Sony downgrades also scuffle, and also short term increases the Catalyst many degree of attention

Sony scuffle.Mitsubishi UFJ In the investment decisions from “outperform”, “two
The downgraded to ~Yutoraru “, also price target are pulled to 1966 yen to 1500 yen.Liquid crystal television
Of the effects of structural reforms, to downward revision this term earnings forecast.Elimination of the joint venture with Samsung Electronics
Asset revaluation also reflect such as associated with, 800 from surplus of 140 billion yen of the current fiscal year operating income forecast conventional billion
You have a deficit of circle.Surplus of the current plan is 20 billion yen of the company.

It should be noted that in Merrill Lynch (ML) investment decisions “underperform” while continuing, short-term
The announced at CES (consumer electronics trade fair), such as further business portfolio review Cathar
pattern strike (variable factors) are many, have pointed out that attention is enhanced.

How has become?Bold too modus operandi of women who shoplifting beer (Video)

Shoplifting is a crime, but the people who are also not quite cut off a trail.

The shoplifting side that is, is something to hide the goods stolen by various means, this is not unusual hidden way indeed, and so bold shoplifting video seemed there were, we will introduce.

& Nbsp;

17574601.avi – YouTube
[I see video]

Is also a bold thing to hide in a skirt, but given the size and weight of 1 case whole, it must not be a question What happens normally walk doing.

Among those on earth, and I guess has become in any mechanism ….

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Defectors of the information part born a basis to deny “Kim Jong Il assassination theory” is commentary

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, which is to have sudden death in the train on the move to December 17 8:30.Cause of death was announced that acute myocardial infarction, wonder said receiving face value.

In North Korea’s official announcement, coincidentally since the death location is within the same train as the 2004 train bombing terrorist attacks, is in Korea has been whispered the assassination theory.The December 20 date of Dong-A Ilbo presents a doubt “the most questionable of remains that died in the train”, is understood that physical condition of bad Kim Jong Il has continued to local leadership to move the country by train you have to be difficult to.Posted a assassination theory and everyday economy of the same date also “there is a possibility that has been killing someone.”.

Of course, there is also a voice to deny these assassination theory.For example, Masanaru Lee of defectors in the information section of the Korean People’s Army born north (a pseudonym) has replied to this magazine interview.

“The on Kim Jong Il is imminent is dying is clear to everyone, I do not think it is trying to assassinate across the bother dangerous bridge.Still assassination suspicion arises because, talk that of North Korea “dead in the train” is because a lie.In Kim Jong Il is “nocturnal”, it is not active in the morning.Can not be considered first, such as the local leadership in sub-zero morning to bad physical condition.Has been confirmed that the train is not moving at the satellite photograph ”

Since you say that it died in hospital image is bad for people, just decided to dead in local leadership, and Lee pointed out.

But the assassination theory is talked about every time the leader is lost, so is system of dictatorship of North Korea, even think seemingly strong, I am always in the proof of that are having the kind of outbursts therein.

Dictator can not get away from the fear of fate basis assassination.Gold Seion to take over the top spot of dictatorship is, will be also daily to frightened to “hatred and assassination of chain” to the gold clan that has been passed from grandfather to father, will take over in the same way.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue

Most Viewed Youtube video this year, the genre No.1 and gulp introduction

Following the video ad Top 10 of most viewed Youtube this year, I will introduce the article to introduce the most viewed video in 2011 in the video of Youtube by genre.English-speaking countries (Well, mostly, but the United States) reveals trends that are popular in? – Is SEO Japan US Youtube was me list of the most viewed video this year.You have introduced me to in divided category by various genres music videos and news, from how-things to sports.

Let it and again see these popular video to continue sitting deep in a chair.Enjoy!

2011 to most viewed Youtube video that is most seen in the video world (except major music labels) – Rebecca Black – Friday (Official video)
Most Viewed obtained music video in the world (including major)
Jennifer Lopez -. On The Floor ft Pitbull
Most seen news footage in the world
Japan Earthquake: Helicopter aerial view video of giant tsunami waves
Most seen fashion / how-to video in the world
25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!
Most Viewed obtained tech video in the world
iPhone 5 Concept Features
Of the most seen movies in the world trailer video
Most seen sports video in the world
Mountain Biker gets taken out by Buck
Most seen video games in the world
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Gameplay Demo (E3 2011)
Most seen was travel video in the world
Mieders Alpine Coaster (with no brakes !!)
Most seen scientific video in the world
What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?
Most seen marriage proposal video in the world
Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER !!!
Which would I enjoyed most?

This article, is what was translated was published in the Quick Online Tips “Most Viewed Youtube Videos 2011 By Category”.

Pop singer Rebecca Black became popular on the net (most Japanese people are likely of a known but) video is is that the 1-position of the A number excluding the but only major.Still 15 million times.Kataya Jennifer Lopez I because it is playing 400 million 50 million times..It is a good number said to be.You brought home the the the most viewed news video this year was the video of Japan tsunami was again worldwide traumatic event also (Views 20 million times or more).The video is also the more to introduce winding of the muffler 25 ways in 4.5 minutes! It is viral work called.Views 8 million times.Would not it this pattern can be various in Japan.Views of the movie No.1 2,000 million times, game No.1 500 million times.You’ve been working hard still movie.I Alpine of the video while Views 3 million times Qiang will say look.It is, but is questionable may call it a travel video…Tighten?Or propose the video but is playing 20 million times, will it did not come with good enough pin was everyone How about the?- SEO Japan

Ace reporter roundtable This is the back of the 2011 entertainment scandal (1)

A for example, (wide show entertainment responsible desk) the Great East Japan Earthquake to Shimada Shinsuke retirement uproar, traumatic event was really a lot this which society has fallen into chaos, I wonder if not it was a good opportunity to reconsider what’s possible in showbiz again.

D (sports newspaper reporter) that sense Well, I’m iconic be most break the talent this year was a child actor of Mana Ashida.After all, the entertainment industry I guess that mean reflect mirror of the times.

But B (evening newspaper reporter), hold also publishing rights of “curl-Morimori” to break the background that there was a fierce push “of the entertainment world don” is, it is a famous story in the industry.The second piece of Fuku Suzuki who had formed a duo in the CD has become disconnected and solo also’m not a “adult situations”, interest structure of the sides’m mon usual harsh (laughs).

I C (women’s magazine reporter) Ashida has become New Year also pulling on television Dako, in the future from now becomes to worry.Though Nozomi Ohashi you have the world by storm in Ponyo had reportedly suspended the entertainment activities this year, officials of Ashida is I want you to firmly guard.

D K-POP bias that was established completely in Japanese entertainment industry in its Ashida diametrically professional style and.”Girls”, “KARA”, “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, I was sweeping the entertainment industry as the “BIGBANG”, such as division and independent uproar over the contract and guarantee it was interesting to have been one after another in this short period of time.

A “KARA” had become the commotion that four members of the lodge the contract termination on the grounds of “personality negative and emotional distress” by office.And I was back to the original sheath by settlement ultimately, on the back of independent uproar it has also been said that Korean producer had been behind the scenes.

I from C Korean showbiz enough of terrible working conditions are referred to as “contract slavery” is often.Still’m as there remains a culture such as lower body entertainment, if it’s members to shock if also there was such a thing of “KARA”.

Even B, similar to trouble is happening also in male group, the biggest reason is still probably gold.Is something “Dong Bang Shin Ki” was at odds with South Korea belongs offices and court from previous typical, even since the beginning of this year, the confusion such as Avex put pressure on Japan tour of independent three unit was “JYJ” I have followed the.

Speaking A so was also strange incident that members · G-DRAGON is caught in South Korea as a “smoked cannabis in Japan Club” (prosecution grace) of “BIGBANG”.And though nor found red-handed, it’s why inexplicable including Maybe information of Japan was introduced to Korea.

D Actually, the that of Japan got the cannabis club, because I shop for related group that became famous in Ebizo beating.It is solely whether not it was fitted.”BIGBANG” also seems to have had a contract problem, I have this is also referred to as the management of fear Japanese side that surfaced was leaked to obtain the information.

C anyway, to would K-POP boom to compete three sets to NHK red and white of this year continue in the next year, it is still likely to be trouble interests conflict also including in Japan.

■ KARA photo gallery
■ Mana Ashida of Photo Gallery
■ Fuku Suzuki of Photo Gallery
■ Ohashi Nozomi photos gallery

Rear-end collision in flames on the highway, BMW12 units of trailer loading is gutted = Sichuan

Beijing – connecting Kunming (Yunnan Province) in the vicinity of Sichuan Guangyuan of “G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway” is, around midnight on the 28th morning, four such as trailers for new car transport in flames by the pileup.Although injured there was no, luxury car of Germany that had been loaded on the trailer by accident, in addition to such BMW12 cars were burned down, congestion 20 km has occurred.China News Service has reported.

According to the local firefighters who hit the fire fighting, it is around 22 minutes at 12 the 28th morning have received a report of a fire in highway.That in the morning around 1:00 you have arrived at the scene, the accident vehicle is red people and kindling, black smoke and the strange smell hung over is around, had a growing danger of explosion.

Fire is being extinguished in about two hours, was not injured, BMW12 units which has been loaded on the trailer gutted.In addition, congestion 20 km occurs due to fire.The cause of the accident under investigation, it is not known so far.(Editors: Qingtian Road)

The truth Livedoor team is NG the original director talks about the “baseball back situation”

Kumagai Fumito Mr. Katsunori Kojima (left).Photo List smiling live and BLOGOS is send formed a tag, “Niko-sei × BLOGOS” 4th decided the acquisition of Yokohama Bay Stars, comes into view from DeNA uproar played a new entry in baseball “of baseball I was thinking about back situation “. 
Guests, Nippon Professional Baseball in Livedoor Phoenix in 2004 (below, NPB) when while the application of entry has also been rejected to join in, and Mr. Katsunori Kojima who had served as GM of Livedoor Phoenix, Livedoor Baseball former directors Fumito Mr. Kumagai of. 
7 years ago optimism and during baseball newcomers uproar of Livedoor, what exchange in the field that was want done?Why Rakuten is able to join in professional baseball, whether Livedoor in vain? 
The back of the lead in this time of turmoil DeNA “team newcomers uproar” is now clear!
Moderator: Kota Otani (BLOGOS editor-in-chief)
Announcer: Oguchi Eriko
Commentator: Shinichiro Suda (Economic journalist)
Guest: Katsunori Kojima (original Livedoor Phoenix GM)
    Kumagai Fumito (Ltd. Livedoor former directors)

 Movie a team model of profitable small: professional baseball restructuring problem that emerged in the wake of the merger of the Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes and the Orix Blue Wave in 2004.In this case, I think I companies cited bid to new entrants was optimism and Livedoor.Owners meeting of result, new entrants are new entrants of optimism is determined not observed of Livedoor.I think I’m a mean was born now the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.Kojima-san was the GM of Livedoor Phoenix at that time.By all means, I want to ask the Kojima-san and Mr. Kumagai, but so do you what you want me baseball team? 
Kojima: I want. 
Kumagai: I want. 
Retail: I’m was talking with the program staff today.But it is necessary money billions to have a baseball team.Resulting in either funds I had prepared how much? 
Kumagai: Because there was about that time 30 billion yen, I thought that we can with the money. 
Retail: 30 billion if available, but I also feel like good also use the money for other things as well not have a baseball team. 
Kumagai: Just, I think there is a great big value as advertising media advertising. 
Suda: No, just I.I think of that that time of professional baseball had steadily decline.Also I was no longer much broadcast on terrestrial.Many now sport, came out various content, for that professional baseball presence was subsidence.Of course, but there is name recognition, named Livedoor previously whether or not to purchase a baseball team, do not it was quite widespread? 
The Kumagai: I think not it.Will be given a bid to new entrants of professional baseball, do you think that it almost is those who know the company called for the first time “Livedoor”. 
Small: there is much the meaning? 
Kumagai: Yes you. 
Suda: Well, even in just raise your hand, do you not it was good? 
Kumagai: Just, we if seriously management, I was also confident that always be in surplus.So, I thought it was trying to do. 
Retail: You called Specifically, go something if this is? 
Kumagai: biggest cost is labor costs in team management, then I think I use fee of stadium is greater.And problem of whether there can be a much reduced.When referred to in the part of sales, I’m broadcasting rights was steadily drops of time, whether not you can plus alpha.It can be a delivery of the net, eating and drinking in the stadium, product sales.If we can face the team the bottom of the sales, I thought that it always can be profitable. 
Suda: Actually I, of operations and management professional baseball team I’m very simple.As you look at the part with the part of the expenditure of revenue, rather than complex ones.The called revenue, by admission revenue, such as ticket sales, the incoming broadcast fees from TV, when we look finely after, although there many such goods sold, I’m such about it for that revenue. 
The called On the other hand spending, fade away like the people expenses.Given the sort of thing, where a is compressed, go supposed to be that where what is going to increase, but it’m very and simple system. 
Otani: In terms of labor costs, even had a high salary players in players, if revenue is firmly, but it is that can be adjusted. 
Kumagai: I’m not even mean that if Soroere a high salary players team win.Not win Even giant.Now I was a season the lowest Even Yokohama, Speaking or Yokohama is not multiplied by the most labor costs, and I do not even so.What we were thinking at the time, I thought it was going to do a management that models the movie “Moneyball”. 
Retail: In that movie, it was a base percentage and that was most important to the acquisition of players. 
Kumagai: That’s right.All the players ability to quantify, in the middle, but his kick went wide monetary value that has the original players, but it I thought it was going to do business based on it. 
Suda: If you think the contrary, management, because the management of the way is is simple, yet I have extremely large broadcast rights fees in seasonal part.In addition only broadcast rights fee of Giants.So, if you say in that sense, why Yomiuri Giants are not the only big face any?Is Why can selfishly love only there Nabetsune?So, is why there is a team management structure that depends on the Giants.So, when the come out teams such as “by Giants is a good” as Mr. Kumagai said, for the Giants, but it I become like a revolt molecules situation.

Shop increase station Naka ramen had bad image that you want to compete on taste

The storefront of the Tokyo Station “Tokyo ramen Street” is, all day, such as the columns of people to want to eat even wait an hour and a half followed, but ramen shop boom now “station Naka”.Therefore, we won the ramen about 20,000 cups around the country, I’ve heard about the current station ramen in Osaki Hiroshi’s ramen data bank representative director active in television and magazines.Below, but analysis of Osaki’s.

* * *
Speaking of station ramen, but convenience is good, taste is I not good enough for the store there were many, the last few years as “Tokyo ramen Street”, ramen shop compete on taste has been increasing.

We have established a lot of table seating, for example, adding a woman to staff, also station ramen shop unique women tourists and families have been devised so that it can be used freely.

For example, “Tokyo ramen Street” is, precisely because the location of Tokyo Station, you have chosen a shop set up the head office to place local people first stop over not Kudan and such Saginomiya.And the Deaeru in the middle of a trip to the taste of these well-established store is, it is the charm of the station ramen.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue

“Revival” in the local Nagoya in viewing rate target of Asada Mao-chan wonder I lined up in “Kaseifu no Mita” last times!

Mother, Masako-san at the sudden change of condition (age at death 48), December 10, 11 days (Japan time) to have been held in Canada-Quebec “Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final” Mao Asada was forced to miss (21).

Unfortunately, although mother, Masako-san became a people that does not come back early in the morning on the 9th, from the death of beloved mother, just two weeks.Mao played in “All Japan Championship” which was kicked off on the 23rd.Although it was women’s SP (short program) in the 2-position of the 24th, stunning reversal in the women’s free of the 25th.I played the first time in two years and five time champion.Lack of practice, this results in amid upset even some of the mental, but Cuckoo was confronted To vividly the strength of spirit forces of Mao.

By the way, the “All Japan Championship” viewing rate of (Fuji TV series) was found.Men’s SP (54 分 時 19 時 ~20) is 12.3% of the 23 (or less, all numbers Kanto district, average).Of the 24th Women’s SP (19 時 ~21 時 30 分 = Mao appearance) is 22.7%, boys free (21:30 to 23:10) is 19.6%.Girls free is 19:00 to 20:00 17.2% of the 25th, 20:00 to 21:55 (Mao appearance) is 26.7%.Of the 26th exhibition was 13.6%.

Now, if there in TV world, 20% of it is I can be hard to take the audience rating, more than that number very easily Mao indeed.Notably moment highest viewing rate at the time of performance of the 25th that victory took.The numbers Mao took 21 o’clock 36.9% in the Kanto district is phenomenal, Kansai district is 36.3%, and recorded a whopping 40.0% in local Nagoya district.

Viewership of broadcast television drama “Kaseifu no Mita” the final episode of the 21 days mark the 40.0% (Kanto district).This is because, in the history of Japanese TV drama, record numbers.Nonetheless local Nagoya, because he lined up with only one person Mao to that number, there is no choice but to admire the height of her national support.
(Ichiro Ochiai)

Reference value of carcinogenic mycotoxins beyond milk to market = Fujian largest manufacturers apology – China

December 26, 2011, China – Fujian largest dairy manufacturer “Chang Fu milk product” receives that mycotoxin with carcinogenic from the company’s product “aflatoxin M1” is detected, posted an apology on the official website was.NetEase Finance and Economics told.

[Other photos of]

Along with the apology to consumers in apology, it had been marked “great shame of the industry since entering 13 years”.The company dairy production amount of one day exceed 600 tons, is the largest sales volume of the company in Fujian province.

The “aflatoxin M1” is detected, which was produced on October 18, it was greater than 80% of the reference value.Because you are already on the market, that the company immediately make the collection and disposal.

in quality inspection that China National Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine General Administration (Shitsuken Directorate) was carried out in October, “aflatoxin M1” is detected in the two companies of the company and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of dairy manufacturers “Mengniu Milk Industry”.(Translation and editing / Uchiyama)