“Work For Companies” ranking in 2012 version, Japan, and Google followed first place to last

Great Place to Work Institute Japan is the 20th, announced the “Best Workplaces” ranking in Japan 2012 edition.Announced in Japan have been conducted since 2007, it is the 6th time.Participation 123 companies.

According to it, “a rewarding company” of 2012 # 1 of 250 employees or more departments, was continued to Google in the previous (2011 edition).Second place is also the last time the same Works Applications.Third place, rank up from Plan · Do · See the 5.Previous 3-position of the Japan Microsoft has retreated at the 6-position.

Employees less than 250 people (25 people or more) # 1 of department also will continue to last, became the Cold Stone Creamery Japan.Previous 8-position of the net up surge in second place.Japan National Instruments previous second place has become a third place.

In Great Place to Work Institute, in 45 countries around the world over, especially in the survey results to employees, it is announced to create a ranking based on the same criteria.
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Ultimate rival showdown “survive is Which” I (7) sold out Queen “Risa Yoshiki VS love Shinozaki”

 Even in Gravure world this year, & ldquo; new erotic captain & rdquo; and Tour of the title of, Heated Battle of gong rings.I Risa Yoshiki referred to as the most comprehensive of erotic body (24) and Lori big tits love Shinozaki (19) of sparks.

In sweeping the gravure industry idle units, such as in the swimsuit and cosplay AKB48, it finally seems Strikes Back Gravure begins.Otari Akira Mr. speak of idle critic. Marriage of “Aki Hoshino was late-blooming (34), and Yoko Kumada (29) and Azusa Yamamoto (30) et al until it gets a real Arasa, in the gravure industry generational change did not go well.Among them, & ldquo; royal road & rdquo; Lori Big route of human resources was insufficient.Soredakeni, I have gathered is expected to young New heroine of 19-year-old Shinozaki ”

The like of F Kappupai such as cantaloupe Shinozaki, and shine in quasi Grand Prix at the readers’ poll type audition of manga magazine at the time of the 14-year-old’s talent that appeared in U-15 feature of CS program the following year.

Gravure magazine editors speak the charm of Big Tits.

“The so-called anime big tits, rounded like lamb chan” Urusei Yatsura “is attractive perfect score.Still in evolving, irresistible natural of the horizontal milk enough out Hami from normal bikini.Is called the fair of skin gloss, and delusion anyone Fucking and if a man ”

One of Yoshiki is, it is a marked contrast present in Breasts school.

The “if Shinozaki” but also Bakunyuu Lori “, it would be drop of gap that Yoshiki if” erotic while not a princess natural “.I attract a fan about the drop is large.Take a racy pose in skimpy swimsuit Yoshiki is, if Chablais the candy in Uwamezukai, unpleasant ends up associative sex also on “(Mr. supra Kotani)

Yoshiki even in shooting, gap of erotic degree in the first time and studio Moe of waiting room is that violent.Reveal the editor of the preceding.

“For example, rather than Nagarekawa of Twink and if the popular anime” Slam Dunk “, Kogure fan.Face to talk to be “would kindly” is girly itself.However, when directed the camera, also obediently reaction to pose of NG and if your high Gravure.Or bite of the V-shaped is intense, such as seaweed, thin and even will be higher swimsuit revealing much is riding a pair library, M-leg as well, and Nante be Shifts from physical education to sit the legs sideways and I’m me, depending also on the bold pose.”The feeling that is Yarasa, Doyakao” is what would be her gravure popular secret ”

This typical M-ish woman erotic is likely a step ahead Lori big tits.

“Even in AKB fans and herbivorous boys, I because there will be a desire to” I want to see more, “” I want to to such a thing. “.In addition, this year’s TV world, because it is going to be a flow of erotic level up to center the BS program, proven to increase the visibility in the “Campus Night Fuji” in ’09 Yoshiki is advantageous to reflection from the top of the experience masu “(Mr. supra Kotani)

Yoshiki of & ldquo; erotic new captain & rdquo; Shumei close.

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What was there in the Chia staff simultaneous retirement part Hokkaido prestigious high school sexual harassment reason

In Hokkaido of private high school, on the grounds of sexual harassment by director of cheerleading part, uproar that sophomore staff 10 people all issues the retirement part notification has occurred.What happened to the prestigious school to compete in the national level of competition.

Determined that “no sexual harassment” school side in helping you have piled up interviews from supervision.So as not to damage the student for the delicate problem, seems to have wanted to found a landing point over time, parents were not silent.

According to the president, “not the fact of sexual harassment” and stated Hokkaido Academic Affairs Division, from parents of cheerleading staff of Obihiro North High School in December 27, 2011, contains the complaints and are subject to sexual harassment committed by director that was.The same day, when inquiring about the situation from the Academic Affairs Division in high school side, it was answered that “There is no fact of sexual harassment”.

Academic Affairs Division responsible for the installation and approval of private schools in the province, but because Obihirokita high school of private, are kept to a minimum involvement of government based on the “private school law”.But until this, behavior and as if this coach is approaching dating to staff, and there is a suspicion that it was touching the staff beyond the guidance for was reported in the newspaper, even as the road to be “I want you to appropriately respond” to school and requested to side as the person in charge to speak.School side of that time insisted the “difference of opinion with parents”.

Glorious KOs of the wound was cheerleading part in 2005.Continuing with the 2010 and 2011 years in the powerhouse schools that competed in Japan Championship, when the official game of professional baseball and Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters was held in Obihiro, it also showed off the acting before the game.Director Upon guidance from the very beginning the wound, seems evaluation was higher from around.

Matsuura MamoruMakoto chairman of the school corporation Obihiro Watanabe Gakuen, which operates Obihirokita high school, an interview of J-CAST News, in terms of admitted that there was the offer of “Do not sexual harassment” from parents of staff, I was clearly denied “its not the fact.”.In cheerleading, but sometimes can not help but tell by touching the body of staff, upon carrying out the interviews from the director, it was concluded that not act, such as has been reported.

However, it has not been interviewed from the bottom line of students.If the staff of the balance of mind and body is a subtle age to school is a call Toitadase as “if it had been sexual harassment”, there is a high risk of damaging the heart, he called.Therefore parents side, seems to have published without fully but suggested that “from educational point of view, whether it be thought a solution over a little time”, wait guardians.

According to Matsuura president, the 10 students that issued the retirement part notification on the grounds of sexual harassment in the second grade all, you have to school as usual even now.Director who directed the “suspicion” is, has been teaching a number of staff, from the graduates was revealed that up voice referred to as “incredible”.

Part of the guidance, in which also claimed the parents side and the school side is direct opposition if it is recognized as “sexual harassment” to students, Matsuura president reiterates that “should not hurt the feelings of the students.”.Disposal of the coach for the conclusion of no sexual harassment is not performed, has continued to cheerleading portion is also activity.That, however, since the second grade ten flagship of the 16 people staff has gone missing, this remains in the participation of the tournament Mamanarazu, remained worry to insiders of teamwork.

Certification of sexual harassment act in club activities is, but very delicate problem.Also Contributions sites on the Internet, I see, “was sexual harassment in the adviser, was showered rant” trouble consultation that often.Is going really it was part of the leadership, there is a possibility to be recognized as “sexual harassment” to students.Actually even received a sexual harassment action to reverse, it is difficult to prove later as long as the other party is not recognized.

In recent years, was charged with quasi-rape against judo staff of the University, is Masato Uchishiba defendant cases of Olympic judo gold medalist still fresh in our minds.At this time, the person is concluded university side but denied the sexual harassment act as “black”, you have to disciplinary dismissal before being arrested.Also in the United States, a major scandal over the sexual harassment has occurred.Men coach who served many years of football part of the prestigious university, he that had been repeated sexual abuse to the staff of students Over the 15 years.The coach also arrested but denied involvement, after that has been prosecuted, I have developed into a riot also be dismissed until the president of the American Football part supervision and universities.

[Entertainment vitamin ♪] Ariyoshi “That person is now” was a regular of.and “It was not only out.”And I make Uruma the eye.

“This man today, different.”Matsuko Deluxe is to explore something, stare at eye Hiroyuki Ariyoshi.Certainly uncommon Ariyoshi is by and expose their weak part and the place serious, in some topic was also the scene to talk to let Uruma eyes.

In the January 18 broadcast “Matsuko & Ariyoshi of anger new party” (TV Asahi), that Ariyoshi that “he is now,” there has been a regular with the era in which it can be said also of television programs such is, I thought to that time I told the stark.

That no matter how the lift Rareyo will even shows like “That person now”, “Ira~tsu” there was no such happy feelings in appearances while with.Since the work was not “just because of the money,” that it has not come out to, honestly speaking Ariyoshi.And if me also contains a small job in the wake of this appearance – that, reveal that there was a pale expected.

Now in a position to Ariyoshi is welcome as a guest, there are many opportunities to appear in such program.At that time, I have seen a performer in the “awesome mixed feelings.Referred to as “,” that he was a is disgusting is, it’ll keep not at least “It’s so have decided to heart and.But the compassion like Ariyoshi, not side everyone has to welcome.”…” After a short silence, and “Hey painful.”Said Ariyoshi was a distant eye.in words entertainer et al anger is also said to one Hatsu-ya that appeared to also containment sadness is peppered, scene that damage to the heart also would be the many.And I wonder would superimposed old self.”But, I’m not but leave.”And it was Ariyoshi outside to make Uruma the eye.

Also Ariyoshi is “She wants this year.”And I was the goal of this year to mouth.Apparently the goal of his work and private life, he, as determined annually.Anything assumed to be without a picky of work last year, and want to increase their skills by a “variety of jobs.I hear that because there was a goal “.”To counter the young mid-level is that momentum is, if you do not compete on performance and gained experience.It seems the idea that “.

Now he work are substantial, and says that he as become afraid and being attacked by hopeless loneliness in private life.”I want to get married from per last year, and want to have a home.The Ariyoshi began to say “.Although recognized around from Ariyoshi himself pretty woman and popular among, probably there are strict criteria and surely a marriage partner.This year about women of rumor, would hear.
(TechinsightJapan editorial department Ya)

· Ariyoshi Hiroyuki, 37 years old.”The panda stuffed, and every day to find the healing.”
Go home with a lunch of “sites and even now.”Actually, a” solid and frugal “, Ariyoshi Hiroyuki.
– Actually love child? the fact that “invective King” Ariyoshi Hiroyuki is, has become a drunk.
· “Annual income is much backer foreigner”.Hiroshi reveals heyday of revenue.
– Razor Ramon HG is I was sent a day-to-day that turn from the popular entertainer, to househusband.
From -IT celebrity, geek, until the incidents and accidents.News packed you can not through –
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“Attack on” all truth of famous beauties 23 people horror (4) Yumi Adachi “envelope bomb” incident

For celebrities, gifts from fans testimony of popular.but it got to the happy no doubt, are also fellows you wearing send a mono ridiculous in the past.& Ldquo; I look back the damage incident; gift & rdquo of fear.


Last fall in was released photo essay, Kumiko Takeda you publish a sexy shot, not think 43-year-old.Her even during debut, have experience that turned pale in unprovoked antipathy from the same sex.

1982, Takeda has been appointed to the quasi-protagonist of the movie “High Teen Boogie”.Protagonist, the match that Masahiko Kondo you have gained overwhelming female popular at that time.Fire had attached to the jealousy of match of fan the lover role by Takeda was Ithome.Takeda that was affixed to the subway posters, some are broken into shreds, what there was hollowed out eyes.

Protest of the phone, the production company of Toho and the agency of the movie, was rushed to the home of Takeda Hatewa.The “Shimae dead!’ll Curse to the death” most such kind physician.that letter incoming also, terrible thing was Keppan shape or razor-filled.

Also in “jealousy” is beginning, that was targeted from the opposite sex Naoko Kawai (48). ’85, Was given to send threatening letters from ardent fans who come in degrees.

He had been enclosed to bullets of shotgun and air gun in the letter that “kill Naoko”.Story of the sender, thing called Kawai and men idle do not like is to duet.Dust destination of anger is not a man idle, fan psychology’s complicated because he was directed towards the Kawai.

Actually the case that the victim had come out, stab in the coffin in the “NTV mail bombing” of December 94.

And served as the lead role in the drama of NTV “homeless Girl Sans Famille”, envelope explosion in popularity has been sent to the addressed Yumi Adachi at the time 13-year-old had a blast (30).Belonging office manager, Fumio Mr. Nishikawa of Adachi who opened the envelope was seriously injured in the left hand thumb.At the time, de Ishikawa Toshio look back before had regular appearances in wide show of NTV.

“After the incident, the handling of mail is now abnormally severe.Check in many layers such as through the sensor, such as the airport.Also send a CD and promotional video to entertainment personnel of production and record company office, it had quite lamented not reach the person. ”

Nishikawa manager then, return safely work.However, it has resulted in the left hand thumb is cut.

Currently, retired Adachi of belonging office, when you hit the Nishikawa, who has been working as a casting producer of the movie,

“Since the story, such as those interviewed do not have anything.”

I was refused coverage while polite tone and.

Aging is established in December 09 remains, which is not the culprit is caught.However, emotional wounds of the parties, not yet in still aging.

Panasonic executives “South Korea Taiwan company of technology, sales force more than Japan.”

Word of “concern of industrial hollowing out” always to be subject to the yen and power shortage of news.Japan’s technical capabilities that has led the world, I wonder if being placed in any situation now? In contrast to the site of Japan’s manufacturing industry to exhaustion, the steadily the appearance of young people of Asia to wear technology, Yamashita Chikokorozashi Mr. economic journalists to report.

* * *
Asian young people are steadily honed skills.For example, Speaking of Chinese companies in Japan, technical strength is low, but tend to think and impersonation is large, it is five years, the story of a decade ago.Local companies that have Kachinui the competition in China, technical capabilities and also high quality, further aims to level up.

In Japan domestic factory, “trainees” that foreign workers of nominal, now is a function of the main.Rather than “job” is not in the manufacturing industry in Japan, it even It’s a reality that has been superseded by foreigners.Executive with Panasonic to point out this.

“Technical capabilities of Korean companies and Taiwan companies, product deployment force, and sales force, there are more than Japanese companies.Chinese companies also been rapidly increasing technological capabilities, South Korea, I now have a brand as a final product manufacturers lined up in the Taiwan companies.Are also more companies with domestic subcontractors more ability ”

For large companies, super-strong yen and power shortage, also say just cause of overseas transfer in a sense.In fact even in the technical capabilities of hepatorenal is, Japan is beginning to take a behind in Asia.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue

Is there a season summary camp just before the reinforcement? Saitama Seibu Hen

“85” -.Speaking of Lions, was also strong solid baseball image over the offense and defense.Akiyama, Kiyohara, but cleanup of Destrade was destructive power preeminent, speaking of “golden age of Seibu Lions”, to more than “take a one-point”, “I do not do a one-point” was the style.Perhaps because the baseball style remains in strong impression, when we review the data of offense and defense run of 2011, no less what you would puzzled as “array!?”.

And became worried, but 12 blunders number of teams worst “85”.Team ERA 3 · 15 (4th).Team total steals the number “88” League 4th place.Stolen base number of top So “180” of Softbank, beyond even the half.However, the team batting average 20% 5 minutes 3 rin League second place, “571” of the team total score, the team total home run number “103” is a league top.It is thanks to home runs and RBI of two crown King winning Takeya Nakamura (28), but has been completely transformed into “attack baseball” from the “baseball defensive” ….
In addition, if the Hisanobu Watanabe Director (46), would not the also the season that are not struggling to make ends meet was not in the pitching staff so far.

First, two of the but starting pitcher, starting pitcher that has reached the prescribed pitch count Hideaki Wakui (25) and Kazuyuki Hoashi (32 = FA in Transfers to Softbank).Over the course of one year, and was defended properly rotation but it comes to “this two people only”, also 2010 Wakui, it was prescribed pitch count reaches of Hoashi only.Yusei Kikuchi (20), I’d expect the growth of Tatsuya Oishi (23).
Wakui 9 wins from 14 wins in 2010, Hoashi is to nine wins from 11 wins.Together has dropped the win, in 2011 the Fumiya veteran West Exit (39) demodulation.There is also a success of rookie Makita Kazuhisa (27), plus material was also not a few.Nevertheless, Watanabe director of suffered ends meet, it is because closer was accidentally “missing”.
Early warfare Atsushi Okamoto (30) has been struggling.Squaw ski cited previous year 33 save initially (37), had been scheduled to Grumman (34) applied to the demodulation, foreign players in the impact of the earthquake is neglected the adjustment, was forced entrusted to Okamoto.2010 was a starter personnel of years Minche (35 = Hsu Ming-chieh) to reliever, it has been Mise to catch up with relocation starter types of Makita in closer in rookie, minute that was tangled in the first half of the season, third place battle 144 game first I continued until.The 30% 3 minutes depressed team winning percentage up to 4 rin was able to recover up to 50% 3 rin 7 Hair, since there was a large Counterattack of September.Was sandwiched between the two draw from the same the 14th, 10-game winning streak.It was veteran west entrance to became its leading role.

Nishiguchi the shutout for the first time since June 06 (August 28), and decorate their own four-game winning streak until September 18, And Wakui, Hoashi, shore continued, was equipped with pace of finally starting pitching.For closer Makita, pitcher born in professional baseball commentator to evaluation this.
and “It’s Submarine, but you stand to batter’s box, his fastball will feel more of the speed numbers.It Is that his flavor, but if you bear a runner, fastball is slow.There is also a weakness that cut fastball is worse when it is consecutive pitching, it is not a closer type.That said extraordinary measures, and to fire in relief fails It was only a matter of time. ”
Veteran of 39-year-old has been entrusted with the core of the rotation, such as Makita that do not have the aptitude of closers is around in relief, in 2011 it specific has too many.

Speaking of “specificity”, also of home run king Nakamura record was so.It’s its own third of the same title win, but was put also of great difference 23 this in second place the first-ever.Nakamura of 48 out of the Pacific League home run total 454 pieces of 2011 on goal, become over 10%, it is most past in the occupancy rate.Was with “strike out king” in the 134 pieces of strikeouts (league Thailand).Nakamura “year that won the title of the home run king” is also a sure “strikeout king”.Was also double winner of the 3 degrees of “Babe Comes Home & strikeout king” recording, just the original Kintetsu Bryant and Nakamura.
Third place slipped’s final game with ultra narrow margin, but there was a dramatic, if you do not re-establish a defensive force and pitcher force, similar Nakamura of batting, it would go a further exciting and Daiaji team.However, you do not have to worry in the past of baseball style, but Watanabe director of skills drawn out the advantages of Gen’yu forces should be evaluated ….

There was a typo on the team ERA in ※ 2012 January handouts.We apologize that we put you a great deal of inconvenience to the parties concerned.

The name of the infant that has been introduced in even good! Is talking about the “terrible !!”

The 17th to broadcast “good laugh!” Has become a hot topic in the (Fuji TV) in the corner “impossible” is the name of the baby that has been introduced in “innovative! Baby name of Zazaza” and net bulletin boards and Twitter. Earlier in the same corner, “light air (Pikachu),” “Hime-boshi (Kitty)” “Nanaoto (Doremi),” such as it is the name had become a hot topic is introduced, the name of this introduction has been baby, what “Okuma cat (panda)” chan.Seemed guest team also that I was surprised indeed that we have seen a unique name that number. Then, immediately after the broadcast “impossible” is on the net bulletin board “When you are named children is poor,” such as “Do’s animal handling”, is criticism of the parents who named rush.Such as “Do not would seem to have playfully when job hunting” is in, also rose opinion that Anjiru the future of baby.In addition, such glittering name (rare name) Ureu voice many Japanese future is ever-increasing, positive opinion was little.Ken tremendous DQN name is [Related information] in both good has been introduced

fear of short stories that Naoki Tsunoda Mitsuyo drew Usuyami and madness lurking in everyday

[Book Review] “Beyond the child” (Mitsuyo Kakuta / Bungeishunju / 1260 yen)

[Reviewers] Yukiko Kōnosu (translator)

* * * It’s scary short story collection.It is a gem set to draw a “Usuyami and madness peek into everyday fraying” that specializes in Mitsuyo Kakuta.However, depicting modern life that landscape, such as condominiums and convenience stores appeared dive flavor is different from the previous short story collection.

“Contact Michiyuki” out of the “darkness of the ladder,” such as “over” all eight edition, but some of which understand the Tokyo stage is clearly nowadays, of the times, such as in between the modern and contemporary, where and could not local as well often talk.And feel the attraction that you want Sakanoboro to headwaters of human sin, there is somewhere peeled out of touch in the words.Do not unique work is among the author.

A pile of human raw plight origins on the death of others, this book draws repeat.There is a child of thinning and abortion in the river in the poor rural certain Hen.Also, in another hen, a life that were sacrificed in order to take advantage of one of the twin.In some Hen settlements, chief priest is trying to be immediately only Buddha for villagers.

But with this book to write “overlap on top of the death of others live”, it is not the only thing of such direct life of choice.Some raw also stand to Abunage on top of the truth of classmates, death was to Hitakakushi.Alternatively, in some hen, into and out of the house alone wife go faint Kizashi the madness, someone is with people, such as the black shadow?

How Hen even people shouldering a secret sin, I’m trying to run away from there.From its pushed obtained suffering, from the black darkness that comes chasing, devotion and faith, sometimes born to assumptions or tangled and distorted them, further inciting the people.Would forgiveness suffering visit.

In some Hen, woman who was shown his previous life was killed in childhood mother to fortune teller, I think while watching the face of a child he had been by the hand to the night of the river is now.”Was that which will lead to something that I finish the raw.Far forgive that the I was hoping. I am a mother, a child, or was there even in someone who was alive by someone ”

Person is alive by others.Author who has dug the raw concatenation is, is the excellent work that wrote or in a new approach that the.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue

Imitative deception in Gachapin mittens tries to steal Mook apple

A boy of tropical born of dinosaur Gachapin’s (5), have reported that Mook is a boy of Abominable Snowman (5) was discovered that was trying to steal the apple on his blog.

Mook aim the moment that no one is “sneaky.Uhoho,’ll is a delicious apple ~.To no one is around, it has been because we like a little stomach … “and try to steal an apple, it’s that moment” A! Apple Dorobo Da~tsu! Useless to take without permission and Yo.Later discovered to Gachapin’s because you’ve got to eat with everyone. “.

Split second Mook was I have found “….Excuse me.Because it was too delicious apples, and apologized a final “.

But Gachapin Mr., discovered that Mook is wearing in hand mittens decorated with hand’s Gachapin.Apparently, it seems to have use of the mitten of Gachapin’s to try Chakuseyo the framed to Gachapin’s.

Gachapin’s also resented this deliberate crime.”And, Why are you my mittens?Terrible Naa.Loose loose, cunning Mukku “and has commented of anger, readers also” Mook !! is trying Nasuritsukeyo a sin to Gachapin Me insolent person, “” Mook is terrible, “” Mook I Loei (laughs) “,” Mook, confident I have commented, such as prisoners “.

· Cheat Mukku! (Gachapin diary)
· Gachapin chose people one after another to be thrilled to “Kanji of the year”
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