The Nureba challenge the divorce crisis disparity marriage yet again Hirosue Ryoko

Divorce crisis theory has emerged even yet again to Hirosue Ryoko (31), which became the Whirlpool of two people now marriage, divorce, remarriage in.
And candle Jun Mr. candle artist who for the second time “marriage had made”, and that they sent a passing life as early as.Day-to-day, let alone sweet newlywed life, a fight Toka’s not extinct.
“Whatever, I’m such endless left to Mr. Jun all the care of two children.mother of Hirosue is so come when he goes abroad, but it is I’m a frustrated Mr. Jun.Because they preached always chanting love and peace even in a speech, should have together mothers and children in how, extra belly will stand “(entertainment professional parties)

Have a case to Hirosue.Officials reveal inside information.
Only income “husband, and pure Mr. I’m a pretty tough state.Work from overseas was the most before, but the Great Recession of Europe and America stemming from Greece, Italy, Spain financial crisis a series of causes, work seems to be drastically reduced.For the eldest son that commute to private elementary schools and rent of about 1 million yen or more, Hirosue is so must work ”

Some “11 people Kudo KanKuro screenplay return work she became the edge of a cliff in household basis exactly, was selected after giving birth to second child! “(TV Asahi).It is a comedy drama watch the family (Hirosue) becomes a ghost ex-wife dead in 10 poor family with eight children.
It seems to have really aimed at “” Antarctica “Ya (TBS) in a revival of” 9 months “, but did not offer.Some “11 people think which is secretly Jikuji is Hirosue! It seems to have appeared in “.Gallatin also a little less than 500,000 yen per one Because it is 23 o’clock stand.Was a tough return just for Hirosue was a top idol “(drama parties)

However, some “11 people had been seen as a large moss inevitable in the industry! And keep 11 percent while late-night, a big hit “.As a result ….
Work are microcomputer one after another on the basis of “Hirosue.It has been appointed to the heroine of two “Masao-kun go” movie will be released next year of “Kagidorobounomesoddo”.Actress full year of revival Hirosue, Nureba also seems willing next year “(parties)

Ironically, this Hirosue popularity seemed to have exacerbated the terms of the quasi-Mr..
The head of a hate Hirosue, two letters of divorce comes to mind is that a “troublesome matter of time.Hirosue is cause It was too busy even divorce with her husband the previous.Repeat history “(entertainment professional parties)

2 countdown punishment.

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Aiming to complete, and fracture experiment at the same time? China

December 5, 2011, accident that has fallen viaduct under construction collapses occurs, workers of six people were injured in China Anhui Hefei City.But instead of “accident” to authorities, it announced that it went according to plan it’s a “fracture experiment”, you are talking about one person workers through the site is only a mild abrasion. The collapse happened it viaduct construction site of Tsutsumikawa Avenue in Hefei city.Around 7:30 in the morning on the 5th, one of the workers to testify, “you’re working under (viaduct), beginning on the shaking, collapsed all of them,” said.Portion of the collapsed that spans 900 square meters.

After the accident, the person responsible, KoHiroshi Mr. Tsutsumikawa Avenue project, told the media “It’s a fracture experiment that was planned in advance,” This.It has been described as “not enough data is available If you do not do the experiment”. Zhangjiagang Sachi deputy director of critical infrastructure management station of Hefei City, also said, “had done the excess load experiment of temporary beams”, and that has been notified to the worker in advance.

Were objections to this, work colleagues has not received any news.See article

In “坏性 试验 broken” in Chinese is “fracture experiment”, it can be seen somehow in Japanese, but it does not seem to know the officials that ordered the site.If the first place experiments, during construction, it will also not be performed in the field of real.It is a story that is impossible in the common sense to make sure the safety elsewhere, is to reproduce in the field in that after confirmation, such as an experiment while aiming to complete.Employee has been injured rather than to hear such a thing, much less.This meaningless excuse, criticism has erupted on the Internet in China. Komyonippo was criticized as “something that hurt the people prevarication as to fool the people”.”But the experimental site spectacular”, photos can not be seen only in the mysterious collapse accident many times you look.

Entertainer who was armed with “black history” … in the spring complex

I have to confess that there was a misrepresentation of age to profile its own Seri那 of SDN48 was broadcast on December 6 in the “quiz Speed ​​King”.
Questions in a quiz, Seri那 remark abruptly to be “Yo I was gaining your 3-year-old year in fact”.Studio was a development that noisy … but, so far has been confessed on television numerous Seri那 is of that was reading the mackerel in a quite famous story.
The reason is something called a “so as not to finds out the school that had been through is because it was the place of entertainment activities prohibited”, but idle active is of that confess the misrepresentation of age is that even if you know the reason, resulting in a Dokiri still.

There are several patterns that things that were previously seen as a “black history” as Seri那, changes as a “powerful weapon” suddenly in the entertainment industry.
The most famous it would be confession of wig Ayanokoji Kimi Maro.side you are looking at was also noticed in the back of one’s head that he is wearing a wig, but temporary, it was called a variety of discussion for the person is not confessed quite.However, when the topic is peaked, Kimi Malo confess that it is a wig himself.Since then, Kimi Malo came to the story the “wig” in desultory conversation other than invective.
Let alone Nishida Kende was appeared as a supporting player name to much drama Speaking of actors take off the wig, spread the width of the role.Nishida is a handsome actor and the role was often up to it, but decided “! Will Nugo wig” suddenly one day.Then, to get the character of the year corresponding to other than handsome, Nishida that showed off a stunning amount has appeared in a number of drama.
There are many past you do not want to touch Yuji Tanaka of laughter issues that are in the story even now is “orchiectomy”.”Divorce”, “tall small” etc. described above also “Katatama” other than, there is a complex of many, but the person do not have to worry too much, you are taking a laugh been tampered always Ota of the antagonist.

Besides, talent celebrities numerous are the story of the past “black history”, but “black history” loses its value as “black history” to be too much exposed.
The “Keru Butcha” act’s effective to some extent in the sense that a deeper impression, but it is also much barrage thing troubled!?
(Yasusaka YukariYoshihiko)

The commotion small fire in the aircraft just before takeoff, 3 passengers injured during evacuation – Shanghai

At around 11 am on the 9th, Boya uproar occurred just before takeoff flight CX365 Cathay Pacific Shanghai to Hong Kong flights, evacuation of the to the outside, three passengers suffered minor injuries in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai city was.Shinnami-mo, such as Sohu network reported.

Depart Shanghai to 9:45, the aircraft was scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong Hong Kong International Airport in 30 minutes around 12 pm.According to the testimony of passengers, at that time, in-flight was fully booked, but there was no sign of moving even at the scheduled time of take-off airplane.Then, the aircraft fills the entire cabin smell of smoke from the front passenger seat.Passengers from that panicked as “Fire!”.

Then, while the call for calm response to passengers from, 35 minutes around 10 am, then open the two locations emergency exit, cabin crew and colleagues were allowed to escape to the outside of the apparatus in emergency slide to all passengers.The dead were not out to passengers, but three of whom suffered minor injuries during the evacuation.

Cause and location of the fire aircraft currently under investigation.According to the officials, it has been seen, such as failure of the mechanical system trouble is caused, but it is not known to be more.On the other hand, has said BiHiroshi such as through (China version of Twitter), and witnessed the smoke in the toilet, some passengers are, and such as flames, from the cockpit.(Editors: Aota road)

X Day of Japan financial collapse is coming in 2015!? Possibility of government bonds significantly downgraded the European crisis is not a Taningoto Takarabe Seiichi [Column]

The financial crisis in Europe was leap powerhouse of Europe, in Italy finally from Greece crisis.As a matter of course, that it was gonna settle in a half-hearted problem postponement of debt forgiveness to 50% of the Greek government bonds European banks have been held, backfired.Market’s cold.As if ridicule the leader of Germany and France, the target market has shifted to Italy from Greece.The end of November, ’10 government bonds of Italy are hammering the market for mass, 7% base interest rate, which is said to be hazardous waters to rise temporary.Insolvency of Greece is also a small country but can not, powerhouse Italy when forced to financial collapse, the fat lady has sung.

In fact, the moment the Italian government bonds slumped, the French government bonds have been on target this time.And BNP Paribas is the largest bank in France, such as Societe Generale, the major French banks owns large amounts of government bonds in Italy.Italy and Coquelles and are in a relationship permitting them to burst into flames financial system of France in an instant.

The last bastion of the European crisis, Germany is annoying.Even though EFSF (European Financial Stability Fund) is the financial support for crisis prevention, actors substantial France and Germany.Now that caught fire in the ass of France, become dependable It ‘s one country Germany.But of course, industrious German people, has been strong opposition to the tax of their own is spent in the European crisis more.

It’s become agnostic pesky rules of EU member nations, each Once this happens, the turn of the ECB (European Central Bank), but are substantially form the ECB is also a matter of fact it’s Germany.That is funded up to where Germany is depressing, you can either re-create the framework of the new EU.I have seen clearly the fate of the problem.

Or expel Greece from the euro.

Do you revive the Marc Germany to withdraw from the euro.

Or after the dismantling of the euro currency system once, do you re-form a new Euro only country that defines the rules of fiscal discipline stringent new, was clear it.

Whatever the case may be, only writing of high-ranking official of the European helpless anymore.European summit of December 9 would be the last chance.Any settled whether Miidaseru.Literally, the future of the euro, rests on the shoulders of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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Sound surprising? There eroge company published the salary data

I can rest assured even as a fan.(Top image is from our own brand HEAT-SOFT)
First unit with a girl game multiple brands, has published its own payroll data in the official blog.
And as our look at the official site for details, summary are as follows.

[Large images and videos here]

● average working time: 175.7 hours / month
● development staff average monthly salary: 177,007 yen / month ※ total amount paid
● bonus: 1-3 months about
● paid: 20 days to
● holiday: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays New Year’s holiday, Obon

Eroge Companies Dattari real personal operation or not listed, did not grasp the actual situation unsatisfactory.Other companies will be different of course, but be said with good treatment of people with respect to medium-fast unit?
Monthly salary is said to be not high up there, this Gojisei, very happy bonus if delle.Working hours are not too many, a holiday calendar street.Retention rate also likely to be high birthday vacation to other, internal air was stable is likely to have been transmitted.
Eroge companies have an image there are many troubles.Postponement of the release date is a daily occurrence, but if the brand of the first unit, I can buy with confidence as well as a fan.

Data of their own company [Development Mono-White]
Tsu’m trying to eroge! [HEAT-SOFT] (Pic)
(Ito Hawaiian Kohei)

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“From the Japanese homeless in the Philippines, now Japan has seen” 9th Kaiko Ken nonfiction Award Mizutani Takeshu interview

The term “social disparity” to penetrate, every year, Japanese New Year’s Eve of the homeless is an issue year-end.That there are Japanese homeless in the Philippines away from such 3000km Japan is not well known.

Called “distressed Japanese nationals” the Japanese who impoverished economically abroad.According to the statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, distressed Japanese who have sought the cover in 2010 768 people.Of which the Philippines’s largest and 332 people.

Why do they wonder is placed in that situation in the Philippines.Do they not, or whether can not return home.I heard Mizutani Takeshu Mr. was awarded the Kaiko Ken nonfiction award “Living in men Philippines was discarded Japan” needy Japanese nationals “” in the book that summarizes the coverage of Japan and the Philippines over two years of “daily Manila newspaper” reporter.

In the Philippines, the presence of distressed Japanese nationals has been well-known.The men over the age of 50, many of.To exit Japan chasing fell in love with a woman he met in the Philippines such as the Club of Japan, she is to return home.

Prices of Philippines cheap, to get used to get rich by simply earn put away in Japan.It’s a situation Filipino women money, Japanese men seeking young women, their relationship, is to get married.But run out of money in hand without thinking Atosaki, and be discarded from Filipino women, they will be no better than the state of the homeless in a foreign country.

However, even in the homeless, Filipinos friendly.Even in poor, when you see people who are in trouble, it will dispensation rice in Japanese alien.This kindness, might has become to contribute to needy Japanese nationals increases.

– Why do become addicted to Filipino women.

Philippines club and he special, people that I have interviewed had said.Every day of just back and forth and company dormitory, work simple task, hope can not be felt from the rest of his life, it is not against anyone usually.But me towards a smile, women in the Philippines club and he or kiss you hug to his bonus to such.

I fly out to Japan elation and opening feeling when such can not be forgotten, and there is still shining world.And money is lost, it takes a year without being able to return home, I have some people who die in sick.

– It ‘s is that it is a tragic story, but that got addicted to the sister of Filipina.And I can no longer be so much sympathy, but …….

You can see well.I also was interested from sympathy at first, but you can no longer out to be interviewed.You can lied unabashedly, it is because we witness the appearance of distressed Japanese who treat carelessly Filipinos who to support.

– On the other hand, I do not have a full commitment to the criticism of their weakness.

There is a lot of life in Japan to them, it is not put a Filipino woman.There was a man of 48 years old among you have interviewed, that had been dispatched factory in a car factory in Aichi Prefecture, until just before you come to the Philippines.The man was a daily Settsuka been a full-time quota to younger always, I do not know when to be fired.It says it can not be friends with dispatch destination, his was a lonely.

In fact, I was there that I was also raised to put a girl he met in the brothel district of Thailand once (laughs).I was just wondering I am a prostitution deniers originally guy to do that that’s the lowest.It, there is a feeling of opening overseas when you travel to Thailand, that was unstable time for overlap without course of his been decided after, sense of values ​​had reversed.There is also a weak part to humans, and sometimes fall down in some circumstances any person.

– While reading further, shaking of the can not – you can have sympathy glimpse from between the lines.But, while you continue the coverage in Japan in order to follow half a lifetime of them, what was quite different problem of such sympathy I you will see.
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The magazine re-broadcast the NHK scandal red and white stray scene (3)

To proceed also live for a long period of time, the situation of unexpected also occurs.That in order to keep laughing, those heartwarming, those frowning until, once introduced an uproar that does not work edit.

First appearance since ’68, Shinichi Mori (64) of 43 consecutive participation in until last year.He was established as a “face of the red and white” completely also had committed a blunder too embarrassed in the past.

Forest served as a large bird for the first time in “Cape Erimo” 74 years, bowed and appeared on the stage.But at that time, “accident” had occurred in the pants.Auditorium is he began buzz.entertainment reporter at that time, hit the coverage in the field reveal.

It would be panic when it is dressed in tailcoat black red and white for the rushed to the NHK Hall in a hurry from the venue of the “Record Award, and I seem to have forgotten to close the zipper.One chorus Ya end, Shirogumi singer team was not healed by enclosing the forest.Until it has closed, the screen has continued reflecting the face-up of single-mindedly ”

From the windows fully opened, white shirt had Hello -.

Speaking of the forest, there was one quarrel with red and white story also recently.As a result of singing by changing only a part of the lyrics “mom’s” in 2006, Mr. Yasunori Kawauchi songwriter rage.Forest are issued “mom’s” singing prohibited, Sendai Mr. died in ’08 without having to allow forest.After that, the settlement has been established between the bereaved and forest.

10 times large birds of mogul-Saburo Kitajima (75) of Shirogumi along with woods, but most, along with the late Misora ​​Hibari.Happening It was such a hit the North Island ’81.Was singing the “Fuusetsunagaretabi” as white bird set, but the amount of confetti of production was a huge Ikansen.It is no longer visible appearance of the person, the paper he had penetrated more and more up in the nose and mouth.

“Rust was going to project up in the face, but the director seems to have been indicated as” closed “in a desperate photographer.However, per finished singing Do not fazed at all,’m truly sub-chan “(The reporter entertainment, supra)

And some have caused a good situation called “incident” rather than a happening is told also Fukawa Toshikazu in the previous section, in Koji Yoshikawa (46) of ’85.

Yoshikawa that appeared on the stage as Shirogumi top batter sing “NEW Face likely hated”.Even though Shirogumi, Yoshikawa of bright red why suits was to expand the performance spread grandly and in the mouth the champagne Nari appearing.Runaway does not stop the song ends, the intro of red set Kawai Naoko (48) even when the next begins.Wow, it ignited the guitar, and he had thrown to the stage.Of course, it is not doing in rehearsal.

The scene will not be televised “truly.And a stunned look of School Mates, which had begun dancing, figure Kawai you did not put out sing standing still stunned has been burnt to the mind “(The reporter magazines TV supra)

If Yarakase only this, touching the Outrage of NHK also of course.Until it appeared in the “face of another midnight” drama in 2002, Yoshikawa was forced to NHK banned long-term.It is not even a joke “new face” is gone is really hated.

Illuminations costume Kobayashi Sachiko (57) that has become a tradition of the red and white are also supposed to be rich in 1992 of the first appearance.

Look back “illuminations of 62,000 pieces, but I was supposed to blink red and green,” said TV magazine reporter earlier.In rehearsal, Illuminations that drew cheers of onlookers flashing firmly, not light only part in the production of essential.Audience of about 3,000 people was silenced.

“Himself I guess was disappointed.Do not participate in the launch of the program after the end, I was returning home with indecent haste.Funny story that was drunk New Year was handed down, but … “(NHK officials)

& Nbsp;

I have decided to divorce without convincing with her husband, who hitomi childcare housework nor

Black boots to dress squeezed tightly at the waist.In short Bang, her hair style of ponytail is,’s a feeling nowadays fully open, but it was known as “Mom firmly” in the supermarket that.

It is Ika buy ingredients suddenly pack in one hand a “shopping basket.I would’ve been concerned about the things your child.Such as chemical-free vegetables, will Ika bought by selecting properly the organic food “(patrons)

She finished the shopping was headed, it was luxury apartment of about 5 minutes by car from the store.(35) daughter (2), had sent a new life from this September she –hitomi here.

in 2002, hitomi to marry men of the original hip-hop group was the terms of the old friend also divorced in 2007.

It is revealed also surgical history in the blog, but it was a body because of the ovarian tumor, less able children, in June 2008, was remarried and pardoned and Haneda Masayoshi (35) of the actor.It was the jacket photo of the album were taken during pregnancy, “nude pregnant women” also became a topic.

She is such, there is no sight of her husband in an apartment of a new live beginning.Music parties to know the two men speak this.

It is said was not live at home with decided to divorce the “summer.I heard it and are in a state from which it may be submitted at any time divorce ”

Until now, but hitomi who had never to talk about her husband so much, in the interview phrase magazine, there was that spilled beg dissatisfaction husband does not help me housework and childcare.

Stage parties to know the Haneda says.

“After marriage, Haneda Mr. poised near his parents’ home, a new home to live with your child and hitomi’s.So you get a script, he is, I’m immersed in the role making it muffled the home while holding it.What a can not concentrate to have children and wife.Because he is a workaholic a butterfly get.That said, hitomi-san ‘s since you have a job, with her husband, who also housework childcare nor me nothing, convincing I guess did not go ”

※ 22 days issue December 2011 Seven women

■ photo gallery of hitomi

Since came to Pyongyang (Pyongyang) much trouble, and I went to the cabaret of North Korea

“This opportunity is not again”, and to participate in the Japan national football team cheer tour, there are lack of money writer “Well only that, but! Boring”, and was dared memories making of reckless journey.And challenged by the Hatay 300,000 yen tour expenses, North Korea tour of 4 days and 3 nights “winding of the night”.Then I saw, and surprising the back of the North Korea?

* *

■ was the Ika brought suspicious Chinese restaurant

Author who visited North Korea in watching the third-order qualifying soccer W Cup Asia, heard the rumor that you do not miss to hear.Pyongyang (Pyongyang), it’s that …… there is a cabaret club that can play with beauty of “joy set” class.If you ask the tour guide of local, even while acknowledged its existence, it does not let him visit as “collective action because this time”.The Japanese tourists line who visited North Korea, he was forbidden all the individual behavior.It was not to go to the cabaret, can only persuade the guide.

third day to ask, night stay in Pyongyang last.Is called a guide to his room in the hotel, and pleaded with prostrate sudden.Gentle voice is heard from the top of my head that you gave to the cold floor.

Please raise the “head.I know the feeling.But, it is high ”

To hear, it takes a minimum of 30,000 yen in Japanese Yen.Given the price of North Korea, it’s worth 300,000 yen equivalent.Because a little over budget, was scout Mr. H of tourists as “personnel Dutch treat” (27-year-old virgin).

November 16, 23:00.10 minutes that you run the Pyongyang city taxi topped the guide and we were silent, and stops in the city park an empty.Apparently there are two hotels are foreigners-only cabaret in Pyongyang, but the first one stores were holiday.It was arrived after a few minutes old-fashioned Chinese restaurant.Guide went to the store, but that was refused can have previous visitor.And not completely give up, negotiations to be “! Want to see just inside the store”.It is guided by the guide, and set foot into the store.

The first floor dim, there are tables and chairs for about 30 persons.Shopkeeper had Kuyurase the one tobacco smoke.When you do an eye on the corner of the room, fine wine and Coca-Cola, liquor are arranged in large quantities to the glass case of vertical 2 × horizontal 1m.Both’s stuff you do not quite meet you in North Korea.Singing voice of the girl has been heard from the second floor and light up a cigarette.

Guide is called to the corner shopkeeper, whisper in Korean by threatened the 10,000 yen bill of three.Shopkeeper spilled smile.It is a pattern of a deal.5 minutes later, and is guided to a private room on the second floor in turnover and Chinese customers who evicted.

When I opened the door, sandwiched glass table cloth sofa of dark green four-seater, round chair pink lined.The little old, but there is also a karaoke machine made in Japan.Rather than a cabaret, it seems snack outskirts.

5 minutes to be asked beer and wait.Two men dressed in suits “Nyo Ha Se Yo ~ ♪” black, came with a smile.Daughter thin flesh-colored tights peek from knee large pupil, and similar Ji of KARA.The one other mature, I reminiscent of the days of the young actress Joey Wang of Taiwan (famous for “A Chinese Ghost Story”) in black tights.

Yon-chan 25-year-old Ji similar.One is Sun-chan 27 years old.When you dispense the self-introduction through the guide, and began to sing chan Sun rises.In the tune of Korean pop, and take steps lightly.I’ve been held out his right hand and eye Sun-chan and fit.Sun-chan that rotates Kokimiyoku movement of ballroom dancing.Apparently was in the beautiful dance team, and lead us to skillfully.

The list of karaoke, there were many songs of Japan.While listening to the Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi guide sings a “toast”, and type “under the big onion” of blast slump.Occasionally, gestures to rearrange the foot invites to dance Namamekashii Yon-chan.When you sing up close, it showed me a dreamy look.
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