The 2012 upheaval Japan 100 large notice to Rei Dan & Mitsuhiro Oikawa “Buchikire divorce”

In this year of showbiz, divorce rush likely to occur.Quagmire divorce drama of Yu Darvish and Saeko (25) also, greet finally reconciliation.

It was a tug-of-war is expected to “Major League cored.¥ 10 million a month just child support.It because is more than 2 billion yen up to children of adult.(22) if the definitive agreement even tied, faster divorce announcement “(Sasaki)

Other last year in July, it’s Mitsuhiro Oikawa Prince of character and Rei Dan former Takarazuka was a surprise marriage (40).According to Mr. Sasaki,

“Suddenly & ldquo; Separated marriage & rdquo; is referred to as the marriage was started in style, without having to see almost the essential of two-shot from before marriage, (23) already & ldquo; as it is called; & rdquo Kamen couple.No one surprised even if there is a speed divorce of the year ”

Disparities marriage & height difference called the topic in marriage Yaguchi Mari (28) also, is also threatened early.

“Still income not only different than one digit, Yaguchi is not good command of even the latest drying function with the washing machine, and leave the housework to her husband, to say it, recently showed up in place of alcohol in rural areas I have begun.From previous marriage, soon enough to loose ~ Lee only to type is Kudoka Drinking, (24) by the husband Masaya Nakamura is not funny even Buchikire “(entertainment reporter)

Also, Ryoko Hirosue married Mr. candle Jun (31) is strong even crisis theory.

Says Jun Mr. acquaintance.

“Completely Hirosue is raising children at the center work Mr. Jun is almost.With more influence comes to Jun’s work, are cold at the couple relationship.(25) I would like catastrophe verge to stay-at-home dad state ”

Finally or punishment 2.

“The teachers often that I even neck Kimigayo not standing” Osaka teacher

I say that it painful to reform, really might greet the bloodshed in Osaka.School teachers to continue the resistance squarely in Toru Hashimoto, Osaka Mayor recite education reform, and towards the “Kimigayo unison when standing” stop at the March graduation ceremony, beginning to reveal the attitude that does not hesitate of force are.

Matsui Ichiro Osaka governor has stated the early establishment of basic education bill in the inaugural conference.If bill in February it is submitted to the Prefectural Assembly and the City Council, the “effect” is first tried the first time, it’s graduation ceremony of Prefectural schools refrain in the one month after the.So momentum that of force by the part of the teachers occurs is growing.

“Osaka City Board of Education is to force the piano accompaniment to the national anthem at the ceremony, there are many music teachers who suffer from it.If satisfied ordinance in such, teachers scared to fear, will further mental pressure is strengthened “(” Hinomaru-Kimigayo “Mr. Force opposite hotline Osaka Imae Hiroyuki)

According to the Ministry of Education survey, 5458 people faculty that you leave with mental illness such as depression in the country most of the past in 2009.Shows the percentage of leave number of people occupying the teachers “leave’s appearance rate”, Osaka Following the Okinawa nationwide second place.In the government-designated city, Osaka City ranked first, Sakai City is by far the 3-position and the group.

“Teachers and which thus was mentally forced to think not when you standing in the national anthem colleague teachers solemnly of graduation ceremony that saw the figure.Only are also “no matter what Kimigayo to crush the anthem” and Ikimaku teacher, we are concerned that the long-awaited children departure might be ruined by violent behavior “(original Prefectural High School length)

In “non-standing of Joan of Arc” was called women’s case in the original teacher of Tokyo Metropolitan High School, this strange spectacle was seen.

Graduation ceremony of “I continue to not standing with the arrival was in 2008, this woman teacher had been called” today or even dismissal if not standing disposal “.But that day, in nursing school that not only elementary and junior high schools and a total of 25 graduates, dozens also of supporters is packed, “Kimigayo not standing” Monomonoshii banners and bib such as “Hinomaru-Kimigayo Force opposite” was listed.

In the confusion of students and parents, et al., Woman teacher greeted with applause and cheers to supporters, had pierced the non-standing “(Yu Yamada of freelance writer who interviewed the situation at the time)

If familiar with the “Kimigayo Force” by 憚 from no Hashimoto mayor to say “education is 20,000 percent Force”, the impact is not in this ratio.If Okire simultaneous multiple specific “declaration of intention” between Prefectural school and its faculty spanning 2000 schools, about 50 000 people, is expected uproar that can not be imagined.Has progressed already “of force” plan.

“Motion calling for the systematic non-standing movement during the national anthem has become tricky for strict monitoring of the prefecture Board of Education.However, in February the start of the Congress, you are planning a large-scale rally that surrounds the Prefectural Office and City Hall in the faculty and support person.Want to appeal the ordinance blocking until the end “(Mr. before de well before)

For “ahead”, mid-level teacher in Prefectural to join the siblings set to the eerie prophecy.

“Although until February will do a force to call for modification or withdraw the bill, still Hashimoto and Matsui if to Congress submitted, many teachers no doubt get out to a repulsive attitude in the graduation ceremony of March.The specific method is not yet determined, it must be a way to have a significant effect on the public opinion in any.

It is not also in the news in about some of the teachers to resistance in a non-standing.Hashimoto ought realize that not a few teachers that “long-cherished ambition’s even got fired” ”

Public opinion and “justice” of Hashimoto, who appear to bullish offensive to back, the teachers even belief not to bend while becomes inferior “justice” -.The collision, bloody situation is not likely to be avoided.

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, · the 20th Issue

[Entertainment vitamin ♪ “all love” “There is no place for hate.”.Actually Love Love of 爆問 Ota and Mitsuyo Mrs.!?

Famous laughter problem of Ota light and Mitsuyo and his wife in the submissive husband.However, actually the inside of a program event you would suspect than a lovey-dovey happened.To Mitsuyo’s words of that answer when it was asked about her husband, Ota was how not hide the joy even while shy.

“SMAP × SMAP” (Fuji TV) of “BISTRO SMAP” in a guest appearance was Mitsuyo Mr. Ota of two people and the office president in Ota wife of laughter problem.To from beginning to end spear difficulty likely Ota light in the fact that the couple co-star, self-paced of Mitsuyo Mr. early and arrived in seat, had started drinking beer.Because it was the order of the day “cuisine to suit the herbal tea”, good to be the “beer from two of laughter problem?It is Mitsuyo who had been said, “but there is indeed office of president.had to demonstrate the big game the first time and it “does not come out and not a beer appetite”.

Then, I like where is “each other in Ota and his wife?When I hit the question “, the answer of the” all “from Mitsuyo’s.”I mean, I hate there is no place for” was told to and Ota, had been embarrassed by the bright red face.However, surprising fact is issued from Mitsuyo’s here.And he that was directly studio filled by this morning, Ota and the couple quarrel actually.Furthermore, are they not trying to continuation of the morning of couple quarrel in this place.It had Tanaka Yuji partner also amazed that the “” hate place is not “do not think people who had said a little while ago.”.Also Nakai Masahiro “continuation of the fight should be and from back home,” it was a settlement called.

But after this, surprise was waiting to Ota and his wife.Always he is there gift of kiss to the winning team, but he was supposed to kiss Mr. Mitsuyo Ota this time.Mitsuyo who spill as “not seven years kiss” is, and a kiss on the cheek Ota was very embarrassed.

It’s Ota and his wife that has become famous in the submissive husband, but in fact Mitsuyo’s might be just want to be bothered more in Ota.In fact, a recent Mitsuyo’s face lament that it was no longer me playing at all was somewhere lonely.It’s Ota each other work had just because busy, but I felt that it be best if you have more important things Mitsuyo Mrs. who say to the love all.If you take more physical contact, will also no longer be henpecked wife.
(TechinsightJapan editing part Akirasato)

• “only was I to shame.”.Reason 爆問 Ota was cut to Shinobu Otake?
· 爆問 Ota light of wife-Mitsuyo can see “samurai”.
– Everywhere I would have ××.The first time in “Kuzumen” of surprise of laughter problem Tanaka.
-Wife Mitsuyo persimmon thief?Wake the laughter problem Ota was rebuked wife.
• The “I’ll crush!” Young emotions Nakai Masahiro was hugging to Tackey of.
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The annual highest audience rating defend also …….”Absolutely not overlooked” tsukkomi far from the festival for

NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen of last year New Year’s Eve reconstruction assistance of the Great East Japan Earthquake was a theme.Selection of contestants, there were also rumors that were difficulties considerably by the influence of the gang exclusion regulations of example …….

There is also that “Shinsuke Shimada-san has been pointed out the relationship between gang retired entertainment industry, was Mashi pretty dispute in station.However, it can not afford even to mean that “physical examination” the contestants all candidates.After all, Tokyo by ordinance of the previous last year October 1, which came into force became to a determination that you blame none “it (there NHK staff)

Despite such mess in advance, the average audience rating of the second part of from 21:00 to (examine video research, Kanto district) 41.6% in, was somehow kept the seat of annual highest audience rating.Takashi Odajima Mr. columnist doing this evaluation.

“It was not to be stupid cheer battle, moderator and performer is cold to the audience by barrage of jokes” freezing to death “is to be there was no (laughs).It was a good impression on the whole ”

On the other hand, even candid advice from Usui broad Professor of Sophia University Faculty of Letters Department of newspaper.

Although I think that it was pretty good at it, “what you feel fine, for the majority of the contestants had to say to Kuchiguchi that” want to give courage in song “, the word somewhere courage and spirited I was I have heard cheap.Is hard sell the excitement, it is regrettable that was not seen to relax ”

So, whether for participating artists individual.Nagabuti Tsuyoshi or a relay from the Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture of the affected areas, AKB48 although attractions and or showing off a special medley at 210 people a total was greater, far from tsukkomi was also packed.Speak Odajima Mr. earlier.

“It would tried to cheer the disaster area, I have the Enka singer was too enthusiasm was worried about (laughs).Originally, Enka The Han (back) only section (rude) and those that sing the retrospective regrets.And because I not have to forcibly positive feel it.In particular, “go home kana” of sub-chan (Saburo Kitajima) is, I wanted to sing in a more peaceful feeling (laughs).Force it would be striking example that failed too enters ”

Usui’s supra, cited the first co-starring Sayaka Kanda Seiko Matsuda and daughter.

“It had been frequently appeal that the TV’s first co-star, until the end Sayaka Kanda did not understand the meaning to appear (laughs)”

And that was one of this red and white of the eyeball, Lady Gagada played a red and white first-ever appearance VTR.And he was singing the smash hit song “Born This Way”, but there were people Monchaku regard lyrics of Japanese translation.

“The original lyrics I that contains the words such as” lesbian “and” bisexual “, but it is difficult to literal translation as it is in the red and white (laughs).So, take the permission to Gaga side, it was changed to softly and was expressed in a range that does not lose its original meaning “(supra · NHK staff)

Also, this time also Korean artists such as KARA and SNSD appeared.

“NHK is’re using them pretty damn, from during the rehearsal, I was not nervous like to notice the shooting ban on media companies who came to interview” (sports newspaper reporter)

And, of that Odajima Mr. earlier could not be the most understanding, Mana Ashida-chan and Fuku Suzuki-kun of the child actor was singing along with the Disney characters scene.

“I usually, even though the NHK is a public broadcasting are saying not to charge carriers in one company of publicity, Why issued a Mickey Mouse is the incarnation of American capitalism (incarnation) (laughs).Bad NHK you Eraisan of head I Will “The world is one” wanted to feel that ”

Also whether the charm of red and white unique is there so Tsukkomi far from.

Subscription fee reduction amount is only 70-120 yen.Personnel expenses per year 17.08 million yen per NHK staff alone
Collection rate of 2010 NHK subscription fee is 74%.Does this number is true?
NHK receiving fee payment is required also to Seg-board equipment.The rationale is?
Most shining of the ardent love, marriage, leaving-gaffe …… many ways!? And “week pre-Women’s Ana Award”
Commercial stations, also NHK war.”Women’s Ana Calendar” has been selling fool

AKB harsh than the general election!? Held “please! General election” of the lowest if forced graduation!

In TV Asahi popular variety “please! Ranking”, “please! General election” by ask warrior to serve the program navigator is to be held, was revealed in the same program of January 9.Please pink, yellow please, please Marin, please black, conducted a five popular vote of thank metal, that warrior forced graduation became the lowest, a sense harsh battle than “AKB general election” is the curtain drilled.

[Photo] just join in the winter of ’11 years of metal, black to graduation of crisis!

Same program receives a wish from the viewers that “I want to make this kind of ranking …”, and ventured a variety of location and research for each theme, has been broadcast every day the resulting original ranking.So far “gastronomic Academy” and “Choi plus cooking”, such as “Strike Music”, was born in popularity planning.

5 people facing the general election by a command called “ask warrior is to reduce because I too many personnel” from the “ask Great Satan”, the fashion and a little noisy sexy older sister is in love pink.Most healthy, soft cream yellow gluttonous that great favorite with the youngest.Graduation was ask blue twin sister, somewhere there is a dry atmosphere, little active marine than blue.Metal name as tightly serious “Android Warrior”.Slightly drag the bubble, adult black love good story of the economy.Red ask that do not participate in the general election, please Green, along with the pet’s nice rabbit, I’ve been to navigate various ranking information to this.

“Please! General election” is held until January 31 from today (Tuesday).In addition to phones vote, can vote in the ballot box that has been installed in the TV Asahi headquarters first floor atrium.January 13 (Friday), 20th (Friday), the announcement of the course the way in the program of the 27th (Friday), the final result will be announced during the broadcast of February 6 (Monday).Early New Year, the announcement of the shock that was issued from the program, must ask blue active duty warriors that was of course graduation earlier also turned pale.

[From Asia! Breaking News] Taiwanese female students murder, face book is the closure of the suspect.

5 days at Taito-ku, Tokyo, in the incident that two Taiwan nationals woman was killed, face book of Chokokorozashi fried suspect in wanted me it was found that no longer can be viewed from the 8th afternoon.

Tokyo Kusasono went to Japanese school Taiwan nationals of female students, Hayashi Municipal san and Shu-ritsu show san in the incident that has been killed in dormitory of the school, the Metropolitan Police Department on August 8, ChokokorozashiAge of Taiwan cough went to the same school I wanted suspects.This incident has been widely reported in Taiwan media, it is reported the ChokokorozashiAge suspect as an important figure in the case from the beginning.Also.From the face book page of ChokokorozashiAge suspects, citing a photograph taken when you went to such profile image and Hayashi Municipal san and Tokyo Ueno Zoo, criticism of Internet users comments were also reported together.

However, the page of Chokokorozashi fried suspect at the time was viewable is no longer able to browse from the 8th afternoon after wanted announcement.Veteran of criminal about this, I speak with the suspect who received wanted in the past closed his blog and mini-blog, there were trying to escape the discovery case.

It’s ChokokorozashiAge suspect that such possibilities and suicide concerns of injury has been reported, but whether the Facebook is why closure, reason is not yet known.
(TechinsightJapan editing part love Katakura)

· Japanese women students killed.The jury convicted verdict in defendant.(US)
Playboy, and killing a former lover to hula was revenge.(Taiwan)
-Wanted criminals that I wanted to go to work even swim the river.(Taiwan)
· Unsatisfying arrest of wanted criminals.Deciding factor Facebook.(Spain)
• The arrest in matchmaking program appeared to fugitive.(China)
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I had to consult Takaoka Sosuke Aoi Miyazaki the “affair allegations” to mother

Last year the beginning of November, Futari a luxury Chinese restaurant of private room in Tokyo, has been reunited for the first time in about 4 months.Before a sumptuous cuisine lined up one after another, that duo talked about indifferently divorce.

Aoi Miyazaki put an end from June 2007 to four and a half years lasted marriage (26) and Takaoka Sosuke (29).In the wake of Takaoka of Twitter uproar, Two Girls cracks began enters the marital relationship, Separated is discovered last October.Then about three months December 28 after, I was finally led to divorce.

“In the discussion at the Chinese restaurant, to Takaoka to want again kun, seems Aoi-chan” to continue the marriage because it is impossible “did not budge an inch and” (entertainment officials)

Such Takaoka eventually, had agreed to divorce, but he is said to be the affair allegations of Miyazaki and V6 · Okada was reported in the “Shukan Bunshun” Junichi (31) was the cause, in order to hear the truth, Takaoka I asked the mother.

“For adultery was not consulted.Though the name was not revealed, because had said she “seems Someone”.”You do not know what to do” What a had vomited unusually muted ”

And, when asked their thoughts to Miyazaki, seemed to not be holding back, mother was trembling incense voice.

“If things like that they contain is still coughing, but it is adultery”

– Report from Miyazaki’s divorce?

“It is not at all …”

Finally I threw himself unilaterally beg son blamed.

Because there may be a “blue’s work, I think I’m the wind that broke up not he reach.I There is also a place a little clumsy, and because it is gentle child.Huh ~~.Since But Hoping.I want to ask you to support ”

Worried mother’s still continued likely.

※ women Seven 2012 January 19, · the 26th Issue

Mouth only Bancho, Sawaue Atsuto Sawaue Investment Trust chairman

The Nikkei Veritas, market forecast of 2012, such as analysts and strategists had been posted.

Since it is almost that fits expected safe range of this kind, it is customary to that lack of interest.However, in part, “the letter safe Hey to my dictionary,” There are people that.Interesting for such people expected, I have seen it only.

1. Uno Daisuke Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Chief Strategist
The Are You a consistent dollar bearish, bullish yen Euro bullish market outlook.And a bearish to $ from a few years ago, certainly dollar of transition has been hit.

Indeed Uno’s told me also skip without disappoint this time.Sore not read chivalrous spirit, air that is consistent and has what hard instead of Yonin.

¥ 9000 (January), 7500 yen (October)

¥ 60 (October), ¥ 80 (January)

100 yen (January), 160 yen (October)

Average the $ yen in January is peak Nikkei, the expectation that the yen-stock prices continues until October.During expect many analysts the deployment of soaring, I am shines.

However, the phenomenal, the euro-yen rise … to 160 yen in October.Do What a bull in Dondake euro.October of the euro / dollar whopping about 2.67! ! ! And Hiroshi and say Domo world, expect people the euro / $ 2.6 with a straight face in 2012, I think the only Uno’s.

2. Ryōji Musha Musha Research representative
Is bullish in million years stock, there is also becoming established character that would be referred to as the “great your oracle” to say what he.It was still bullish forecast soaring even this time.

¥ 12,000 (December), 8500 yen (January)

¥ 75 (February), ¥ 90 (December)

¥ 95 (May), 110 yen (December)

Enough to nice to say when it comes to New Year and always, “Nikkei average + 40% and foreign exchange is weaker yen direction chart soaring” but some people to boast with, and what happens really.However, it is certainly a lot of people that happy If that happens.Should I become so, but ….

3. Sawaue Atsuto Sawaue Investment Trust Chairman
Million years is bullish muscle that forms the warrior and his matchless.Forever bullish.This time I have spread the applesauce enough surprised. Also Mr. warrior.

¥ 17,000 (December), 8500 yen (March)

76.8 yen (January), 90.7 yen (December)

102.8 yen (January), 127.5 yen (December)

Nikkei Is average 17,000 is or so yen.

Seriously Nikkei average 10,000, rather than believe that 7000 yen, because of the position that Don of retail active investment trust company, a large furoshiki is spotted like, Will positions talk general public is to be induced to buy the stock investment trusts.

Of course it’s a lot of pretty, but this is … a little too much to do.I, to exaggerate or Seriously, are good to sell about 100 million yen a call option of Nikkei average ¥ 16,000.Well Sawaue Mr. I will not buy in my wallet, I’m sure.& Nbsp;

Since Sawaue Mr. Mythomania are not that began in now, also is a selfish feeling.It is “only mouth Bancho” in the asset management industry.

Why Sawaue’s Sawaue fund I lie to be bought in crash?
Let’s face the past – Sawaue Atsuto Mr.
Sawaue investment trusts whether investment fraud?

Anyone just choose a simple high and low binary options.

Now, binary options that people around the world are enthusiastic.

Binary option is a kind of exchange financial instruments. Common stock and foreign exchange margin trading (FX), the price is to predict or “rise” or “fall”, “profit or loss” is determined according to the subsequent “price movements”, its “”income amount” will vary depending on the width. “Also “high-low” of binary options trading, price is predicted whether “rise” or “fall”, then of “profit or loss”, depending on the “price movements” is a point to be determined but the same, “profit and loss amount “is fixed without varying the” width “. Also features the there is no margin call because there is no leverage.

Normal FX depending on whether the exchange has moved much, also have different amount of gain or loss. When there is a big price movements, contrary to expectations, it is, but also increases the loss of course. In binary options, even if the exchange is moving large, even moving small, does not change the amount of basic profit and loss. At first glance, it might seem to like not to lose out transaction, terms and investment funds expected to deviate is forfeited in full, you let still feel strongly the gambling specific elements.

Because of the high gambling than FX, you can think of that can earn even amateur.

the Best of Binary Option

Viewers of sense and Zurezure! Sign of Shinsuke return in voice only appearance of the movie also published decision?[Topic]

Shinsuke Shimada, who retired from the entertainment world, but I found that has appeared only voice in the movie “a dog collar and croquette” to be published on the 28th of this month.Recording is thing that had been done before retirement, such as Comments and Osaki Hiroshi president of Yoshimoto Kogyo is hope the return of Mr. Shinsuke Shimada, heard many talk about him.
As following the remarks of Osaki president, has been in the mouth Tetsuo’s also Shinsuke’s return desired such as Itao Itsuji san and laughter rice.

On the other hand, viewers often voice opposition to return and say.Is referred to as a phone that “return is still early” was multiplied to 100 in Osaki president of comment on Yoshimoto Kogyo, a prominent voice of opposition, even on the net.

It is possible to see also a hot topic making for liven up the movie, rare even that deviate opinions with viewers so far.It’s August 23 of last year’s retirement press conference has been made.I wonder to return really Shinsuke Mr. Shimada?

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