Korean school, it was Tazeinibuzei.

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[Entertainment] ♪ vitamin sublime life based on national child actor, Saito Kozue.”It was sad really did not have any friends at school”

Shooting “” Hatokonoumi “is fun and fun, there was no recognition that work.Look back on that time with “, and Kozue Saito of the 44-year-old currently.In 1974, she appeared NHK TV series novels “Hatokonoumi” at the age of six, the highest viewing rate of the drama was recorded (Kanto district, Video Research survey) 53.3%.Kozue Saito became famous suddenly, it becomes existence everyone know as a national child actor.

Kozue Saito according to the interview broadcast November 18 “exhilarating information Variety clean!” (In Japan TV system) “inside, looked back from the memories of” Hatokonoumi “era.

And go straight to the workplace straight car pick-up came to elementary school, that was a daily round trip of school and workplace at the time.Not much memory you have back at home “during shooting that you not go back to his home for” Hatokonoumi “was a drama filming often, to stay in business, such as hotel somewhere many.She “says.Broadcast after the end of the “Hatokonoumi”, contend battle television and film drama, the CM begins to tour the Saito became very popular.Release of records in “Mr. Tsutomu Yamaguchi locality” when eight years old then, busy with her peaked and became a huge hit over 50 million copies.

It was sad really did not have any friends in the “school.Saito was a firm decision to retire the entertainment industry before the “junior high school enrollment.Saito still can not feel that the work enters the theater company at an early age on the recommendation of the parent, and has continued to work to be “fun”.And I wanted time to or raised at the topic of television and ordinary school friends “Anyway, think freely their future.”

But Saito time of junior high school students immediately after retired entertainment industry, remembered the face from the world so that suffer from terrible slander.The wonder was retired from fat “.It was no longer out in the “TV, because it is ugly”.Apparently there was a thing that was said to be not just the people around and the like “, also from the girls of the same age who do not know at all roadside.

Nozomi Ohashi became a popular person sing the theme song of the movie “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” the other day, is reported as “the pauses for the time being performing arts activities” before the junior high school enrollment, he called a big topic.Saito also had decided to retire the entertainment world, I there at the age of around the same time and Ohashi.The program returns to the entertainment world now, Saito has been working as a stage actress.She has been a variety of experience and the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer in their own marriage and divorce and study abroad far in life, and care, of father.And I chose the job spotlight as now, “expressionist”.Because it’s the way their chosen rather than a rail parent is laid, can overcome any hardship – Saito and had shining eyes.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

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-I was not the enemy to broadcast accident also acting ability that adults eat.Aina Ashida starring SP drama.
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A vow of non-war “Karutoshika (potato) Doyukai” – Tomikichi Kentaro

day that the Japanese should not forget.Of August “Hiroshima atomic bomb memorial (the 6th)” and “Nagasaki atomic bomb memorial (the 9th)” And it “the day of the end of World War II (the 15th)”.In addition to the day of the three involved in the war, there is a day that Japanese should not forget another.It is December 8.

    Of what the day is December 8?.Some people say that “the anniversary of John Lennon,” which sang that the classic “Imagine”, but is “the day of the outbreak of war,” the Japanese do not forget never commandments as it.And some were driven to tragic war the Japanese, in the day of the beginning. 

  You always think before the day of the war, it is oath of non-warfare.Firm promise not to war again never. 

  More than 10 years already, I knew “Karutoshika Doyukai”.Of people who were detained in Ukraine region near Romania, Hungary out of the approximately 600,000 Japanese were taken prisoner in the former Soviet Union troops in defeat, it is a comrade-in-arms, so to speak, meeting. 

  It’s seems means “potato” in Russian and Karutoshika.The galling potatoes muddy belly Once reduced, detainees who had been working in a huge collective farm called kolkhoz was linked by solidarity while recruit nostalgia to the distant homeland. 

  Kai was able to August 1968.Incorporator Kosaka Yoshiaki, who had been a reporter for the local newspaper in Okayama Prefecture.Not even a single roster.And “He was certainly buy”, follow-up Ukraine detainees us while tracing a faint memory, a collection of 240 people.Since then, placed in the home of Kosaka’s headquarters, it’s so warm that the Jiujiang in a steady activities such as issuing newsletter.Kosaka’s wonder Contact Genki. 

  There is a detention recollection caricature collection of one book at hand original company officers, Saeki Shiro’s Karatsu is a member of this “Karutoshika Doyukai”.Those Kosaka-san put a comment on the pen picture of 40 frames internment life Kiuchi Shinobu is a member (Chiba) drew, this booklet called “dew 漫抄 of My Youth” is, illustrations and crisp satire witty sentences speak for themselves very well the state of the Soviet internment. 

  The prisoners naked, in a piece of the illustrations are subject to inspection physique from Russian woman doctor, Kosaka’s comments are written this way. 

  Physical Examination of the “naked.In front of the woman doctor you hanging man himself defunct Riki was Soriotosa hair, Inarabu.After being subjected to Watch? With tricks you can do because she was devoted to the spirit and divisible, this gesture that struck the flesh of ass in? About-face, get to decide the physique, such as position in the momentum condition is unreasonable very nerve moderate ”

  Harsh prison life in a foreign country.Now, too Utomashii To speak again.You will want to forget the all if possible.However, the suffering, anger, sadness, a sense of humiliation is inscribed to the bone of the people who experienced, it’s cause to shake your occasionally Shinkon a now.”So, again, even the Who slope of that pain and collapse, is not not let stepped future.Much less, and my son, my grandson is in the … “.Kosaka Mr. Saeki’s also I think so.But, I think that does not mesh with very much in the satiation era of things over.Storyteller of plangency may not be suitable when.This one book that has been woven by the addition of satire without the world of such a trend, distort the facts, poignant Shikato. 

  Generation that does not know the war is going Tasso to 80% of the national.That’s why, it is I think vow of non-warfare is the need is now.

Why?Episode of nature program that are not broadcast in the United States to broadcast in the UK

Such as movies and TV shows you cross the border, you might be edited by regulation or censorship.

Those 7 episode nature documentary program of the United Kingdom BBC of “Wild Life”, only one episode has not been broadcast in the United States seems certain.

Why not be broadcast in the United States.I will introduce a theme that has been controversial abroad.

& Nbsp;

In Bonga UK, viewers will be able to see all seven episodes of “Wild Life” of course, but the last episode of the series seems to have has become a documentary that followed the about the crisis of global warming.

According to the BBC, it is that broadcasters in other countries is negligible, program related to environmental issues and is adapted unscrew as treatment options.

The BBC says in countries that harbor doubts about the global warming problem, stance and may be broadcast by omitting it, and are selling to buy the only episode that overseas customers want to buy.

The global warming problem, only sometimes criticized and questioned and enter the picture the faked data, with or not in the environment business in Japan, I think where in doubt which claim is correct?.

What reaction or seen, I will introduce some of the comments that had been submitted to the foreign site in other countries.

· Poor Americans.I do not really hope anymore.

· Sadly, it is not even to us because of their.

· According to the poll, which was announced in September this year, Americans 83% believe in climate change.And seems to have thought 71% and should be prioritized in the next presidential election.Only 71% do not believe in climate change (2010) poll of the United Kingdom the most recent rather.That means the BBC had omitted the last episode to other countries for Would not the result that reflect your own country from being questioned.

– It seems I think Na not bad if 71% but, however it saw an article that’s numbers fell from 91 percent ….

-Everyone likes than dubbed American version better version of (narrator of the program) David Attenborough viewers in the United States.So I try to to buy the BBC version or download.It is a pity it is! Omit the episode.

Et?Me waiting.Voice of Attenborough is whether Tteyuu has been dubbed?

-I to Oprah Yeah.

Attenborough is not believe 85-year-old.

• The is! Censor David Attenborough, the country seems funny seriously Apparently.

· I say the BBC and media excellent in the world.On it is well designed, WEB site friendly to users.Is a surprise documentary of some, and there is no advertising in all.You do not even pressing political, and it’s good to be the entire.Rather than to have been censored in fact, is as sold in the form of options and as sell, but it seems to have been determined warming problem is not sold in the United States at least.

People to support the climate change gradually in the UK seems to be decreased, but now, where Will there truth of global warming problem.

The episode of Frozen Planet viewers in the US will not see.

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China, a revolutionary cheat prevention measures have been devised indeed

There is also the effect of the one-child policy in China, education heat which can be called excess of parents seems to be considerably higher.

From the fact that the importance of the test increases, fraud and cheat also likely rampant, need to put the emphasis on measures are born.

It is in the middle school of the Chinese, a revolutionary cheat prevention measures there is with was devised……. And say what they are like hell.

& Nbsp;

Blue sky test how!

[I see the image]
It claims it is being implemented in a junior high school in Hubei Province, Wuhan City, but if it is this, it is impossible you can look at the answer next, etc. or committed taught in whispers, and such fraud secretly blind spot of teacher certainly It will be difficult to do even.

[I see the image]
It might be reasonable Speaking of reasonable, but I wonder if can concentrate on the test calmly, this …….

I think it will become a serious thing and when cloudy with a chance of rain, such as day in the wind.

By the way, you do the teaching in the field to force, yes could allegedly human rights violations from parents in the United States and Europe.

Outdoor test may help prevent cheating

To congestion It will not could not dive under driver, the bus “or mon pay a fine!” Related Articles – View all [China, breakthrough cheat prevention measures have been devised indeed] a mule Q was signal ignored … China
· Tourist destination “Free if virgin” China campaign unique
· Car to be called monster on the road of terrible … China was running
Hot pants panda appeared in China in the ass
Locations in China, a ghost town as early not have tenants who have over 70 billion yen