“Shot the barrel and later head is not crying” mass comment from the world to North Korea citizens wail videos

North Korean citizens of videos that crying in the death of Kim Jong Il has become a hot topic all over the world.Is played about 300 million times in one day, comments have been submitted with amazing pace.

Death is December 19, 2011 that has been announced, how the break down North Korea citizens in each country of the news was broadcast.Also on YouTube, video is up on the same day.

2.95 million times those of the reproduced is Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) taken in one day, you are reflecting the national figure of break down before the statue and portrait of Kim Jong Il.It’s ages range from students wearing uniforms to military personnel.And per the knee, some people are screaming while slammed his fist on the ground.Although Kokin Il Sung is similar images even when died in 1994 flows in each country, It’s strange to that so many people are crying uniformly.

Access is flooded in the video, 1 Nikkei Tsu was December 20, 2011 19:00 Currently, Views about 2.95 million times.New song of the published girlhood in October had become a hot topic has been reached in four days to 10 million PV, it’s a pace that is comparable to that.

Comments have also been attracted in large quantities, it is also currently about 34,000 items.Most in English,

“They need to express the sadness in public places.Because it is now sent to concentration camps to be otherwise. ”
“What has been forced to they cry?”
“Do not because dictatorship is watching,” “Alright, Who Let’s see what cry out loud”
Shot the barrel and later head is not crying “.They are often called by “I know it.It seems the world of people have seen that there is no than mourn sincerely North Korea national.

Are crazy “.To democracy we need, “except to them, is the most sad video in which” you’ve ever seen.Millions of people have fallen into Stockholm syndrome “and” are crazy.They and those that sympathize with the democracy we need “to,” irony that, do not you? “They are crying happy also.And that there were also those carefree “I do have a different color of red jacket that girl is wearing.”.Comments are submitted in seconds also currently.

In a two-channel, writing such as “though not hero is spared until here also the way that saved the world” “If scary place it against Na I wonder what is being” had been submitted.
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Japanese-made Ghost Rider either! Outlaws, a Jusco store I Bakuso

Do you know me Ghost Rider everyone is seen in such YOUTUBE?
And I do not know where the Who’s, across the liter bike ran the highway of Europe at 300km / h over, it is an outlaw that also slipped in the speed range.
Well, such outlaw was also appeared in this Japan.And the stage is Jusco! Store in the sudden appearance of the bike ride of the black brute is …….
Shock is the video.
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Fishermen incident “is larger mouth than ability” and criticized the Korea – Chinese media

December 15, 2011, in the Chinese government system of the Global Times editorial, the Korea Maritime Police personnel killing incident of Chinese fishermen, “in China assertion that should show magnanimity in Korea often.But South Korea is not showing any compassion for the surrounding area, “is larger in the mouth than ability” impression was given “and is self-congratulation, it was criticized South Korea.Beihanaji site Ta維 news is I told.The following outline its.

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Killing incident by the Chinese fishing boat members, not only happened in the course of China and South Korea exchange expanding “small friction”.That China before the prehistory of the incident clearly is to apologize immediately shows the magnanimity is not realistic now of East Asia situation.China should show magnanimity, but it’s difficult act is likely to have done is say.It can be said with the idealistic one side with the major powers of the world.However, Korean society is not showing the compassion of the surrounding area at all, “is larger in the mouth than ability” to other countries gave the impression.

Each time that China and South Korea are to conflict, national feelings Korea seems to be Sakanade to maximize.Although both the public there is anger, Korean it is greater than Chinese.Apparently Korea public opinion believes that major powers of East Asia is compete for their territory.Although it is a sense fact, such thinking is “Korea is the most angry in Asia” he invite the impression.(Translation and editing / AA)

The dissatisfaction to face the judges? Displaced and of opinion viewers “THE MANZAI 2011”

The 17th, determine the “2011 most interesting was” comic artist “THE MANZAI 2011” is broadcasting the finals of (Fuji TV) punk grunt was won.2 people Panbu that won the “M-1” in 2009.They showed that the preeminent of fun from the tournament qualifying, won the championship hopes in the final after receiving the hallmark of the “big favorite” from Ninety – nine who served as the tournament MC.Although it is this result that before it can be said that its reputation, of being whispered around the net, it’s the voice of dissatisfaction with the examination of “more of the” glue copy “second place was the story of Knights was interesting.”.

“After the broadcast, it was done in Yahoo! News,” “THE MANZAI 2011” in it the most interesting was the?Knights is 35% in the questionnaire (19 currently, 42%) that “had attracted the largest number of votes.However, whether this will not simply be construed as gossip and taboo favorite audience psychology.The word is also no “glue copy” mean fresh as a current affairs story is, without also be touched in almost two years since the previous scandal TV, this is that we had the impression such as imperceptibly Seven dirty words.It cried to Knights in the live broadcast, viewers surprise, Will applauded “(industry officials)

It starts from the pillow of Nobuyuki Hanawa of “likes TV drama”, the Knights were barrage a nice blur of tempo, ignoring the Tsukkomi of Nobuyuki Tsuchiya comic dialogue.in the stage of final that everyone has to help en- demonstrate the distinctive style that Hyosuru as “trouble often” their comic dialogue, Hanawa cries as “glue peak”, I used the word “heroin”.When the drama series that was broadcast on Fuji TV system to story blurred Hanawa was the “under one roof” in the mouth, for many viewers should floated is “Noriko Sakai”.And there is no difference in the thought would not touch anyone.Or, you would have thought I would about touching the little roundabout.However, Hanawa is “Nde live, because you put beep” and telling the pretend, blurt out a “glue peak”.Light Ota of laughter problem that was in the studio as understudy of Beat Takeshi was laughter about facing the belly.

Of that take a laugh at that betray the expectations of people who are seen, it can be said that the cardinal rule of comedy is not limited to manzai.But sometimes, there is that the expected turn to the expectations.And to meet the expectations, leading to greater laughter.Just “THE MANZAI” Knights of the comic that showed in the final of, it can be said that was what gave birth to laugh and to meet the expectations of viewers.On the other hand comic of Panbu who won in, I said that was something of orthodox betray the entirely expected.Viewer’s opinion that “more of the 2-position of Knights was interesting” is maybe said that resulted from this difference between the two.

In addition, complaints of viewers with respect to these results, a lot of people in front of the TV “?I think it is as rooted in differences no appointment of judges to the floated “.Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Yasushi Akimoto, Terry Ito, Tsutomu Sekine, Kazuki Otake, Masayuki Watanabe, Yuichi Kimura, Hiroyuki Amano, the stage of final lined nine judges named Mitsuyoshi Takasu.People to convince the mogul such as Nishikawa and Akimoto to the jury would be many, but medium-sized far from that Kimura and Amano is no difference to the audience there were many to wonder the sit to judge seat.Because, tournament is now “entertainment career unquestioned.I because began with a catchphrase that professional comedian nurses limited “.Even if the pin entertainer of Kimura separately, I want to challenge as Kyain to Amano.Do not than so I thought viewers often.

If a tournament to determine the “this year the most interesting comic artists”, That’s what I wanted to participate in such as laughter problem to continue standing still on stage every month.Certainly the class but there will be a variety of problems to participate, Well better yet do not the “M-1” I should ask have tied to entertainment career as.Examination results in this time of “THE MANZAI” that complaints have been submitted but, whether the divergence of the contents and the tournament gist of visible from the actual contestants are not the contributors that have not recruited the voice of discontent.If if next year also the same tournament will be held, I want you to come with a tied called “entertainment career within 20 years.”.Dissatisfaction with the fact that entertainer of mid-level that would have felt this time viewers do the jury it only would be eliminated.Anyway I hope the success of punk grunt who won.Because they will not be the next tournament to be leap.

(Statement = Mineo /http://mineoneo.exblog.jp/)
Book “Hitoshi Matsumoto is Soseki Natsume! “(Takarajimasha Paperback)

(※ image: from THE MANZAI 2011 official website)

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Fall immediately after also Korea Air Force missile launch, the voice of the “problematic” to force

South Korean military officials on the 18th, in the live fire training that was conducted in June 2011, missiles from F-4 fighter “AGM-142” where it was fired (pop eye) 3 shots, immediately after 2 shot is fired It was to clear the fallen and.Multiple of Korea media reported.

Military officials, 2 shots out of the fire and missile 3 shots does not operate a battery of propellant, was talking and was allowed to fall into the sea without fly towards the target.Cause is seen as poor maintenance, was raised pointed out that there is a problem with the forces from Korea.

South Korean army in order to attack a major military installations such as missile launch base of North Korea, was introduced about 100 shots pop eye from Israel in 2002.1.2 billion won per shot that (about 80 million yen).

Battery of propellant to operate after the ignition.Since there is no technology to be sure in advance battery to operate in Korea, it is necessary to provide regular battery replacement, the Air Force had failed to manage because of budget shortfalls.Pop eye of battery 60 million won (about 400 million), life is about 10-12 years.I was fired since 3 years ’08 of training.

Air Force in response to the missile crash, recorded a battery replacement cost in fiscal 2012 budget, or the budget from that also other important business often can ensure that opaque.

South Korean media, was reportedly “Air Force will not escape the responsibility of to that it has drilled a hole in the North Korean forces.”.(Editors: Yu Shinkawa)

“Mito Komon” You can not quit convinced! Affected areas of the old man, “most of the fun …”

With the TBS immobility of rut program “Mito Komon” is finally tonight (December 19, 2011), to finish the social reform pilgrimage of more than 40 years – it is possible that, this morning of Asa Zuba! Is the last in the fifth generation Mito Komon, greeted Kotaro Satomi as a special commentator.

Kōtarō Satomi “I hear voices well and that from being Why finished,” but this drama has been known for a happy ending, such as press in determine, upon the retirement of your Roko of this every time, even Monta Mino of Satomi also show host, sorry chagrin it is, in a tone such as.

Minowa, show off the episode when a visit to the people of the elderly living in the Northeast of temporary housing.When I hear the day-to-day of fun, voice and TV.But this Asa Zuba! It is shunned as “since early morning”, the most fun is Mito Komon -.And that such a story, heard here and there of temporary.

When informed that the Minoga Mito Komon is finished, who your old man “not convinced is that the end” and “Ne’m Why” that seemed.”” Why, Why do (gonna end)?Voice Satomi also respond and often hear “that”.

Mito Komon finale of publicity, memorial, such as when a person “still young you” died, was preoccupied with funereal mood.

“I lost to myself” dampers that Sawa Homare of positive thinking vomited only once

Nadeshiko Japan captain-SawaMinoru or rarely Medal of the new “world” is applied.It is in the “2011 FIFA Women’s Ballon d’Or” to choose the World Footballer of women’s football.The award, which was elected the nominated 10 people in October, announced the three finalists in the December 5.Malta (Brazil), Sawa has been entry with one back (US).About surprising episode of Sawa to get a worldwide reputation, I fulfill her latest publication “dream.”(Tokuma Shoten published) and configuration,” Mr. Sports Writer Ebashi Yoshinori that publication of the world to give up not mind “the (Shogakukan published) is commentary.

* *
Sawa is a sensitive player in the relationship of words and mind.”If vomit complaints” enough is impossible “and, where game would with” “If Nenjire as” I can do “, really can feel is” as such, the words human behavior that is emitted from the mouth and I believe that it is something that is pulled.So Sawa is not always the only mouth that positive.

By the way character of “vomiting” is, mouth strangely plus, I will write a negative.When you take off minus from here it will be character called “Kano”.”Dreams are not what you see, fulfill those” is Sawa listed the belief that, the only positive thing to continue to the mouth, it will be said that has realized the “grant” rather than “spit”.

It is such Sawa, but you say that there is that you have vomited the complaints only once.2004, at the expense that won the berth of the Athens Olympics, and was hit by a serious injury to right knee meniscus injury.Olympics Although this tournament was a last-minute situation that has also been referred to as either despair, she is crossing the very surgery that excision of the meniscus, has been restored to pitch in just 2 months.

Make do in Athens, the time limit is provided that rehabilitation, it is called was extremely harsh.Menu that was imposed on her was the equivalent of the male players.One day, she is called “lost to myself”.It is so had to give up the “mercy” while spilling tears.

However, an attempt to cheer such a girlfriend, came a team mate of Nadeshiko Japan, has been doing the rehab menu with Sawa.Unplug bullying the body in the feeling that “want not to give up in Sawa”, and touch the friends of appearance that it was also ran joins the team practice When you’re finished, Sawa “accomplish rehabilitation in order to go to Athens” again and I swore.

After two months, Sawa played a miraculous recovery aspirations come true, I was able to stand in Athens of pitch.However, her knee that had excised the 40% of the meniscus in the future, might scream.Once you eventually reduced the muscle becomes the old man, is called might be their own walking also becomes difficult.Still, because I that decided the surgery “than to worry about their old age, and for women’s football in Japan”, will lower the really head.Sawa who devoted his life to football, that is recognized as the “world’s best players”, I hope strongly as a national of Japan alone.

2011 and the award ceremony of the FIFA Ballon d’Or announcement o’clock 19: 1 月 9 日 年 2012 ※ (Japan time 10 days before dawn), takes place in Zurich, Switzerland.

Photography ■ Satoru Kaneko

How to enjoy get used to patron of uses mood of what little bonus of “idle funds” (2)

In fact there is idle funds than before, had been released (disappearance is absorbed ’09) jet securities in December 2003.Where do the difference between this time and at that time.
(Affiliated office) is because it was mainly production idle funds “Previously, investment was limited to belong talent.(Manufacturer) is has become a main production company Fund, there is no limit to the subject.This means that I can be booked between the daughter of idle expected sales “(Mr. Ikeda, supra)

This initiative Star’s securities operation and sale of the Fund of this time, but to produce a DVD to discover the idle actually, a company called BNS.Company after the establishment in 1993, has been sold about 1800 titles in the group as a whole, and that has a sales network TSUTAYA, GEO, amazon, etc. to the DMM.com.
Mechanism of investment seems to differ greatly from the previous fund.Thing of the past, for example Idol of investment is five, investors were able to invest in girls and their favorite at ¥ 50,000 one-necked.Therefore, investment performance is in pieces, 142.3% at the highest, lowest was 40%.That is to say, Some girl gave me increased to ¥ 71,150 the principal amount of ¥ 50,000, that some child was reduced to ¥ 20,000.To fund into a “single item” gravure idol is risky, the result comes out as numbers is the story cruel to girl.

On the other hand, in the idle funds of this time, (5-6 or group) five or six idle is built into the fund for one of risk aversion, and that is in the form of dispersing investment.
Is what is announced as the first step, unit of the trio are aiming route cute erotic photos of “Pink Caramel”.It is scheduled to DVD will be released in January next year, such as invitations to the shooting scene, and with that provides a variety of benefits to investors.Also, idol go to see ‘s trend of recent, pink caramel not only meet, an event called presence with the launch of the shooting also Toka’s planning during.

In agreement with the production, what is announced so far just this pink caramel, but subject to the fund, in fact Adult also contains.It seems planned to take also works Reiko Nakamori popular as Big Tits Mature Actress.
Among the “DVD market, Adult is an area that is the most stable.Production costs are low, I have also established sales channels.By incorporating the genre of Adult, the fund will be able to hedge risk fairly “(The reporter economic, supra)

Well, idle funds This time, investment from ¥ 300,000 1-neck, until the end of December sales period.It is not a cheap financial products never, and that the case of the idle, the body Toka is strong, Toka does not cause a scandal before it not sell sell, and such, have a sense of responsibility that do not retire in the middle is also important.
Does not change the fact anyway is “gambling”, shalt be studied at your own risk all.Well, considering Even so, idle that you have invested, and, If you come to be watched online video and TV, a DVD soon ….This might get away in “overwhelming pleasure” far from!?

Kanjani ∞ · Yokoyama, claims to fan “of prickly pear I also! Buy,” said!?

Storm Sakurai Sho served Linkman, popular artists of the 20 pairs of Fukuyama Masaharu, such as AKB48 however was amassing “best artist 2011” (Nippon Television).Storm, TOKIO, Kanjani ∞, KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hey! Say! JUMP et al appeared, I was liven up the venue in the performance of each from Johnny’s, but had attracted the attention of fans among them Kanjani ∞ became the appearance for the first time in two years.Wearing colorful costumes uniform style, and sings with glue that burst their unique, two songs one of the representative song as “irresponsible hero”, has received the music provided by the rock band Dohatsu heaven “Mon Jai beat” was.It showed off the power that I do not think the midst of a concert tour, but the radio was broadcast at a later date “Subaraji” in (FM NACK5), Kanjani ∞ · Shibuya Subaru gave me showing off some episodes appeared before.

(Image here)

On the day, before the work of the “best artist” has been completed ahead of time, Shibuya you decide to go to the massage shop nearby Makuhari Messe is a venue in between the two of Yokoyama of members.Where it arrived at the shop, I was waiting for the order, that were encountered in the place where it comes out of the room of the woman fan to finish his treatment.

It is surprised to Cor “.And though I was talking a little ”

It’s unusual behavior and are to them is a shy of Kanjani ∞ stamps, but maybe I was happy that much.”I bought this!”, And the children of fans that he showed me the inner ring of the Shibuya but …….

There, “” Thank you,.When you said that I “Ya did bought me, if you have prickly about three, I had also Okura (loyalty) and Nishikido (Ryo) after! (Laughs) ”

Wow, rainy day affair (?) Allegations.Shibuya while tsukkomi as “Ninen Ya What do you mean you,” and seemed anxious members of the jewel or of who is in this,

“Who, saying,?”
“No, it’s Subaru-kun!”
“This, Yaro did not say I Okura Okura is when I say”
“No, – there is no such thing”

And, that it has been exchanged.If only this, it might landscape is often the case, … without necessarily being Yokoyama who was next to have seen just silently

“I do I buy or Hen of me why!”

For had started with the shin, things that confusing.

“No, I differ.The cry Bring happened today, and I have a home! ”
The “I have not brought only three why! do such yan absolute lie!”

Spirit of service Show tsukkomi just like variety despite private, word of truly.Still, it was good to be true fun encounter with the fan in pre-production or would not of helped to motivate their.Their charm and friendly friendly seems to be exhibited at any place like this.

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Shibuya Subaru tears fans confession of feelings of ’14 …… love letter to that person!

Nuclear accident in the “convergence Declaration” ripples net survey 90% or more “not reasonable”

About what about the accident of Fukushima first nuclear power plant, the process table for the accident convergence “Step 2” is completed and the government has declared a “cold shutdown state”, objection has been one after another from the public opinion.Poll results by media outlets has not been announced at this time, but in the research on the net, more than 90% have expressed discomfort indeed.

In the conference in the evening December 16, 2011, “thoroughly disgusted and curtain pull” Tokyo Shimbun editorial Yoshihiko Noda Prime Minister expressed as “is determined accident itself of nuclear power plant and led to convergence”.But, from the reporter

Question, “When viewed from the disaster area, the air is not quite unacceptable, but is strong” and was also out.

In the newspapers of December 17, the case that tells the straight the contents of the prime minister conference, “declares the nuclear accident convergence” and (Asahi) there were many, but in an editorial in one surface

tone that “” convergence “declared too early” (Asahi) “thoroughly disgusted with accident convergence declaration curtain pull” and (Tokyo), to point out the hasty of “” convergence “Declaration” has also been found here and there.

Foreign media skeptical further.Western media, introduced while exchanging comments of experts, such as a point, do not know when residents take decades (1) decommissioning majority is on (2) evacuation can do return home.Even the Xinhua News Agency of China, which is promoting the nuclear power plant

“Declaration intended for the Japanese government show the evolution of the accident measures at home and abroad.It is told has many challenges, and such “would be exposed to criticism, the web site, photo environmental organization” Greenpeace “to perform the protests have also been published.

The “convergence Declaration”, public opinion, extremely tough view.

Yahoo has done in the “Survey”, reasonable in the “moment” convergence Declaration “?To the question of “, 7360 votes were received at the 16:00 time December 17, 93% (6793 votes) responded with” not “reasonable them.Surpassing overwhelming “reasonable” (6%, 414 votes) and “do not know” (3%, 153 votes) a.